80-year-old homeless from Vilnius has become an Internet celebrity

Rosie officially listed homeless, but it does not prevent her from getting hard to dress and be a very cheerful person.

For more than 30 years, this bright woman has been walking on the streets of the capital of Lithuania without a permanent place of residence, pleased with his smile and extravagant costumes of residents and tourists of the city.

Judging by the photos, Rosie approximately 70-80 years. She herself like a true lady, prefers to hide their age.

Almost every day Rosie can be seen on the same street. She asks passersby a little money, but it makes it very unusual and fun.

Every day, Rosie appears in the new outfit, which is provided by the numerous charitable organizations of the city and the people who are not indifferent to it.

80-Year-old homeless from Vilnius has become an Internet celebrity

The lady in bright outfits attracts the attention of tourists and willingly positive for photos, but in return, very tactful, hints of receiving award for his defile.

Rosie does not like to complain about her life and says that when he collects enough money, then goes to an inexpensive diner to eat.

If you are in Vilnius and see this unusual woman, do not suck and find several coins for her.

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