Beauty Atlas – 2

In the modern world of high fashion and glamor, sometimes it seems that women are created on a copy machine: chasing the latest trends, the representatives of the fine sex, without noticing, becoming similar to each other as two drops of water. Romanian photographer Mikhael Norok, quitting himself from work and going on a biennial journey around the world, tried to prove the opposite: every woman, regardless of whether the skirt and sweatshirt was hoping on her the latest fashion shed or traditional national sundress with unusual decorations, beautifully in its own way. Mink wrote about her work like this: «Now I can definitely say that beauty is everywhere. And the point here is not in the ability to use cosmetics or women forms. It is important that, being beautiful, each of them remains».

Beauty Atlas - 2

The photographer plans to continue his project to continue to replenish «Atlas Beauty» and make it a mirror of society — After all, it remains a motley, including at the expense of those who stand out from the total mass of fashionistas. In this part of the mink shows our beauties from the countries of Eastern and Southeast Asia.

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