Book of Records Egypt

The most ancient pyramid is the 62-Movie speed Pyramid Josepa In Sakka, built by imheotep (court architect Josepa) about 2630 g. to N. NS.

Monastery of St. Catherine – Ancient Current Christian Monastery.

The largest monolithic obelisk in the world – Unfinished Obelisk, erected by the command of Queen Hatsepsut about 1490 g. to N. NS. in Aswan. Its height is 41.75 m, weight – 1168 t.

Marsa-Alam – The largest and most equipped diving center of the Eurasian region.

Book of Records Egypt

Cairo Bazaar Khan-El Hali – The largest bazaar in the whole east, its area – 5 kV. KM.

One of the biggest reservoirs of the world – Asuansky. It covers an area of ​​5244 kV. km at a length of 510 km.

Book of Records Egypt

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