Catania – This is the Italian city, the capital of the province of skiing, whose residents are distinguished by special temperament. I wonder what skating symbol – This is a big and kind elephant.

Skania has a second name – City is called black: this is due to the fact that it is completely built from a volcanic stone of a specific black. The color of the city houses successfully contrasts with the bright color of the sea and the sky (by the way, solar for 2’500 hours a year). So riding – The most sunny city in the country.

Catania, Italy Recreation, Reviews, Hotels of Catania Travel Guide

Catania – high cultural city, he has another name – Theater and music cradle. This city is ancient – His back in the VIII century BC.NS. Found the Greeks. Many attractions of past years have been preserved in the city.

The infrastructure of the city is developed excellent: there is everything you need for rest tourists, namely – Excellent hotels and beaches, many restaurants, bars and t.D. In Catania, each tourist will find something attractive for himself. Here you can relax on the beach, wander around the city, admiring the old houses, and you can come here to a mass religious procession dedicated to the Holy Agate, the patronage of the city.

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