CHRISTITIE Jewelry Exhibition

Christie’s Auction House does not cease to surprise with its chic exhibitions of jewelry, designer clothes, accessories. Another exhibition with the exposition of unique jewelry is waiting for their fans in Courchevel, a popular ski resort in the French Alps. Jewels, necklace, earrings, wedding rings made of white gold and much more awaits guests of the French resort.

From January 3 to January 11, 2015, a jewelry exhibition from Christie’s will be held in Courchevel. This exhibition will present the exposition of unique diamonds of very high quality. For lovers of antiques here, too, there will be something to see – a whole collection of old jewelry from the most famous and prestigious jewelry houses of the world will force everyone to measure from admiration.

In addition, among all other exhibits, the famous Tiara will be presented, once belonging to the wife of Nikolai Second, Empress Alexander Fedorovna. Tiara is dated 1905 year and it is made of aquamarines and diamonds. The unimaginable beauty of Tiara and her majesty will give all the talent of the jeweler who created it.

Lovers of creativity Mark Shagala will like his famous work, which will also be presented here.

CHRISTITIE Jewelry Exhibition

The honor to demonstrate products in the new year, fell out by the five-star Les Airelles, which, on the occasion of such a world-famous exhibition, will be decorated with the expositions of famous modern artists and specially selected expressionists. Hotel staff will create a unique, unique atmosphere specifically for the exhibition. Each guest will be able to enjoy masterpieces of world painting right in their rooms.

Exquisite, unique, unique atmosphere, chic jewelry, paintings by world artists – all this is waiting for all lovers of beauty and art.

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