Christmas in Barcelona

On Christmas Eve in Spain, as in the entire Catholic world, adults and children seem to be in anticipation of the upcoming miracle. This is a wonderful family holiday, impregnated with a fabulous atmosphere and fun. In each city and even in every family there are their traditions and customs.

We will tell here about how Christmas is celebrated in Barcelona, ​​the capital of the autonomous Spanish province Catalonia.

Christmas – Wonderful time to travel to Spain! In Catalonia December is colder than other months, the average temperature is about +10, but the weather is solar and practical does not happen rain and snow.

In November, all Barcelona is transformed and begins to prepare for the upcoming holidays. Everywhere are sold funny souvenirs and gifts, everyone is in a hurry, fuss. On the streets, houses, shop windows hang New Year’s elimination and decorations. On Catalonia squares put tents in which Christmas gifts and souvenirs can be purchased, as well as Christmas lottery tickets. Many buy Caganner – This is the most favorite Christmas character who brings wealth and good luck. Previously, it was a small figure of a cowing bowl, but in recent times began to produce figures with the faces of famous people. Gifts are buying in advance, because on holidays all stores will be closed.

Christmas in Barcelona

Spaniards gather in the warm home circle, with grandparents, moms and dads, kids and t.D., And than everyone else, the better and more fun! Some go to the night Mass, others immediately for the festive table. Catalans, big lovers of delicious food, with glitter and diversity are covered with a festive table. Main dishes: gallets soup (chicken broth with large macaronins of the sink), cannelons (dough tubes stuffed with spinach or minced meat and baked in the oven), Escaming (meat broth with vegetables, brew and thick). And, of course, fish and seafood. And the dessert is served by Kava (Catalan champagne), dried fruits, halva and sweet turon.

After the feast, everyone goes to the street where the celebration continues. In the Christmas night on the streets of the city you can see thematic performances, hear a children’s choir, and this year and dance on ice. On the square they installed a large rink, and everyone can ride skating. Fun continues until the morning.

Tourists visit Spain both independently and vouchers, through numerous tour operators. Visa is not difficult here, firstly visa centers in Spain – About 20 in all of our country, and secondly it is believed that the Spanish consulate is one of the most loyal to our tourists.

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