Church of San Benedetto and Archaeological Museum

Church of San Benedetto and Archaeological Museum – One of the most interesting sights of Salerno resort.

Archaeological Museum is located in the old town. Interestingly, the church in which he used to be part of the monastery was built in the XI-XIII centuries. After the abolition of the monastery, she was used as a theater site for some time. By the way, on Arc Street today you can consider fragments of an old aqueduct: once he joined the monastery and church.

Church of San Benedetto and Archaeological Museum Sightseeing Salerno Travel Guide

The museum opened in 1927. In it, tourists can see a fairly impressive collection of documents, one way or another associated with Salerno, as well as all sorts of archaeologists detected by archaeologists. In particular, in the exposition of the museum – Statues of the Roman period, funeral urns, bas-reliefs of fine work. All these exhibits refer to the era, starting with antiquity and ending with the XVII century.

Perhaps the most interesting museum exhibits – Products from ceramics with unique geometric patterns made in the style of ancient Greece. Curious and pigeons from ceramics, which are a symbol of the goddess Aphrodite. Also pay attention to the clay dishes, the bronze head of Apollo and antique red vases.

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