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One of the most beautiful places of the city is the Eilat embankment. This is one of the busiest streets of the city. Even in the dark, life boils here in full swing. Promenade extended from central hotels up to the coastline of the Eilat Bay.

The embankment literally slows down in souvenir and shopping beds, in stores and boutiques, in cafes and restaurants. As soon as the darkness begins to wake up bars and discos. In the daytime, many local artists enter to capture sea landscapes on the canvases or ease, drawing a portrait of a tourist.

Equare Eilat Sights Eilat Tour Profit Guide

Eilat is one of the most popular resorts of the country, because they built a city on the picturesque coast of the Red Sea. In the immediate vicinity of the city, the Timna Reserve is located in the territory of which people have been mined for a long time with success. In the hot time on the sandy part of the embankment, lounge chairs and sun beds unfold, and the rest of the flow merge into one crowd. On the shore you can rent the necessary inventory, such as underwater glasses, il and aqualing flippers. Decorative palm trees are growing everywhere, framing a coastal line.

Equare Eilat Sights Eilat Tour Profit Guide

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