Porto Kufo Bay

The Sithonia Peninsula attracted a large number of tourists who go here for pleasant impressions and a great holiday. Magnificent landscapes, elegant mountain winding lines, clean sea and coniferous forest — Everything here is compatible into a single harmonious picture.

Coastal zone is quite diverse — Here are fishing small villages, and beautiful beaches with gold sand and warm transparent water, and beautiful bays and harbor.

The biggest bay in Sithonia is Porto Kufo, located in the southern part of the peninsula. It is practically closed by two huge rocks. Vineyards and gorgeous pines prevail in this area. It is always filled with numerous boats, ships and small boats. Here always smells fresh fish.

Gulf of Porto Kufo Sightseeing of Sithonia Travel Guide

In ancient times, residents of this area believed that when you are inside the bay, the sea noise is absolutely not heard, so the bay is fully consistent with its name «Kouff».

On the shore of the bay there are many hotels with a good service, restaurants where you prepare delicious food, and beaches, fully protected from strong winds and noise. Each tourist can choose a comfortable place to rest here and gain excellent impressions.

Gulf of Porto Kufo Sightseeing of Sithonia Travel Guide

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