History of Lillafüreda

Lillafüred – Perfect place for health tourism. Located a town a few kilometers from the Mischiknets, at an altitude of 350 meters above sea level. Comfortable temperature at any time of the year, because the sun shines almost 2000 hours a year.

Its history spa zone starts not so long ago. At the end of the 18th century, a dam appears on the Sinis River, which formed the Hamori lake with his purest, transparent waters. A century, in the first half of the last century, the construction of an elegant baroque palace, which today has become an integral symbolism of the city. He was surrounded by a beautiful garden, which created terraces, alleys, flowerbeds, lawns, fountains and hanging gardens. Recently, the castle became a hotel with cozy rooms and a luxurious atmosphere inside. In the immediate vicinity of the palace there is a small, 20-meter waterfall formed by the river stream.

History of Lillaführed for tourists Travel guide

After building the castle, several caves were found and the healing properties of local air were opened. Gradually, a hospital was built at the resort and the world found out about Lillafurred. Crowd of tourists flowed here. The resort is constantly expanding and entails an increasing number of guests to get acquainted with its unique nature.

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