Hotel employees called the most strange actions of guests

Once a woman asked the hotel’s employee to give her the opportunity to work out at the gym at 11 o’clock in the evening. When the staff went to close the hall at 3 o’clock in the morning, they saw that the woman had a sleeping place on a treadmill. She explained this by wondering with her husband and did not want to sleep with him in the same bed.

2. Death Romeo and Juliet

One pleasant elderly couple drove to the hotel, peacefully dinner and walked in the city, after which he returned to the room. The outline on their doors discovered a sign: "Do not enter, call the police». It turned out that both dead. One of the beloved was an incurable disease, and they decided to "die in one day, so as not to give a disease to win". None of the guests noticed the incident, soon new guests were settled in the room.

3. Spoiled guests

An outrageous woman called the reception and stated: "In my toilet bubbles. Why in my toilet bubbles?»The hotel officer replied to her that perhaps the reason in the washing of pipes. "Stand, I will bring her down now," the woman said, ignoring the requests that carrying water from the toilet is completely optional.

Five minutes later she brought a glass with calm, clean water. "Well, there were bubbles a minute ago!"She said. The hotel officer, who told the story, noted that he had nothing left, how to go hit his head against the wall.

4. Double standards from secured guests

Several hotel staff described guests who spend several thousand dollars for dinner, while the hotel is stealing such trifles like solonks and lists, plates and cutlery or decorative objects from their room.

5. Holy Goals Hotels

One worker of the hotel asked a couple, why decided to stop here. With an absolutely serious expression of the face, the lady answered: "We are here to conceive your child in the name of Jesus Christ". Couple snakes and gone without any other comments.

When the cleaner entered the room, there was a big mess and smelled with pink oil. It dries from the wall – Looking around, the cleaner noticed that the oil was put on the wall in the form of a cross. The hotel staff had to call the religious pair and ask them to pay extra cleaning.

6. Ghosts of previous guests

Hotel employees called the most strange actions of guests

The guest descended to the hotel staff at 4 am to say that words were manifested on the wall of his room: "I follow you". The representative of the hotel went up along with him, and saw this inscription there written by a handle that glows in the dark. The previous guest, obviously, it was a rather gloomy sense of humor. The guest was allowed to change the number.

7. Not very smart guests

One pair came to complain an employee at the reception that they are forced to pay for parking despite the fact that they had permission. "We put permission to the window as you asked!"Guests were outraged. It turned out that they put the paper on the window in the room, and not the window in the car, as expected. They had to pay a fine.

eight. Theft

TVs are the most vulnerable to theft of hotels. Even wall plasma specimens with widescreen screen disappear mysteriously. One employee said that there was a large hole behind the mirror, leading to the room filled with stolen things, transfers the Independent.

Recall that earlier the hotel staff anonymously revealed the secrets that they never say to guests.

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