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Written "Qawra", And pronounced "Aura". Such it is specific, Maltese. Seven-story Qawra Palace Hotel is located in the resort of Aura, at the North of Malta Island. From the airport, this is just 30-40 minutes away by local roads. In some sources, QAWRA Palace indicates as 4 *, but in fact it is high-quality "Tryshka". He positions himself as a hotel for couples and older people. And correctly does, in it, really, you can relax after studying the sights of Malta itself, the other islands and sleep at night not under the roar of discos or shouts from the balconies.

The advantages that we gladly notice are:

QAWRA PALACE location is very convenient. In addition to the bus stop immediately around the corner, where you need to vote, so that the bus stops (this is common practice in Malta), a 7-minute walk away is a large bus circle. From there, buses regularly depart in different corners of the island. To the capital, valette, the path takes about 45 minutes. Directly in the hotel building – car rental point.

  • View of the hotel with waterfront
  • Ordinary regular buses in Malta
  • One of the cafe of the hotel, left – swimming pool

The resort of Aura is noticeably quieter than the neighboring budjibba, and the tourists are less. But in the town of enough establishments where you can drink and eat, if only breakfast is included in the hotel in the service, or just want a variety. However, near Qawra Palace Hotel there are no noisy bars and restaurants, and on its own territory we have never heard the music harsh on the ears – neither in a cafe, nor in pizzeria, nor on open verandahs. The party’s room is located in the basement, from there sounds do not reach at all.

  • Lobby
  • "Well, you alive!" (one of the sculptures in the lobby)
  • Salina Bay View
Hotel Qawra Palace Hotel

The hotel is located almost on the shores of the picturesque Gulf of Salina: the beach is a small rise from him to the road on the ladder or ramp – hotel. That is, this is a undoubted first line.

I can not judge how quietly in the rooms overlooking the sea, whether the tenants are bothering noise from the roadway, but our windows went to a spacious yard-well, which only twisted birds, in the spring actively looking for a couple. Even the mini-golf players from our third floor were not heard, but they generally behaved extremely decently, as well as the rest of Qawra Palace Hotel: on our impression, interest 80 were English retirees, another interest 5 – Italian, and our tourists and Families with children We almost did not meet the hotel. To such age composition, the hotel is adequately prepared: the elevators parked electric car for people who are difficult to move along the street with their own move, one elevator is specifically designed for disabled people, where necessary – ramps. At the same time, Qawra Palace Hotel was not even remotely did not like the nursing home: pensioners, it happened, so laughed in their companies and directly reacted that their young spirit could be envied.

  • View from the balcony to the courtyard
  • Mini golf players
  • Part view

The room was removed and the towels were changed daily, bed linen once changed every week and even warned about it in advance. We feared that there would be a problem with sockets to recharging a mobile phone, laptop and other devices, so prudently taken with you an adapter. However, without it, it was possible to do: along with ordinary Maltese "English" Outlet (for a fork with three flat pins – two horizontally, one vertically) in the room there was a European socket. And the local hairdryer was stationary connected, right in the room. From the required also attended the refrigerator (mini-bar) and what we did not use the TV and air conditioning. Although there is a special room for smokers in the ground floor, but you will not go there in the right mind there, it’s a firebreaker, and indeed inconvenient. Nevertheless, with all Maltese rigors in relation to lovers, in the room there was an ashtray, and the administration confirmed that it does not object to smoking on the balcony.

It was not necessary to take place by the pool in advance, everything was enough, on the side of the staff carefully soapped free sun beds and replaced by them that, in their opinion, deserve washouts. On the bail of 5 euros, they were ready to issue mattresses for sun beds, and for a fee of 2 euro – towel. Personnel at the reception friendly. One day when we turned to the duty officer with the question of how to get to the blue grotto, we were advised to be a wonderful excursion to the south of the island, everyone ordered and even transferred across the road to wait with us when the bus is suitable, and put in it. And the big and most interesting museum of old cars, many of which are on the go, and not needed, it is not far from the hotel, in the aura itself.

  • In the Museum of Old Car
  • One of the halls of the museum
  • Beach in the hotel area

Some disadvantages, the less, we noted. Qawra Palace Hotel was built in the 70s, and although it looks decent for his age, relatively recently there was a repair, but the door handle of our number, after all, dangled. When we just settled and began to look for a shower gel in the bathroom, they found an absolutely empty tube in the dispenser. And only after filing the second application for the reception, another day, our request worked to replace the container on the complete. And soap changed not daily.

In the lobby, a bar counter, tables and two televisions on different walls, on one, on one, is constantly broadcast, in the lobby in front of the main restaurant. But it is worth such a buzz because of the terrible acoustics, that even being close to one of the TVs, it is almost impossible to hear the words of the speaker. In order to use the TV in its room, you must take a remote to the reception on the security of 10 euros. The system of collateral applies to electrochetics. I could not think about any free Wi-Fi. The lobby stands in a row computers for which they give a password for small, but money, also for an additional fee give access to the Internet in the room.

We spent whole days in walks and trips, so only breakfast included in advance. However, for lovers to start the day, the day delicious and diverse Qawra Palace Hotel is definitely not of interest – the buffet is constantly the same. We are not focused on food, and we have enough of the proposed assortment, in order to somehow vary your menu, besides, pleased very tasty, several types of fresh buns and bread. Otherwise, the menu included: scrambled eggs, eggs, bacon, one variety of ham and cheese, sausages, tomatoes, one kind of yogurt of different fatness, muesli and flakes, jams, fruit salad, juices, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, milk. Here, actually, and all. In the evening at the cafe of the hotel, the waitress brought us coffee before all the dishes ordered. Apparently, I decided that we would like to watch the process of His cooling and how sad the hat on Machiato gently settles.

As for the pools, then to the open, with sea water, you can get in two ways: or moving the roadway and descending on the ladder, or from the hotel’s ground floor, the corridor, under the street. In this corridor behind the glazed wall, another, a small pool, rather a frog, and two jacuzzi, but chlorine from them even across the door. And in the open pool In early May, the water was the same temperature as in the sea, it did not heated, and we shouldn’t climb into this hole. There were units of swimming units, mostly young guys who decide whether to test themselves on strength, whether to put a tick, once they paid for the opportunity to swim.

The base part of the hotel is generally almost entirely under the street, for example, halls that can be rented for events, a sauna and massage room, the main restaurant, from the second doors of which also have access to the pool. But although from the restaurant, and the pool opens a nice view of the sea, the beach is rocky and looks dyed. However, for Malta is the usual thing.

  • Spring flowering
  • Maltese filigree
  • On one of the streets of the resort Aura

Along this beach is good to walk half an hour along the equipped promenade to the resort of Budjibba. The road is enveloped by Cape, and the island of St. Paul is a place where, as it is believed, the apostle Paul suffered a shipwreck, after which she lived for some time in Malta and drew the inhabitants of Christianity. You can walk to Bibbbby and a shorter, but less romantic way, past the bus circle, through aura. But in any case it makes sense to do if I want to buy souvenirs more interesting, for example, the famous Maltese filigree – silver lace jewelry. None in the souvenir shop of our hotel, nor in the surrounding stores we have not seen her.

Looks like Aura is more venue than tourist. But this certainly has its advantages.

And Qawra Palace Hotel fully complied with its location, level of services, price and friendly atmosphere what we expected and wanted to get, planning to live in Malta calmly, with everything you need, without special delights and surrounded by a cute and not a pathoral public.

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