In museums forbade sticks for selfie

Smithsonian Institute, which includes 19 museums and galleries, announced a new rule, according to which it is prohibited to use tripods for cameras and monopods (so-called Selfie sticks).

Similar measures The management of the Institute explains concern for the safety of visitors and the preservation of exhibits, in particular in the conditions of a large cluster of people. Nevertheless, to do selfie without auxiliary devices, as well as bring monopods in museums and gallery is still permitted. The first museum of the Smithsonian Institute, which introduced a similar ban, became the Museum of Design Cooper-Hewitt, which limited visitors to the use of monopods in December 2014. According to the representative of the Museum, Jennifer Northrap, these gadgets "may be dangerous for visitors or museum objects," as they can scratch sculptures or glass, reports The Guardian.

In museums forbade sticks for selfie

Similar prohibitions have already been introduced in some major museums of the world. Among the city museum of Amsterdam, as well as the Museums of Solomon Guggenheim, the modern art of New York and Fine Arts in Boston.

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