Lopar (Lopar)

Lopar (Lopar) – One of the main resort centers of the island of the slave located in the Kvarneskoye Gulf of the Adriatic Sea, near the northern coast of Croatia. Population – more than 1,200 people (2001).

The resort town of Lopar is located on the extraordinarily rugged peninsula in the northeastern part of the island of the slave, 12 km north of the old town of the slave, and is famous, above all, with its magnificent sandy beaches – they are here 22.

Most Famous Local Beach – Paradise Beach. Rajska Pla&# 382; a), the length of about 1 km, located in the area called San Marino and the blue flag of purity. Entrance to the sea here is gentle, which is especially convenient for family holidays with young children.

Lovers of romance will like swimming in the small bays between numerous rocks of the peninsula, especially attractive in this plan at Cape RT. Stojanj.

Lopar (Lopar)

Also in the vicinity of the blades are three nudist beach – Stolac, Sahara and Ciganka.

There are several hotels in Lopar, but the bulk of tourists stops, as a rule, in the private sector.

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