Misha Barton is resting in Hawaii

Celebrity Not so long ago criticized fans for the depressed appearance and Misha decided to fix this case by going to one of the most incendiary resorts – Hawaii.

Star perfectly spends time, relaxes on the beach, bathes, swims in the pool, rides on jeeps and lights at parties. And, of course, the actress regularly lays out pictures in Instagram, pleaseing fans.

Misha Barton is resting in Hawaii

At one of the photos, the star is captured on the beach of Kauai Island in Bikini. True, despite the joyful frame, there was a few philosophical signature to him: "This world is cruel. But sometimes I feel that there is nothing impossible because you wanted to do." Apparently, fans who celebrated a couple of weeks ago, tired and somewhat depressed appearance of the actress and advised to go to rest, were right.

But now Misha fans can be calm – the celebrity followed their advice and now looks cheerful and rested.

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