Miyyazima Island

Miayazima is one of the three most famous places in Japan, which are famous for stunning landscapes. The island lies in the inner Japanese Sea south-west of Hiroshima.

There are no maternity houses on the sacred island, nor cemeteries: no one is allowed to be born or die on Miyazim. Cannot chop trees. The whole island is covered with a dense forest in which several dozen species of birds live. Even today it is forbidden to take with you to the island of dogs: they could refuse wild birds receiving food from visitors.

Literally Miyazima means the island of the temple, because the temple of Izukushima erected here – one of the oldest draft churches, numbering more than 14 centuries. Izukushima is dedicated to three daughters to the patrons of the navigators. The structure of the temple stands on the very shore, and during the tide it is as if sailing on the sea surface. The sanctuary consists of a variety of buildings (but not all of them are available for visiting), among whom – the halls of the service, the halls of purification, bringing victims. Numerous halls are linked with the covered galleries, and a red wooden bridge leads to the island from them. Especially beautiful here in the evening when lights are lit. Right at the shore, on a special platform, is the oldest (1568 g.) Japan Theater – But.

Not far there is one of the oldest in Japan Buddhist monasteries -DayGanji (802 g.) dedicated to the goddess Bainen. In the XVI B. In the neighborhood, a 5-tier pagoda was erected, next to which the hall was built by thousands of tatami (Sandzukaku). They say that the hall was built from the trunk of one single camphor laurel. Now this is the Temple of Hide Magic, in which more than 4,000 priceless items are stored: painted scrolls, masks and fans, weapons and porcelain.

The symbol of the pearl of the island of Miyazima is the high aliens standing in the sea (Sacred Gate in Sintoism), meaning that the sacred is the whole island. They stand as if on the border of two different areas of spiritual life: public and private.

The gate was built in 1875, the height of the two central columns – 16.2 meters. You can go under these gates only during the low tide. There is a belief: a person who will be able to go under these gates will acquire happiness and well-being. Thousands of Japanese and foreign tourists come to the island to try good luck. Together with the "floating" temple of Toria produce an unforgettable impression.

Miyazim is a famous Momidzidani Maple Park. In the fall during the "flowering" of Clains there stunningly beautiful. Therefore, souvenir shops are filled with different trinkets and cloths depicting red and yellow maple leaves. And besides, on the island everywhere bake cookies in the form of maple leaves filled with maple syrup.

Along the embankment and mountain paths of the Momidzidani Park roam always counting on the treats. In addition, on the island there is a monkey park (Misenkoan). Be prepared for the fact that animals can attack the tourist if his movements are too cutting. There are 2 rules for communication with monkeys: do not watch them straight into the eyes and do not feed them.

Went is the island of Mount Moensen, to which two treads of the funicular. Every 60 seconds floating the cable carriers float. On the way you can admire the virgin nature of Miyazima. From Mount Moensen is visible not only the whole island, but also Hiroshima’s lights – cities, who knows what war is and peace.

The Japanese love to invent symbols for each of their attractions. So, for example, monkeys are considered a symbol of Nicko. Therefore, a good souvenir, brought from Nicko, will be the trinity of monkeys ("I do not see", "I do not hear" and "I will not say anything"). In Nare, there are two characters at once – a big Buddha and deer, which are raised there everywhere. Therefore, in nara in souvenir bears, they are sold mainly toy deers and figures of the Bolshoi Buddha. Miyazima was lucky in this regard. There are a lot of characters here. These are floating thoriums, and monkeys, which can be found in the mountains, and deer, which, like in the Nara, are embarrassed by tourists, as well as maple leaves and wooden spoons for rice.

Miyyazima Island

How to get to Miyazima

You can get to Miyazima rather quickly: 30 min on a comfortable train or a route taxi and 10 minutes on ferry from Hiroshima. You can come to the city after noon, but here so much interesting, it is better to devote to inspection all day.

From Hiroshim station to Miyazimaguchi station can be reached by ferry or by train within 25 minutes. From the station Miyazimaguchi, you can walk to the ferry pier. All the path on the ferry will take 10 minutes.

From the park of the world or the port of Hiroshima walks a straight ferry, which takes you to Miyazim’s island for 55 minutes.

You can go from Kyoto, Osaka for 2 hours 20 minutes, which will cost at 11300 yen one way. If the starting point was the city of Tokyo, the duration of the road will be at least 5 hours, and even more, so we advise you to stay in Hiroshima or Kyoto, Osaka.

Miyyazima Island

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