Moranchik Monastery

Another ancient monastery on the Skadar Lake is a monastery moranchnik. It is located on the Malenk Island, not far from the border with Albania. Like many monasteries in the area, he was founded on the orders of the ruler of the ball from the royal dynasty of the ball. It happened in the 15th century.

The monastery complex includes the temple of the Most Holy Mother of God, built of rude large stones. Architectural feature of the construction of churches and temples of that time were powerful walls and small sizes. This was done so that the building was difficult to destroy, because the times were alarming. But, unfortunately, like many other monasteries, the morangin was destroyed by a raid of the Ottoman troops. Monks tried to return to it, but their attempts were unsuccessful. And the monastery more than two hundred years stood dilapidated.

Monastery Martinchik Landmark Petrovac Travel Guide

Only after World War II, life began to return to it. With the arrival of the abbot of the monastery of Hieromonach Yovan, the churches began to recover and archaeological excavations were held, which gave many interesting finds. The main event was the fact that the foundation of another church found, no one remembered about Kratro. Thus, it became known that the monastery was much more than expected.

Now the monastery is slowly reborn from the ruins. You can get into it, driving to the city of Virpazar, or to the village of Bobovishte and honeying there is a local resident of the boat, you can get to the island.

Monastery Martinchik Landmark Petrovac Travel Guide

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