Naama Bay

Naama Bay – The busiest part of the resort, the place where the first hotels of Charm El Sheikh appeared.

Bay Naama Bay – This is a variety of hotels located on three coastal lines, as well as a pedestrian street – Promenade, stretching three kilometers. It is here that tourists are waiting for many cafes, restaurants, pretty shops. Also in Naama Bay are the best discos of the resort, for example, the famous «Pasha» or «Black House». Be sure to visit the cafe «Panorama» With live music and hookah and large shopping center. By the way, for gambling tourists, a casino is open at the resort.

Naama Bay Attractions Sharm El Sheikh Travel Guide

Attractive and beaches of Naama Bay Bay. All of them are sandy, with comfortable, without corals in the sea. Possible entrance to the sea and on pontoon bridges. There is a common urban beach. We clarify for tourists: you have the right to visit the beaches of other hotels, but, unfortunately, without having sunbed. However, without it, admire multicolored fish, which will be abundant right around the shore on the beaches of Naama Bay, very fun and interesting!

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