National Historical Museum

Located in the former government residence of time "Developed Socialism", The National Historical Museum of Bulgaria, deserves the attention of tourists, despite the fact that he is separated from the center with the fundamental attractions, several kilometers – the museum is located in the Boyana region.

The most interesting exhibits of the museum are presented in the first halls – primitive times, ancient Frace and Bulgarian kingdoms, since it is in them the legendary golden treasures from the gorbnits found by archaeologists on the territory of Bulgaria, in particular Panagyur, Rogozenskoye, Summer Treasures, as well as discovered treasure near with. Duvania . Gold products often travel on museums of other states, on this moment duplicates are replaced in permanent exposition. Thracian treasures are affected by the beauty and fineness of gold processing, despite the fact that some products do not exceed 5-7 centimeters.

National Historical Museum Sights of Sofia Travel Guide

In addition, the museum presents exhibits of the fighting for the liberation of Bulgaria from under Turkish rule, separately interesting to our tourists.

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