Photo trip to the unique archipelago of Palau

Palau is an island state located in the Philippine Sea of ​​Pacific Ocean, about 790 kilometers east of the Philippines and north of Indonesia. Population – about 20.9 thousand. human.

Palau Archipelago consists of 328 islands, a significant part of which small coral atolls formed on the vertices of underwater volcanoes or limestone islands. Total area – about 458 km².

Tropical climate, rainy season falls for the period from May to November.

Nature itself created in Palau just fantastic landscapes! Orchids and a variety of exotic flowers grow in the rainforest of the islands, and almost 50 species of birds live.

Photo trip to the unique archipelago of Palau

And on the island of Eil-Malk there is a weak lake Meduse, in the waters of which millions of jellyfish inhabit, which, besides, do not know how to sting.

More Palau is rightly called the underwater miracle of the world – more than 1,500 types of tropical fish live in its coastal waters, as well as many rare mammals.

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