Rules of life of the Indian taxi driver

I never dreamed of becoming a taxi driver. Dreamed of a military career, but they did not take me to the army – they do not like low, I didn’t like it immediately. After school, ten years worked at construction sites, until I bought the first car.

Taxi driver’s life is very tense. I am constantly on the phone. How many people know my number? A hundred? Several thousand! I do not have a clear schedule. Calls at three o’clock in the morning I’m not surprised.

This is my second car, before that was a minibus. Bought on credit to which a third salary goes. Pay me to the end of life.

Today I earned 300 rupees (1 Rupee – 0.94 rubles. – approx. Red.). Per month it comes out: plus-minus 10 000. You can’t live on such money. I have family. Son six years old, daughter is very small.

I did not see my wife before the wedding. Parents settled all questions – so people marry india. We just called up by phone, telling each other about yourself. I did not lie: sometimes I drink, I bet. Woman should know who marries.

We are happy family. Although there are also ups, and drops. Sometimes she is angry with me, sometimes I’m on her.

Wife also falls hard. Gets up at 7:30, preparing me breakfast, then children wake up: cry and poke. Housekeeping, lunch, dinner – and everything is new.

About our wedding, the documentary filmed – "When Hari married". He was transferred to 26 languages. People are suitable, asked to take a picture, interviews take. As if I am Bollywood actor like Salman Khan. I like.

After the film I have more customers. I am constantly looking for: "Where Hari, where Hari. »Other taxi drivers envy. Do not say anything, but I see it on their faces. Taxi drivers in general envious people.

Customers? They are different: rich and poor, good and evil. Several times I was robbed: I took the money and hijacked the car.

Good customer – kind and generous. If I say: "Three hundred per trip," and he knocks: "250, 200. "- For me, this is a bad client.

Rules of life of the Indian taxi driver

Taxi drivers in India overestimated prices twice and three, If you see that a new person. I do not do that. If you feel that the price is very high, contact the police. The dishonest taxi driver will take off the license.

Whose portraits hang in my car? Karmaps (chapters of one of the postcals of Tibetan Buddhism. – approx. Red.), Dalai Lama, Krishna and God Shiva. I am Hindu, but in Darmsal a lot of Buddhists.

Darmsala – popular tourists. Dalai Lama lives here. In the city, a lot of taxis, competing mad. On the other hand, when Dalai Lama dies, it will be even more difficult to live – tourists will become less.

Delhi or Mumbai too far, live is expensive there. Yes, you will earn more, but spending will grow strongly. In a big city, I can’t take care of the family and children.

Bosionan childhood – a story about me. I had to hang out shoes from the neighbors, because I went to the holey boots. Immediately after school began to work. Himself built his house.

Sometimes it seems to me that I’m just fighting, fighting, fighting. All the time in the car in anticipation of customers. What else to do? I know nothing. In addition to school, I have no other education.

Rules of life of the Indian taxi driver

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