What to see in Dubai &# 8212; Top 40 best attractions in 2020

This article can be called a guide to Arabic modern Dubai.

I tried to write short, but about everything you need to know the traveler about this city.

Dubai is located on the square of 4,114 kV. KM. It is the youngest, budget for tourists and quickly building megalopolis.

Here are the largest water parks, the most impressive shopping centers and expensive worldwide hotels.

Every year, Dubai grow up and new amazing attractions, which so you want to watch tourists around the world.

Interesting facts about Dubai

  1. After landing at the airport It is necessary to go through the identification procedure through the eye scanning.
  2. Dubai – the largest construction site And the youngest megapolis.
  3. Located along the coast of 80 km and occupies the longest coastline.
  4. There are water problems in the city. The average cost of a bottle of 1.5 liters – 34 rubles (2.20 AED) .
  5. Remove one-room apartment On average in the city – 124 516 rubles per month .
  6. Air conditioners are built in all stops, Otherwise, to withstand the heat at 40 degrees is impossible.
  7. The average cost of gasoline31 ruble per liter (2,03 AED) .
  8. 90% of city inhabitants – working class. This is visiting guest workers from the nearest countries. Basically come from India and Pakistan.
  9. Difficult to get a job. Competition reaches up to 100 people per vacancy.
  10. Migrant workers ask to pass their passports and instead they give the local identification card.
  11. Here is the highest skyscraper – Burj Khalifa (Khalifa Burge). It rises above the clouds of Dubai at 828 meters.
  12. In Dubai, an unusual color of sand – orange color, which is then sold in the form of souvenirs: paintings or hourglass.
  13. Dubai’s average salary192 739 rubles.
  14. For women in the subway, special cars have been created, A in restaurants – tables.
  15. Here is the most expensive hotel in the world – Arab Tower.
  16. Saturday is the first working day, And the weekend begins on Thursday.
  17. Locals live very well and get 2,000 dollars a month . This is the amount of benefits for each local resident.
  18. Native resident of Dubai can choose any university of the world and learn in it at the expense of public funds.
  19. Dinner for two Wine will cost an average 1 436 rubles .
  20. IPhone X You can buy for 64 654 rubles .
  21. BCE indigenous people – Some of the most wealthy people in the world.
  22. Any relations and manifestations of feelings in humans are prohibited. You can not kiss or even keep hands in public places.
  23. Alcohol for sale on expensive prices and in limited quantity. It is not easy to find it, but in front of the passersby are categorically prohibited.
  24. Automatic metro Works without a driver.
  25. There is a speed limit for drivers – 120 kilometers per hour. The perfect roads are allowed.
  26. Profit tax is 0%, Therefore, the oligarchs seek to live here and create a business.
  27. At the helm of any business necessarily there must be a native resident.
  28. Shopping in Dubai – This is expensive pleasure, only in February (in the month of sales) can be significantly saved on purchases.
  29. The temperature holds on average at 40 degrees, with a humidity of 90 percent. Rains go for all year about 7 days.
  30. Ramadan – Sacred religious holiday, so local and even more so come, is forbidden to drink or eat in public places before sunset.

What kind of sea in Dubai?

Dubai washes only one Persian bay.

Height above sea level on average &# 8212; 5 meters.

The total length of the coast – 80 km. Very close to Dubai is the Oman Bay.

From May to November, water is heated to +22 &# 8212; 25 degrees. In particularly hot days, water temperature can reach 32 degrees! You can swim in Dubai all year round!

There is a huge amount of water sports: yachting, surfing, diving. The depth of the sea in the city is not very big, so the novice diving lovers will be especially comfortable.

Cheap accommodation in Dubai

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What be sure to look in Dubai – an overview of interesting places and attractions

Dubai expensive resort with a special atmosphere. Only the middle class hotel will cost a minimum of 100 dollars . What to talk about shopping, tourist excursions and entertainment. But beauty and luxury are worth!

In Dubai, many shops, shopping complexes, parks and restaurants, in which you need to go to at least in order to look and take a picture.

The most popular places of Dubai, which will be interesting to see first:

  • Shopping pearl: TRC Dubai Mall
  • Musical, singing and showing enchanting show dancing fountains
  • Skyscraper Burj Khalifa (Burj Khalifa) – It is easy to find it seen from everywhere
  • The only holy place, Where Men and Women are empty – Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum Palace – Sheikha Said Palace.
  • Aquapark "Atlantis" on an artificial island

Click on the picture to learn more about boat tours

Dubai Mall (The Dubai Mall)

This famous and grand shopping – the center is visited by 76,000,000 people per year. To get around it will be required from 3 days at least. Impresses the very design and internal interior of the building. There is something to see here!

The area is about 1200,000 square meters, includes:

What to see in Dubai; Top 40 best attractions in 2020
  • 1200 stores, honeying tourists with their goods
  • 120 restaurants, Supplies and top quality menu
  • Hotel for 250 luxury rooms
  • 3 fleet by 14,000 cars

Be sure to look at an amazing waterfall with metal swimmers for pearls. He is just huge &# 8212; passes through 4 tiers of the shopping center.

In the breaks between shopping you can relax on the soft sofas, which are installed throughout the building.

You can look at the huge skeleton of the real dinosaur, which is exhibited in the interior of the Great Atrium.

Places that will enjoy children and are recommended for visiting:

  • Children’s Rai – Complex "Kidzania". Entertainment area is 8,000 square meters. For children under 2 years old, the entrance is free, from 2 years – 1560 rubles , up to 16 years old – 2040 rubles . Adults from 17 years old can only be included in the accompanies of children, For 1500 rubles .
  • Thematic "Sega Repacklik" – Great place with various video games, which occupies an area of ​​7,600 square meters. The cost of entry is about 2400 rubles
  • Huge and colorful island of yummy and various sweet products – Candylicious – whose area is more than 930 square meters

Places that need to look and visit everyone:

  • Cinema Cinema System "Reel Cinemas".There are 22 cinema on the same area, and everyone is equipped with ambitious viewing screens.Ticket price from 1000 rubles .
  • Skating rink with Olympic sizes Ice Rink
  • Part of the street called "Grove", which are covered with "sliding roof"
  • Precious Metal Market Golden Soke. Here you can see 220 stores with gold, silver and other valuable metals. This "golden" bazaar is very impressive sizes, the largest in the world does not exist.
  • Place for lovers of thrust global feshn brands – "Fashion Avenue". This is 44,000 square meters of elite goods. All shops &# 171; from Couture&# 187;.
  • Famous aquarium incredible and impressive size – place of residence several thousand fish.

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Aquarium Dubai Mall (Dubai Molla)

Significant dimensions of this oceanarium impressive. Only one glass walls weigh about 2400 tons

&# 171; opening center&# 187; (Discovery Center) is over the oceanarium. Here will be told about the life of marine inhabitants in all details. Through the tank of the aquarium, the corridor passes to visitors to see all sea inhabitants closer. Approximately 35,000 fish and marine creatures live here.

Amazing and diverse aquarium in Dubai Mall

Ticket price is approximately 1600 rubles . In addition to visiting the aquarium, it also includes a hike in the zoo, which is located on the 3rd floor of the shopping center. Crocodiles, snakes and penguins and other animals live here.

Earlier to get acquainted with the sea inhabitants of Dubai and even feed them with a special feed, swimming on a small boat with a completely transparent bottom. The attraction is designed for 10 people and stands around 400 rubles per person . In order to feed the fish, you will need to pay approximately 80 rubles .

For experienced divers there is a more brutal program. You can order a 20-minute immersion (in full equipment) to aquarium with hazardous sharks. The protective cell will not give the sea animals to attack, but the sea of ​​adrenaline will get exactly.

For this attraction must be a diver certificate. Cost of participation &# 8212; from 10 000 rub . In this adventure, you can use photo and video. To watch the entry in family and friends. The use of technology will no longer &# 8212; about 30 000 rubles .

Hotel Parus

The Arab Tower of Burj Al Arab, which among our tourists is often called the "Hotel Sail", designed for very rich and financial independent people.

Millionaires and oligarchs – ordinary guests of this place. Not surprisingly, it took more than 100 tons of gold to build construction.

The building is on an artificial island in the waters of the Persian Gulf. You can get to the hotel in a special bridge about 200 meters long.

202 Two-storey numbers are located on 26 floors. One night in the usual issue of this Arab tower will cost 2000 dollars .

For connoisseurs of real luxury – welcome to the presidential suite, with an area of ​​250 square meters. The average cost of one night – more than 67.000 rubles .

Interesting facts and notes about the "sail":

  • Guests of the Royal Luxers Silk stain remover
  • Guests are provided with gold-plated iPad To call a virtual concierge
  • Unusual entertainment created for children. The hotel moves a small train with sweets, which every night treats the sweets of his little guests.

Many tourists come to this building come to this building, but visit &# 8212; not all are solved. Still, because the price of accommodation is impressive!

It turns out to watch this famous hotel Dubai do not need to pay $ 1000 per night. You can just order a tea ceremony or dinner at any cafe or restaurant of the Arab Tower (in "Sail").

After the snack, tourists will walk through the hotel and take pictures on the background of wonderful interiors. Order a table must be in advance, it is more convenient to ask the service through the hotel’s reception where you live. Will cost such a dinner pretty impressive and amounts to from 200 dollars per person .

Below video about hotel Burj Al Arab.

Dubai Marina

Small man-made Dubai Marina or Dubai Marina is a separate prestigious "town". Here you can see some of the most expensive hotels in Dubai.

Place Ideal for romantic walks and recreation. This area has its own beautiful snow-white beach, equipped with the most arring visitors. Access to the sea is organized directly.

Along the entire coast, the grandiose buildings of skyscrapers. The district is located in the western part of the city near Palma Jumeira. The landmark will serve as a terrain from the Hotel Sheraton Jumeirah to the Dubai Marine Club. This complex is located more than 4 kilometers.

In Dubai, Marina has a large sea club. Competitions on motorboats, yachts, sailboats are held here. International exhibitions of ships are organized periodically.

In Dubai Marina, you can get a comfortable coastal holiday and look at the amazing beauty of the landscapes.

Amusement Park Img Worlds of Adventure

IMG Worlds of Adventure

Wonderful attractions and entertainment of this indoor park "Peace of Adventure" takes space more 140 000 square meters, Located on the outskirts of the city.

This place is the embodiment of a childhood dreams and is ideal for fans of sharp sensations. Here you can meet characters from comics and favorite cartoons, and the fastest slides of VelociRaptor will accelerate the visitors of the attraction in just 3 seconds to the crazy 100 km / h!

Children’s kingdom of Dubai "The World of Adventures" cost 1 billion dollars includes 4 thematic areas dedicated to comics, cartoons, dinosaurs:

  1. Cartoon Network – Small visitors to the park will be loaded in the amazing world of cartoons "Time of Adventures", "Supercrush", "Ben – 10" and "Lentaevo"
  2. Marvel – Represents crazy attractions based on stories about cult characters comic MARVEL, including a person – spider, Hulk, Iron man, Torah, Loki, Captain America, Human – Ant, Deadpool.
  3. Lost Village – Dinosaur Adventure allows you to enjoy staying in prehistoric times among dinosaurs
  4. Img boulevard – Thanks to interactive attractions, a wide range of outlets and numerous restaurants, this central zone will not let you get bored or adults or children.

How much will be staying in this park?

  • Normal ticket on an adult person for 1 day – 245 Dirhamov.
  • Children’s ticket When height 120 centimeters and below – 225 Dirhamov .
  • For pensioners (over 60 years old) – 150 Dirhamov .
  • Is free Park can visit children less than 1 meter in growth.

Wonderland entertainment park

Wonderland – the largest amusement park in Dubai, which has already visited more than 2 million guests. Here you can enjoy more than 30 attractions designed for all ages and sizes, as well as world-class water park.

The cost of a visit from 5 years:

  • Aquapark125 Dirhamov ;
  • Theme park125 Dirhamov ;
  • Combined ticket150 Dirhamov .

From 2 to 4:

  • Aquapark60 Dirhamov ;
  • Theme park60 Dirhamov ;
  • Combined ticket75 Dirhamov .

Free Park can visit very small (up to 2 years old).

Wonderland is located near Creek Park Park. Follow buses number 22, 42, C7 to Creek Park Main Gate or Mayo Clinic.

From early 10.00 in the morning and until later 23.00 can come to this park and enjoy all the entertainment of the magical world. But on Wednesday and Sunday, the park is open only for women, and on Thursday you can come here only family.


The biggest and enchanting fountain show can be viewed near the famous Buja Khalifa building.

The location of the singing fountains is very convenient, you can first walk on shopping and foot in Dubai Molla, and then go outside and enjoys a colorful spectacle. In one day you can see a lot of ideas.

It is impossible to be late, because they pass every 30 minutes:

  • from 13:00 to 13:30;
  • from 18:00 to 23:00.

Dubai fountains can lift up the impressive volume of water masses. Imagine about 100 tons of water pumps pump up at a time.

The repertoire has both "local" songs and popular world hits that are not repeated during the day. When one or another song sounds impossible. But the first always plays the same melody – "SAMA Dubai".

Musical works have recently been heard:

  • ‘Let it go’;
  • Melody from the Disney film ‘Cold Heart’;
  • Whitney Houston songs;
  • Compositions Andrea Bocelley.

But everything is fading before the main holiday – the New Year. You will not regret if you find yourself in the city. New Year’s Eve unfolds the most famous and enchanting show, which is worth seeing.

Synchronously with fake fountain begins to perform a stunning dance and fascinates with its beauty and luxury.

Need to be prepared for the fact that from &# 8212; Behind the wind, water can be a crowd with legs to head. Most often, the wind blows in the direction of the trading platform of Dubai Soke al Bahar.

Recommended places to fully see the view:

  • Embankment from the trade market Soke al Bahar – The most comfortable place opens a good review on the show
  • From the restaurant and cafe of the shopping center – Also good place, but keep in mind the considerable prices in these institutions
  • The most common– Molla playground, as well as a bridge that leads to the foreign market
  • From boat – the most romantic way. You can book a place at the Khalifa Building Cass or Near Mall. Will cost B 65 Dirhamov .

Dubai Miracle Garden Color Park

Dubai Miracle Garden

Despite the desert and lack of water, the Garden "Wonders" is able to support the picturesque world of flowers and plants all year round. This place is ideal for lovers of romantic walks together, as well as for useful pastime with family and children.

In the wonderful Dubai garden, a variety of different colors, a wide variety of forms and colors. You can see about 45 million plants. Flower designs are decorated in the form of a heart, stars, pyramids. Patterns vary depending on the season, so you can return here again and again.

Normal time visiting &# 8212; from 9 am to 9 pm. But preferably to clarify whether the park is open, because the garden may not work for technical reasons.

To visit the place yourself, you can get to the metro station to "Dubai Metro City Station", and then take a taxi approximately for 20 – 25 dollars .

What to see in Dubai; Top 40 best attractions in 2020

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