What to see in Feodosia and the surrounding area: beaches, museums, parks

I will tell you to see in Feodosia: what beaches are better, what sights to see where to spend time with children and where to go around the vicinity. Feodosia is the warm sea, sandy beaches and a relaxing holiday in Crimea.

What is good Feodosia

There are all: mountains, forest, transparent sea, gentle sand beaches, a variety of entertainment and attractions, sightseeing programs and tasting rooms of Crimean wine. In Feodosia, prices are lower than on the southern shore, and water is cleaner.

Feodosia has a few more advantages compared to other resorts of Crimea. List them below.

Smooth golden sand beaches. No need to go down to the sea on the beach, and after climbing up like on the southern shore. Especially convenient to families with children and elderly people.

Do not have to go far. This is the closest resort city closest from the Crimean bridge. And from Simferopol Airport for 2-3 hours can be reached on bus, car or bus. Trains from Moscow are already coming directly to the Feodosian station.

Markets and shops Full of fresh Crimean vegetables and fruits.

The climate here is healing. On the one hand, the resort is framed by the mountains, on the other handy the tart flavors of the Crimean steppe.

Comfortable weather without sharp oscillations – You can come to rest at any time of the year.

Housing in Feodosia

There are a lot of housing with good repair, and most importantly, it is available at a price.

Large selection of hotels, apartments and budget housing in the private sector.

Price scattering:

  • from 300-400 rubles for place in the room,
  • 1000-3000 rubles for a separate family room,
  • from 5000 rubles – renting a whole cottage or elite room in the hotel.

Offers are in both the city and at the resort villages, located nearby: Primorskoye, Coastal, Ordzhonikidze. 10 km from Feodosia, Koktebel is located, and passing 50 km from the mountain serpentine, you will fall in Sudak.

Feodosia on the map

Card can be scaled, there are still objects in the surrounding area.

Beaches Feodosia – Stones, Pebbles and "Golden Sands"

There are different beaches in Feodosia: stony, sandy, pebble. And even sand-andracked – "Golden Sands". The depth of the sea is everywhere different.

Most beaches are open to everyone. Only sites belonging to large sanatoriums are closed – Introduction. For a fee everywhere you can take chaise lounges, umbrellas, sports equipment. Basic services (locker rooms, showers) free. Almost everywhere there are marine entertainment and beach sports grounds, "bananas", various water rides.

Central Pebble Beach – always in the center of events

In the center of the city embankment there is a central beach "Pebbles" 600 m long.

Related by the fact that the coastal pebble zone goes into a sandy bottom, with a gradual increase in depth. There is almost no storms here, since the bay protects against wind, so you can swim in pleasure. The beach width is small. Given the transport accessibility and an abundance of entertainment, it’s better to come here early.

In the entertainment center "Africa" You can eat in a cafe or restaurant, order drinks in the bar. Children will like the attraction "Water World", slides and swimming pools.

Since this beach is located in the heart of the city, it does not shine cleanliness.

First city beach – for children’s holidays

This is the most famous children’s beach in the city feature, where you can easily get to local transport or come on foot. Located next to the Beach "Pebbles".

Strong descent and shallow water make it safe to relax with young children. Because of the small depth of water, it warms well. It is believed that here the sea is always warmer than in other places. Yellow sand, mixed with a small shell, tingle legs, so better stocking light beach shoes.

On the seabed there are large stones, you need to be careful and look after the children. Entrance to the beach – at a symbolic price. Last season they took on 20 rubles.

Golden Beach – Compare Classic

The name of the beach received due to the sun’s sand mixed with a shallow shell.

These soft sands from the crumb of seashells occupy a huge territory of 3 km on a wide band in the coastal area. But specifically the "Golden Beach" is a paid section near the eponymous recreation complex. Nearby guest houses and mini-hotels, cafes and diner areas, attractions for children.

The beach itself with sand is wide, comfortable, it gently steps the leg and you can do without a sun bed. Vacationers come here at the beginning of May and do not leave until the end of October.

Beach Club 117 – Disco

The beach is located in the village of Coastal at 117 km of Kerch Highway, 5 km from the center of Feodosia. It is free.

Is considered a place for young people. There is a clean sandy strip along the sea with a gentle. However, after 15 m, the real depth begins – ralling for lovers to dive. Next to the beginning of the beach – the zone of rocks, and the beach is even, with soft golden sand.

On the beach there are equipped bungalows with straw and reed roofs where you can hide from the sun. There is a paid VIP zone of high comfort, where evening shows and entertainment programs are held.

Attractions Feodosia

In the city and surroundings, many natural attractions, parks, interesting museums and architectural monuments.

National Picture Gallery. AND. TO. Aivazovsky

Crimeans are so honoring his countryman – an artist Aivazovsky, which was named after his honor a new airport. In Feodosia, where he lived and worked, you can see the picture gallery with the canvas of Ayvazovsky.

One of the 6,000 Pictures of Aivazovsky was sold at Christie’s auction for $ 5.3 million.

In the gallery 9 halls, and in the secret room still kept the artist’s easel.

Feodosia Museum of Antiquities

In May 2021, the Feodosia Museum of Antiquities will celebrate its 210th anniversary.

Now it is the largest museum of such a plan in Europe. His story is not easy. Several times he was transferred to another place, during the Second World War, part of the exhibits were evacuated, and they could not – the Germans were taken to Germany.

In the modern exposition of the museum, you will see the ancient exhibits of ancient Cuff, a collection of antiquities of the merchant Jewaji and a lot of things, from the primitive-free building to the modern era.

Kaffa is one of the names of the ancient Feodosia. So called the city during the times of the Genoesers, and during the period of Ottoman rule called Kef.

Dacha Stamboli

Stroll through Aivazovsky Avenue. There you will definitely see a beautiful building in oriental style. This is the Palace-cottage of the family of Stamboli – the cultural heritage of the early XX century.

Stamboli dynasty – Founders of tobacco business in Feodosia. Family Chapter – Millionaire Veniamin Stamboli.

Stamboli’s father created a huge tobacco empire with almost scratch. And the son of Millionaire Joseph, investing in the structure of more than a million rubles, built to the anniversary of the wedding with his beloved wife, invested in the structure of more than a million rubles – a factor.

Indoor cottage is located Museum of underwater archeology "Crimean Atlantis".

Genoese fortress Kaffa

In total 200 years, the Italians ruled in the Crimea, and during this time they managed to rebuild the beautiful Caffs, calling her Second Genoa.

It is here, in the developed trading city of Europe, there was the largest slave market.

Also there was a port – Transit Center for International Trade.

To preserve the wealth of the city in 1340-1343. Began to build the Genoese fortress, framing the Black Sea possessions of New Genoa. A few towers have been preserved from the structure of 5.5 km long, as well as sections of sand and limestone walls.

Unusual sights

Ilyinsky lighthouse with illumination

In the south-east of Feodosia you will see a romantic structure – Ilyinsky Lighthouse. You can admire his tower from any point of the bay.

After the death of two our ships "Vladimir" and "Grand Duke Konstantin" in the XIX. The base of the Black Sea Fleet was temporarily transferred from Sevastopol to Feodosia. To simplify the passage of the reefs of Cape Ilya in 1898. And a lighthouse was built.

The last time it was repaired in 1955., And beautiful backlight from 2006. Provides modern system.

Sunbathing ship Berg

This sunken cargo ship is interesting to see at least because his story begins in 2018 – that is, quite recently.

The cargo ship was moving to Turkey under the Moldovan flag, sank due to the appearance of serious samples. A team of 12 people was evacuated to the shore, and the dry cargo ship was attracted to the shore and dropped 50 tons of diesel fuel from it.

The vessel can be well considered and photographed from the Kaffa fortress.

Museums of Feodosia

Museum of Deltaplanenism – Find out where the aviation of the USSR was born

If you have adolescents in your family or you yourself are interested in sports and aircraft, be sure to go to the Museum of DeltaPlanenism.

It was in Feodosia that the USSR Aviation was born. In 1923, the highest flight school was opened here, in which Sergei Korolev studied.

Today here is a free flight museum. He is 25 years old. He carries the name of the pilot Konstantin Arzellova, grandson and. Aivazovsky.

House Museum A. Green with romantic panels "Brigantin"

This is a house in which a writer who was decorated in the form of a ship by an architect artist Savoy Brodsky.

Here you can come on an excursion with a guide or just stroll and take a picture against a sailboat who arrived for the Assol. Interactive tours of the museum and exhibitions of contemporary artists who are writing in styles of marinism and neoraantism are held here.

Money Museum – Vintage Coins can be viewed by clock

Numismatic museum has been working since 2003. It has a huge exposition of money of various times, which is collected from the beginning of the XIX century.

Only in Crimea historians counted 16 types of monetary signs – by the Bosporian kingdom to the present day. Plus coins of different times, peoples, distant countries and even continents.

The museum has a large library of bonissics and numismatics.

Museum of Marina and Anastasia Tsvetaev

Official Sisters Tsvetaeva Museum is open in the house where they lived for several years.

This is a place for those who appreciate the creativity of Tsvetaeva and wants to plunge into the atmosphere of the past era: see the original furniture, personal belongings, photos, diaries, posters.

Big Plus – Symbolic visits price. The museum holds creative evenings: poetry of the Silver Century, Chamber Music, Author’s Song.

Temples Feodosia

In Feodosia, more than 25 temples belonging to different confessions.

These are the Orthodox Churches, the ancient Armenian temples of the XIV-XV centuries, Kazan Cathedral, the cemetery temples of the XVIII-XIX centuries.

Mosque mufti-jami – the only Ottoman shrine, preserved from the XVI century.

There are even more ancient Greek-Byzantine facilities. Temple of the introduction of the Blessed Virgin Mary dated VIII-IX centuries.

Non-easy story has the largest and most honorable Orthodox church of Alexander Nevsky. Until the XVI century, he was Catholic, then the Turks rebuilt him under Sultan-Selim’s mosque, and at the beginning of the XIX century, an Orthodox church was built in his place.

Church of St. Sergius (Surb Sarkis)

Located near the ancient cemetery.

The construction of an unusual for the church of the rectangular form has existed more than 700 years, on the site of one of the oldest Armenian temples of the X-XI centuries (even before the emergence of the Genoesees).

In this church baptized and fled and. TO. Aivazovsky, who had an Armenian origin. Here he was married with his second wife. On the territory of the temple there is a grave of Aivazovsky, and in the gallery there are several icons written by the artist.

Temple of the Iver Icons of the Mother of God

Numerous legends go about the icon of the Mother of God. It is said that it heals from swallows and cancer.

The best parks of Feodosia

Feodosia – Green City. In parks full of playgrounds, places for sports, fountains and leisure benches.

Komsomolsky Park

Go to the northern part of the city, and you will fall into the largest city park.

Here rent for children: children’s town in the form of the ruins of an ancient city, rope town, horse riding, moon park. You will see a memorial complex, built in honor of the participants of the battle for the city during the Second World War.

Safari Park "Tagag" – all day with the company Lviv

On the Lviv Park "Tagger" is better to highlight a whole day and go back there early.

Park Tagan is located in Belogorsk, 70 km from Feodosia.

If you get to the park in the morning, you will see the feeding of Lviv.

What to see in Feodosia and surrounding beaches, museums, parks

In 30 hectares, except Lviv and Tigers, there are still many animals. Here you can walk all day, watching freely moving white lions and considering enclosures with other animals and birds. Go to the contact zones where you can stroke and feed decorative pigs, goats, take pictures with young animals.

Sailor park

Built on the site of the slave market, which was here in the Middle Ages. Business on selling slaves, mainly from Eastern Europe was very profitable.

In the XIX century, the park attached, broke the alleys. After the Second World War here have a recreation park for children and adults with a summer cinema and platform for concerts.

Called him in honor of the sailors who defended the city from the fascists. Today you can wander around the narrow paths, sit on a bench with a book and admire the flower beds. This is a quiet holiday in nature in the city center.

Jubilee Park – Recreation and Excursion

The park is small, but cozy and beautifully decorated. He is very loved by residents of the city. In the summer heat here, it is nice to relax in the shade of the trees can be rolled on the rollers, walking with children.

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Attractions Park:

  • Genoese tower Konstantin – Preserved from urban fortifications.
  • Fountain Aivazovsky – built in gratitude for drinking water during drought from sources of own estates of Aivazovsky. In those days, the water was free. Now the fountain does not work. This is an exact copy of the Constantinople Fountain.
  • Fountain "Dobro Geni" – built by the students of Aivazovsky at the expense of donations of citizens.

Natural attractions

In the vicinity of Feodosia there is something to see on their own. Romantic species of rocks, sea, pine-junieved groves and much more. There are always many tourists in the mountains, the trails have long been laid. Do not be afraid to get lost and boldly go for a walk.

Golden Gate – Karadag’s Business Card

This is a rock in the form of an arch, standing in the sea. Previously, she was called Shaitan Cap. From afar, it seems like a modest size, but in fact, the gates of fishermen and small boats are freely passing.

In height, it is more than 8 m, from the bottom – about 15 m.

Sleep next to the rock you can, if you take a marine excursion in the reserve or in the Koktebel itself. And if you’re lucky, you can swim under the arch. Do not forget to make a desire, it will surely come true.

Excursions price – 400-600 rubles.

Ended volcano Kara-Dag

Mount Kara-Dag – a special landmark. That’s all that remained from the ancient volcano, operating 160 million years ago.

Remarkable names of individual arrays. There is a holy mountain, and the rock of the traits finger, and the damn gorge Fireplace (Giaur Bach).

Karadagsky Reserve – Enjoy Nature

Traveling through the Karadaghnaya Reserve, be attentive.

Here, as in many extinct volcanoes, there are many magnetic breeds in depths, so the compass can show an improper direction. It is better to go with the conductor, especially in the vicinity of the "thoughts".

In the reserve you can walk, consider the age-old trees and rocks, collect natural minerals: chalcedony, quartz, jashere, basalt, opal, agate, carnelian, onyx. And you can get to abandoned beaches and swim, hiding in grump.

be careful! Crimean Scorpio, Solphegi, Skolenders, Tarantulas and Karakirts live in the reserve.

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Where to go with a child in Feodosia

In Feodosia and the surrounding area with children’s parks full order

Karadagsky Dolphinarium

In the village of Resort, the Karadagsky Dolphinarium works, the owners of which – Black Sea Dolphins-Afultiny Yasha and Yana. In their program – jumping through rings, flip in the air, singing, playing with spectators and drawing. Drawings then play among the audience. If you are lucky, you can get them in memory.

Dolphinarium allowed to photograph.

Ticket costs – 400-600 rubles.

Theodosia Dolphinarium "Nemo" – you can swim with dolphin

In the village of Coastal, there is another dolphinarium.

The artists are waiting for you – a whole team of Dolphin-AFALY: Casper, Oscar, Hercules, Vasilisa, Hector, Marcia, Eve and Bunny. The company with them is 4 sea lions: Fleur, Adel, Terry and Shapul.

On the territory there is an oceanarium.

The list of services includes bathing with dolphins, photo shoots, diving, dolphin-therapy.

Ticket price – 800 rubles.

FEOOSTORAY MUSEUM – Learning the city history

This is a historical adventure center, where in a new one is represented by more than 2500-year-old history of the city.

In a gaming and cognitive form, you will learn about the events of the long-saved era, the emergence of architectural monuments, great people. Pass through the hold of a pirate ship, a medieval quarter, an alchemical workshop, recalculate the Crimean money of Wrangel, will find yourself in the hall "Back to the USSR".

Museum of optical illusion

Now in Feodosia there is a museum of illusion – a popular entertainment, where you can become a member of a fantastic show using 3D technologies.

And children, and adults are interested in becoming a participant in paintings, installations, 3D images. Long for a long time you will review the unusual photos and remember tea with Masha and Bear.

Where to go in the evening

Someone comes to the resort solely to soak on the beach, and someone loves to combine rest with active entertainment and nightlife. Both those and others love to walk along the embankment. There are several pedestrian zones in Feodosia.

Embankment and Avazovsky Avenue at the end of the day

Embankment Aivazovsky is an unusual architecture.

The richest and famous people of the city lived in luxurious mansions on the embankment: Stamboli, Aivazovsky, Lagorio, Crimea. But Aivazovsky Avenue is known not only to beautiful architecture. This city nightlife center – open-air concerts, street cafes with live music, attractions for children, light music fountain.

You can wrap in Komsomol Park in playgrounds, watch outdoor fire shows. Everything works until late night.

Zemskaya: Pedestrian street in Feodosia

Strict and Mysterious Zemskaya Street is theeodosia Arbat. Pedestrian zone length 520 m. You can go to a snack and drink coffee in a cafe or sit on the street on the bench.

In the light of evening lights, it is especially comfortable here.

Nightlife Feodosia

Evening illumination will show you the already famous places and buildings of the city in a new world.

This is the Genoese Fortress, Ilyinsky Lighthouse, the Dacha Palace of Stamboli, Muft Jami, Tower of St. Constantine.

For active and brave – Night Walks on the boat with the waterfront. Especially beautiful looks at night the light-music fountain on the museum square, not far from the Picture Gallery of Aivazovsky.

Be sure to take a picture on its background.

And for lovers of night entertainment and discos – of course, clubs. New places open annually, but there are those who work every season.

What to see in Feodosia and surrounding beaches, museums, parks

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