What to see in Gorokhovets?

Border Fortress The Gorokhovets in the east of the Vladimir-Suzdal Principality arose in the XII century and in the second half of the XVIII century becomes the county city of Vladimir province.

What now to look at tourists coming to Gorokhovets? Editorial infoogroup «Turprom» Thanks for the provisions provided and conveniently submitted information to the Tourism Committee of the Administration of the Vladimir Region. After all, a huge number of ancient artifacts and sign attractions were collected in this old city. so.

From the end of the XVI century and in the XVII century, three monastery appeared in Gorokhovets. Men’s abode, which later became the Znamensky women’s monastery, located on the left bank of the Klyazma River. Sretensky Women’s Monastery (Soviet Street, Houses 5-7) was built on the orders of the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Nicon. Holy Trinity Nikolsky Men’s Monastery (Street Proletarian, House 12) built by the decree of King Mikhail Fedorovich Romanova. By virtue of various solutions, they all close themselves or deprived independence, but are now in the rebirth stage.

In this city, almost in untouched the form has retained a large number of diverse landing houses. Almost half of the stone residential buildings of the XVII century, which are preserved in our country, belongs to Gorokhovets.

What to see in Gorokhovets Articles on tourism from the tourism

These houses are at the following addresses:

  1. Lenina Street, House 9 – House Ershova (Sudoplatova) – The most ancient stone house. Accurate written evidence of the time of the structure of this house did not remain.
  2. Nagornaya Street, House 4 – Ershova House (Sapozhnikova) – Presumably built in the 1680s. It contains the expositions of the Gorokhovetsky historical and architectural museum.
  3. Soviet street, house 5 – Shiryewoo house (Shumilova». According to the description of 1760, there were 18 in it «Region».
  4. Street embankment, house 42 – Oparin House, built at the end of the XVII century.
  5. Naberezhnaya Street, House 44 – Canonnikova House, built at the end of the XVII century.
  6. Gorokhovets was famous for its carpenters and in the city you can find unique samples of wooden architecture:
  7. Country House M.AND.Shorin (Moscow Street, House 43), similar to fairy tale. Today it housed the house of folk creativity and crafts;
  8. Mansion Svittsov (Lenin Street, House 38), was built in 1915;
  9. House of the merchant I.NS.Morozova (Lenin Street, House 83),
  10. House Kochina (Moscow Street, House 21).

In Gorokhovets, except for samples of stone and wooden house-building, there are natural and archaeological monuments. This is a bald mountain and puzzling mountain. Gorodishche «Bald Mount» Today has the status of an archaeological monument of federal significance. And on a puzzling mountain, the same ski resort is open.

What to see in Gorokhovets Articles on tourism from the tourism

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