What to see in Israel for 3 days

If you arrived in this amazing country for a short time, but you want to see as many sights as possible, it is better to make radial trips from the city in which you stopped.

From Jerusalem

Jerusalem – The most ancient city in the Middle East. The list of his attractions is not limited to the temple of the Mernel of the Lord, the Kubbat Sahra mosque and the cry of crying. If you have only three days at your disposal, dedicate their historic part of Jerusalem: you can use the dawn on the oilseed mountain, walk through the serf wall, visit the Austrian Hospice Lookingtern, get lost in the ruins of the abandoned elevator village and enjoy silence in cozy Yemen Moshe. And if you still want to see other cities, take advantage of public transport, which is very well developed in Israel.


In this city, according to the Gospel, Jesus Christ was born. Hence the biblical king David.

In addition to the Basilica of the Nativity of Christ, one of the most significant shrines of the Christian world, in Bethlehem and its surroundings there are many other religious structures.

Independently get to Bethlehema from Jerusalem is not so easy. From Damascus Gate Bus number 231, which will reach the checkpoint on the Palestinian-Israeli border. To get to key sights of the city, use local public transport or taxis.

Masada fortress

Masada fortress is located on top of one of the rocks of the Jewish desert. More than 2,000 years ago, she served as a refuge for the family of Tsar Herod of the Great and the repository of royal gold. In 67. NS. Romans took the fortress. Three years later, not wanting to give up, Jewish men who were inside the fortress, killed their wives and children, and then each other – by lot.

When the last person remained, he tagged the fortress and burned down alive himself. Now on the territory of the complex the ruins of the Palace of Herod, synagogues, baths, the Byzantine monastery, water tanks, as well as fragments of wall paintings and mosaics are preserved.

From the Central Bus Station of Jerusalem every hour, buses depart to Masada and stop at the foot of the mountain. Not far from the stop is an information center, where you need to buy a ticket to the Fortress itself and for the Funicular (optional). In the mountains open incredible views of the mountains and the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea

The dead sea is called the most saline lake in the world. Due to the high salt content of its water, fish and other organisms are not suitable for life. Due to the unique composition of salts and minerals, the water and dirt of the Dead Sea have healing properties.

In addition, the Dead Sea – The lowest area of ​​sushi on the planet, and the oxygen content here is 10% higher than above other reservoirs. Swim in the sea and even close to it is allowed only on the beaches of well-maintained resorts, otherwise you can fall under solid salt crust. Before bathing, it is desirable to wear swimming glasses: if the water falls into the eyes, rest on the Dead Sea will be spoiled. Keep in mind that on the beaches of the most saline lake in the world are always crowded.

The most popular Israeli resorts of the Dead Sea – Ein-Bokek and Ein Gedi. You can feel the state of weightlessness after walking on the fortress of Masada. Between the bus station «Masada Center» And the resorts regularly run buses. Until Ein-Bokek can be reached in 15 minutes on buses №444, №384 and №486, and to Ein-Gedi – 30 minutes for buses №384 or №486. From Jerusalem to Ein-Bokek, buses №444 and №486, to Ein-Gedi – №486. Travel time – 1,5 hour.

Tel Aviv

If you went to Jerusalem right from the airport, be sure to devote Tel Aviva’s Day.

This is a real city of contrasts: from the embankment, along which ultra-modern hotels were built, overlooking the ancient Jaffa, and on the background of small, cozy houses of the Neve-Jesecred, skyscrapers rummage.

It is best to go to the northern part of the city right away, relax after the road in the park Yaron, then slowly move towards Jaffa.

Be sure to visit the area of ​​Bialik and Dizengooff, stroll along Allenby Street, collect seashells on the beach near the park Charles Klor, walk along the streets of the ancient Neve-Zedek and meet the sunset in Jaffa.

And after sunset, you can admire the evening Tel Aviv from the observation site of the Tower of Azrieli.

Tel Aviv Central Bus Station is a 15-minute bus number 405. In order not to get lost and go to the bus stop, set the Moveit application on the phone: they use all the Israelis.

From Tel Aviv and Netanya

In the former capital of Israel, who keeps up with the times, usually come to business conferences or for treatment. Tel Aviv is so interesting and diverse that it will not have time to bother in three days. However, from Auto and Train Station, Tel Aviv can be left to anywhere.

It is worth using this opportunity and visit the nearest interesting places. From Netanya, the most popular Mediterranean resort of the country, more convenient and faster to ride in other cities in Tel Aviv.


When mentioning Israel, in front of the eyes, a panoramic view of the temple mountain with a golden dome of the Kubbat Sakhra mosque.

You can get on the mountain only from 7:00 to 10:30, on Fridays and Saturdays The entrance for tourists is closed. If you want to visit the temple mountain, come to Jerusalem the first bus. In order not to be in the collision of tourists near the temple of the Mernel’s coffin and inside it, there is also better to come to 9:00. To feel the beauty and greatness of the city, you need to rise to one of the numerous viewing sites, and in the evening it is worth a cup of coffee in a coffee shop «Aroma» – Israeli analogue «Starbax».

From the Central Bus Station in Jerusalem every 15 minutes bus number 405. The departure platform is located on the 6th floor. In order not to get lost, watch the signs carefully. Travel time – 1 hour. From the bus station to the old city of Jerusalem walks the tram number 1, you need to buy a ticket in a bus stop. But if there is time and strength, it is better to walk to the Yaffian gate on the most beautiful street Jaffa.


The ruins of the ancient city, founded by Herod Great, are 50 km from Tel Aviv. The complex has a roman bath with mosaics, aqueduct, theater, acting for five hundred years and much more.

For diving lovers, an underwater archaeological park is open, where you can see the sunken ships, the ruins of the port, the lighthouse, ancient shipbuilding technique.

Get from Tel Aviv to Caisaria best on the train – From the bus stop to the archaeological park you will have to walk around 1.5 km.


Main attraction Haifa – Bahai Gardens. This place is the world center of Baháhismma – Sects of Islamic origin.

Tourists come here for a walk through the picturesque terraces of gardens, performed in Persian style. Plants are planted in such a way that the gardens bloom all year round.

Inputs on the upper and lower terraces are open from 9:00 to 17:00, but much more interesting than the inner part of the gardens and the temple-tomb of Baba Baha’i prophet.

The temple is open from 9:00 to 12:00, street entrance Ha Tsalvanim. In domestic gardens can only be reached with a free guided tour in English, our or Hebrew. Current schedule of excursions can be found on the official website of the Baha’i Gardens.

Between Tel Aviv and Haifa ply several routes of buses and trains. From the bus station in Haifa easier to get on the bus to a stop №3 ha zophim and walk about 1 km to the entrance to the upper terrace. If you come by train, be aware that the walk up the hill will have about an hour of steep stairs. To save time and effort, use the bus or taxi №136. In September 2018. will resume the underground «Carmelite».

What to see in Israel for 3 days

Visiting in the morning Bahai Gardens, you can go from Haifa to Acre or Zichron Ya’akov. To go to the city directly from Tel Aviv significantly longer.

Zichron Yaakov

Cozy town, founded in the late XIX century. – «Israeli Montmartre» and the country’s main wine center. Old small houses, located in the pedestrian zone, now serve as national cuisine restaurants and shops of handicrafts. Winery tours are in the cellar with wine tasting. Attention should be paid and the park created in honor of the founder of the city. Distance to park from the city center – 2.5 km. If you take the bus №70 to the stop of Eden Hotel, will have to go about 1 km.

In Zichron Yaakov Haifa bus with each hour between 06:00 and 22:00 a bus №202. To not pass your stop, sit on the left side of the bus and carefully look out the window when you see the tank with a picture of grapes and the Jewish old man out. Return shuttle bus to Haifa and rarely leaves the other stop. To find it, you need to get to where you came, and go through the dressing. From Tel Aviv bus №921 walks in Zichron Yaakov, but stops near the industrial zone, to walk to the center about 3 km. More convenient routes – with a transfer to Benjamin.

The most preserved city of the era of the Crusaders is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Historical attractions here are found at every step: the Citadel, the Tunnel of the Templar, the fortress wall, the monastery of the Order of Hospitallers, Mosque.

However, the beauty of the old accoo darkens the dirt: everywhere Mountains garbage, stench. The city belongs to Israeli Arabs who do not care about his purity. Passing through the market, be prepared for insults of merchants.

But accomo is worth not to pay attention to the negative moments: the spirit of antiquity is felt everywhere, and the fortress wall opens a stunning view of the sea. To admire the panoramic view of the city and port, go to the beach or order a sea walk.

From Haifa to Acre is best to go by train. Movement interval – half an hour, travel time – 20 minutes. You can go back immediately in Tel Aviv. The road will take an hour and a half. If you are going to AKKO from Tel Aviv, buy a ticket immediately in both directions.

From Elat

The most popular resort of Israel is located on the Red Sea. It is famous for fashionable hotels, luxurious beaches and a rich underwater world.

Eilat is too removed from the most popular attractions of the country, but also in its surroundings there are interesting places.


In this valley are the legendary copy of King Solomon – Copper shafts. Also in Tim, the ruins of the temple of the goddess Hathor and ancient rock painting are preserved.

Natural park itself is interesting for its landscapes and sand and stone formations. Home Natural attraction – Solomon pillars, sandstone cliffs, symbolizing columns at the entrance to the first temple.

For the convenience of visitors on the territory of the Park, routes with signs to natural arms, petroglyphs, Solomon Podbamas and Temple Hathor, Lake and other facilities are laid.

From Eilat to Timna Park, there are 7 bus routes, travel time – 15 minutes. But on foot the whole park is not possible: it is better to inspect the sights on a rented car.


Temple-Mausoleum El Hazne, located in the ancient rocky city of Nabateev, took the first line in the list of new seven wonders of the world. It is still unknown how Kamnetsees and cutters who lived almost 2000 years ago cut out his facade. Other construction affect the imagination no less.

Despite the proximity to Eilat, Peter is better to visit with an organized excursion: to move through the Israeli-Jordan border will independently get much more difficult and more expensive.

Planning independent travel on Israel, be sure to check the bus and train schedules on official sites: enter the search string «Egged» or «Israel Railways». And do not forget that public transport does not go from the second half of Friday to the evening of Saturday.

What to see in Israel for 3 days

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