What to see in Jerusalem: Mosque Dome Rock

Mosque Dome of the Rock (Kubbat AS-Sahra) Is the Muslim sanctuary erected over the base stone (Temple Mountain, Jerusalem), near the most ancient Mosque El-aksa (al-aks). Often these mosques confuse among themselves, considering one whole, but it is not.

Dome of the rock &# 8211; One of the most important and main shrines Islam, At the same time, Al-Aqsa Mosque is still more important and ancient.

They truly form a single architectural composition of Haram Ash-Sharif, are located next to each other, but still these are two different religious facilities. Kubbat As-Sahra, like other monuments of the old Jerusalem, is included in the UNESCO list. The mosque of the rocks of the rock is noticeable from afar thanks to his huge golden dome, the image of which is on the seals of the Knight’s Order of the Templars. It also happens that these 2 mosques are confused in the literature erroneously and with the lobster mosque.


Mosque building Constructed in 687-691. N. NS. By order of Abd al-Malik (Khalifa), the construction was carried out under the guidance of two Arab masters (Yazid Ibn Salyam, Raji Ibn High). Dome rises above the protrusion of the rock, It is believed that it was from him that the prophet Mohammed committed an Act of Ascension (Miraj). That’s where such a name happened like the dome of the rock.

When Jerusalem was controlled by crusaders, the mosque was handed over to the use of Augustin monasses. It was turned in the christian church &# 8220; Temple of the Lord&# 8221; ("Templum Domini"), and the Mosque of El Aksa, located nearby, began to be used as the Royal Palace. In 1187. Jerusalem was conquered by Saladin, He instructed the nephew to proceed to the restoration of the shrine; It was at this time that it was added to it. In modern time, only parapet from the church was preserved from the church, he began to be used as a good coastal standing stand.

This mosque &# 8211; One of the very first monuments and beautiful samples of Islamic architecture. Mosque repeatedly rebuilt starting from the 16th century, Especially in the era of the Board of the Abbasid Dynasty (Sultan Suleiman I Great). At the same time, on the inner interior, the mosque is close to the Byzantine early Christian religious structures.

The construction is characterized by proportional correct outlines, and from the inside luxuriously decorated with a mosaic patterned ornament. Skates with roofs covered with a rather high parapet with arcade. Inside the buildings lead 4 doors with portica. Gold plated dome made of wood with a height of 30 m, a diameter of 20.5 m is fixed on a cylindrical high bunk drum, which is installed above the rock. Around this dome is the octagonal bypass gallery, it has flat niches outside.

The dome was constructed at the end of the 7th in., And initially he was not so much a sanctuary as Refuge for pilgrims, coming to bow the stone from which (according to the ancient legends) and the Ascension of Mohammed happened. It is also considered that On this stone was the ark of the covenant in the era of the I Temple, Jews believe that it was from this stone that the divine creation of the world began, that’s why he is also called the "Stone of the foundation".

Earthquakes did not bypass this mosque. In 1927. She pretty seriously suffered from underground shocks, Subsequently, it was restored by European Masters (for Turkish and Jordanian money). In early 2008. Another earthquake left its not quite pleasant trail: a rather noticeable failure (depth &# 8211; 1 m width &# 8211; 1.5 m, length &# 8211; Approximately 2 m).

After the six-day war 1967. The territory of the ancient Jerusalem has passed under the complete control of the Israeli side, but in accordance with the peace treaty, the Dome of the Rock is under jordan.

What to see in Jerusalem Mosque Dome Rocks

Interesting fact

In 2010. In the capital of the Emirates, g. Abu Dhabi, opened the active mosque, whose architectural solution &# 8211; in the form of a reduced (large-scale) copy of the dome of the rock; She was named after her Jerusalem sample.


The entrance to the mosque for tourists is closed in PT, Sat and during Muslim holidays. Tourists can go from 7:30 to 10:30, from 12:30 to 13:30 in the summer season, in winter &# 8211; From 7:30 to 10:00. When visiting, you need to follow the dress code: skirts and shorts, uncovered hands and shoulders are prohibited.

The cost of visiting and enter the mosque

The entrance to the dome of the rock to tourists is allowed on the wooden flooring near the north entrance of the Watch Wall, subject to the acquisition of a single ticket (costs 40 Shek.) To examine both mosques, the Museum of Islamic art, can be reached by bus number 17.

What to see in Jerusalem Mosque Dome Rocks

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