What to see in Khabarovsk in one day

How to see the city, if you have a day and those are divided by night bed? You can enable increased transmission and with a fifth point in the soap try to break everything, to which enough will enough. And you can go well stroll, according to the principle "that managed – they saw". That is how we entered Khabarovsk and did not regret.

For your walks, we chose three locations – Muravyov-Amur street, as a central and very beautiful, view of the bridge over Cupid, drawn on the 5000 bill and walk on the ship on Amuru.

Muravyova-Amur street

Muravyova-Amur Street (she used to be called Karl Marx Street) – follows the top of the middle of the three hills of the city center, starting from Komsomolskaya Square (Embankment of Amur) and ending in Lenin Square, where administrative buildings of the city are located.

Street is named after Count N. N. Muravyov-Amur – Governor-General of Eastern Siberia from 1848 to 1861, which initiated the arrangement of a military post and gave him the name of the researcher of these places Yerofi Khabarova. Monument to Muravyev-Amur stands near the Amur Rock, and he is on the bill of 5000 rubles.

Walking on the street of Muravyov-Amur is recommended strictly on foot and not rushing anywhere, because almost every building here can be examined for a long time.

House number 1 Profitable house Plyusnin (1900-1901), now there is a regional scientific library in it. Profitable houses built for rent apartments. I do not know how inside, but I would love to live in such a house.

House number 2 Office of the Amur River Shipping Company, built in 1934

House number 8 Former building of the Public Assembly (1908). Now here is the edge philharmonic and pharmacy

House number 5 Former profitable house of the Japanese subject Itiji Taketi. Now there are shops and burger "Khlebomyas", in which we have a good snack. The only minus is inside a very loud music, so if you want to calmly talk, it is best to sit on the street for the tables to the left of the entrance, there are no columns and quite quiet.

House number 3 Trading house of drunky (1900), now here is also trading – shops and restaurant

House number 7. I do not know what was in it, now there is a shopping center. Just liked the building.

House number 9 Former trading house "Kunst and Albers" (1906-1912), now here is the central grocery.

Partnership "Kunst and Albers", Opened Germans Gustav Kunstom and Gustav Albers in the Far East existed until 1930.

House number 22, former profitable house of Grozhibovsky (1902)

House number 17, the former building of the city Duma, now here is the center of children’s creativity. Very beautiful house, unfortunately only the roof is visible for foliage.

And this is the Lenin Square. Before it we reached only in the evening, the day there is too crowded. For the fountain there is a building of the government of the region.

View of the bridge over Cupid

To visit Khabarovsk and not see the famous "five thousandth species" It is impossible, and therefore, fighting on the net and finding an instruction from where to watch, we have moved to the outskirts of the city in search of an abandoned villager.

I do not know who built it and why she is now in this form, but if I have too much money, I would make a cafe or restaurant with a view of the bridge. If you turn on the fantasy, then you can have a lot of things "Five thousandths" Fishchekes come up.

On the dilapidated stairs, you need to rise to the very top and the same kind will open. The bridge stretches almost 4 km away, you can not walk on it. At the top level of the bridge, there are vehicles, along the lower trains.

Here, to the right of the pipe, the preserved span of an old Alekseevsky bridge is visible. Not far from the bridge there is a museum of history of its construction, but because of Quarantine, nothing worked.

Look in more detail in a small video

Embankment and walk through Amuru

We have a long tradition – if the city, where we arrived, is located on the banks of the river or the sea, then if possible, we will definitely ride a walking heat.

In the meantime, before departure there is a time, we will get acquainted with the embankment and its surroundings.

You can go down on the embankment from the Komsomolskaya Square. The Central Place on Square is held by the Grado Khabarovsky Assumption Cathedral – the first stone temple of Khabarovsk and one of the largest in the city.

Postcard 1917 year

What to see in Khabarovsk in one day

Cathedral was founded in 1876 and finally built in 10 years, in 1886. However, in 1930, the young Soviet government in the heat of struggle against the region blew up the temple, and later in his place built the gate of the regional house of officers.

In 1994, the restoration of the Cathedral began and by 2002, instead of the old, destroyed, this, new one, nothing in the architectural plan with an old one.

Here on the square there is a monument to the Heroes of the Civil War

The best view of the embankment opens from above, from the museum "Amur Rock". We did not fall into the museum itself, because of the museums in Khabarovsk, all museums and theaters were closed.

View from the observation deck during the day and evening

Go down on the embankment. She is strictly pedestrian-bicycle, there are no cars here

Near the water is equipped with a small beach. On the street is hot, the people are bathed, not paying attention to the plates with the ban. I looked at the water and realized that the Khabarovsk people, apparently, immantaneous and do not scare them. Do not think that the lady is drunk, no, she just sunbathes, taking advantage of the last days of the outgoing summer.

Water walk through the Amuru takes an hour, though all beautiful views end in 10 minutes and then you just float under the tess. Wear a bridge and return back. The cost of this pleasure is 400 rubles.

The staircase coming from the embankment to the Komsomolskaya Square. It is a pity that only a fourth of the lanterns burns on it, could be a very beautiful view.

Museum "Amur Rock" and Monument to Amur Muravyev. From the water looks very cool! By the way about the title. I found two options in the network – Khabarovsk Utem and Amur Rock.

In 1858. Here, in a taiga, to which civilization did not touch, a squad of the thirteenth Siberian line battalion led by the commander Yakov Vasilyevich Dyachenko landed. Stone Rock impressively dismissed from greenery and reflected in Amur waters. He was so beautiful that the captain decided to smash his camp here, later became a military settlement, even later – the village of Khacking. (https: // wikipoints.RU /)

Well, some more fragments of our walks

Train Station. The first building was opened in February 1897 by the time of the launch of the Ussuri railway in permanent operation. In 1921, the old station burned down and in its place in 1926 built a single-storey building in a non-our style, which was repeatedly rebuilt. What we see now – the building in the style of our modern – built in 2007.

Monument to Erofy Khabarov, in honor of which the city is named, meets guests who came here on the railway.

What to see in Khabarovsk in one day

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