What to see in Kostroma?

In this article, you will learn what a variety of interesting places can be viewed in Kostroma, as well as how to go to real salts, which can be fed. Best for a good trip to go to Kostroma for a few days, as you can visit several attractions and interesting places.

How to get together on the road?

Many people want to distract from the bustle of big cities, extra thoughts and visit a little different place. So it is very important to think about how convenient will be a trip. It is important to qualitatively consider your route so that you know exactly where you stop at night and where you will dry.

And now let’s consider interesting places in Kostroma.

Ipatiev Monastery

Many people do not know about the existence of such a monastery, and very in vain. This monastery played a huge role in the history of the royal family. In this monastery, Mikhail Romanov, along with his mother, hid from the Poles, when those behind them hunted.

This monastery is very large, which is why it is divided into several parts. One part is open to visitors, and the entrance to the second part is only in monks. The second part is a bit more first, but the feeling of history is present anyway. This monastery was founded in 1330 and, despite his old age, the monastery is still worth.

The Ipatiev Monastery is considered to be a monastery where you can visit the museum and look at various expositions. If you want to see only the complex itself, it is best to come here in the evening, as the exhibitions are already closed at this time, but the gate to the monastery is still open to visitors. Service can be visited if desired, but it is necessary to take into account the fact that it passes without lighting, only with candlelight.

What to see in Kostroma

Terem Snow Maiden

This turn is very cute in appearance and not very large size. It consists of two floors and a small courtyard. Here you can pay a tour where fabulous heroes will be excellent to tell you about the whole story. This place is suitable for visiting with children, as fabulous characters are animators and will be able to cheer your child. The price of a ticket to this place costs about 500 rubles., And if you pay extra 250 rubles., then you can visit the ice room. Ice sculptures are collected in this room.


Remember, at the beginning we talked about the fact that in Kostroma you can stroke alive moose. It’s time to tell you about the farm, where these incredible animals live. This place is 20 kilometers from Kostroma. Here you can come with your children, because moose very calmly fit the people. Also these animals can be fed from the hands completely calm. On this farm moose live free, so do not worry about their safety.

Be sure to visit these attractions, as they will leave many impressions.

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