What to see in Montenegro

Many tourists go to Montenegro for a mild climate, warm sea and beautiful scenery. Every year, thousands of tourists visit the country. Montenegro is famous for its diversity. There are many beautiful temples and monasteries, magnificent mountainous landscapes and warm sea.

Monastery Savina

The monastery appeared from the community of monks who left Trebinj – Community on the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The first settlers appeared in 1030. The building is located on a slight elevation from which a beautiful view of Bug-Kotor Bay. Beautiful coniferous forests spread around the monastery. Tourists can relax in the depths of the forest from the worldly bustle. Monks Protoptano a lot of paths between trees.

On the territory of the monastery complex there are two small churches, a cemetery and a kalein building. All buildings are built in the Baroque style, sometimes frescoes and murals come across.

Sveti Stefan

Resort that is located On the island of Aman Saint Stephen. To get to the hotel’s territory, you need to go through a narrow road connecting the island with the rest of the mainland.

Resort belong to the most expensive in the country. Usually, only rich and influential people are resting here. The hotel has more than 50 homes with residential apartments. Also, there is a beach with pink sand. Its length is 2 km. Even if you are not going to stop at this hotel, it’s still worth looking at it.

Budva city

In the heart of the Adriatic Sea is the city of Budva. By itself, the city is not very interesting to tourists, the big intrigue causes Old part of the city. It is located on a sandy spit that strongly performs in the sea. The history of this place is very ancient. Here are many buildings built in the middle of the century. Venetian churches are standing on narrow medieval streets. Many tourists will seem interesting Fortress Wall, which preserved to this day.

Unfortunately, Budva is a pretty boring city for a tourist. Here you can sunbathe on the beach, admire the beautiful landscapes and old houses, but on this all entertainment ends.

Mausoleum Nesha

What to see in Montenegro

it Peter Tomb 2 Petrovich-Nesha. He is not worth confused with the our ruler – Peter 2. Founded by Mausoleum was in the 60-70 years of the last century. The building has a rather interesting story. The ruler of Nesh wanted to be buried in the chapel on Mount the delict, which he once founded. But in 1851, due to the possible invasion of the Turkish Pasha Skadar, Neshev was buried in a safer place – the Cetie monastery, where the grave of his predecessor Peter 1 was already.

In the 20th century, the chapel bombed the Austro-Hungarian army first, and then, Italian. Because of the first and World War II, the chapel was destroyed. In the 60s, it was decided to build on the spot of the chapel of the mausoleum, which caused some disputes, as Mesh himself wanted to be buried in the chapel.

Attraction Popular with tourists. Many come here to see not even on the mausoleum, but on the beautiful Types that open from the Mountain Duck. On the lower floor there is a sarcophagus with the body of the ruler, and on the second – the statue of which is the weight of which exceeds 20 tone. Also, at the entrance of the building there are sculptures of two girls.

St. Trifon Cathedral

Some tourists can be interested in the Cathedral. He is in in the city Kotor. Holy, in honor of which the temple is named, very popular with local residents. In the cathedral there are relics of trifon, which were brought here from Constantinople.

The building is built in different styles. Especially attracting the attention of tourists Baldakhin. This is a huge three-story design, which is supported by marble collens. Under the Baldakhin is a place where the gifts are put.

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