What to see in Nice and the surrounding area

In the south-east of France is a Mediterranean city Nice. Favorable climate and nature, historical and cultural heritage in combination with highly developed infrastructure make it one of the popular resorts that tourists from different countries are constantly visited. The city and its surroundings are rich in interesting and beautiful places.

Along the bay "Bay of Angels" stretched the pearl of Nice – English embankment. She received her name thanks to the British, who massively bought the earth to be able to warm up in the sun during the cold English winter. Among the set of hotels located on the waterfront, is the famous Hotel "Negresco", who had seen in his century a large number of celebrities. No hotel boasts such a unique design of its apartments, each room has its own name and interior displaying a certain era.

The embankment is located the historic center of Nice – Old city With labyrinths from old streets, many historical values ​​of architecture, dipping in the atmosphere of medieval romance of Baroque style 16-19 centuries. Places, especially attracting attention: Chapel of Mercy, Palace of Justice, clock tower. In the small cozy cafes located everywhere, you can enjoy local dishes and enjoy exquisite French wines.

For a hundred years, construction went Port Lympia, which is famous for its crystal clear water, despite the constantly large cluster of ships, large liners.

One of the most beautiful is considered Square Massena, named after the French commander, with the famous "Sun" fountain, illuminated at night with neon light, and the statue of Apollo. Italian architecture with a magnificent garden is glorified by Garibaldi Square.

The art of Nice is represented by cluster Museums and galleries: Matisse, Stegal, Massena, Museum of Fine Arts and Other.

What to see in Nice and the surrounding area

Nice is surrounded by no less interesting exotic places. Along the coast there are many small unique in their own cities. V Piefuimers Grese You can visit the Factory for the production of perfumery and acquire anything from any comparable perfume, fragrant soap, candles.

V Cannes The world famous film festival is held. This is an elite resort with expensive shops, exquisite restaurants, hotels.

In addition to the Palace of Film Festivals, you can stroll through Croisette waterfront And visit the Old Quarter Le Suke. Antibes with famous Fort Carre, the prisoner of which was Napoleon. The favorite city of artists of those times – Saint-Paul de Vans. And, of course, will not leave anyone indifferent lavender fields Provence, Not at all inferior to their popularity of the azure shore.

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