What to see in online cinemas this summer?

Summer is the time of vacation and free time, when everyone can have a great time on vacation for your favorite movies. Using online cinema IVI.RU We picked up a Best Cinema Collection for those who have already revised the most interesting, released on screens in 2017-18. These films will become an excellent addition to your holiday, watching them equally pleasant in the city apartment, and on the beloved country, and on the seaside resort after a busy day on the beach.

Safety Harbor – Safe Haven, United States (2013)

Safety Harbor – Safe Haven, United States (2013)

Romantic Melodrama "Quiet Harbor" – a stunning film about shooting from the current reality and painful search for yourself. The main heroine of Katie is solved for a desperate step – literally runs away from the cruel husband and appears in a quiet provincial town in North Carolina. She avoids relationships with locals, but after a while he meets the widower and the father of two children Alex, in love with. This feeling turns out to be mutual, and Alex gives her everything she was so lacked in the first marriage.

"Incredible Walter Mitty Life" – The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty, USA (2013)

"Incredible Walter Mitty Life" – The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty, USA (2013)

Another interesting tape is an adventure tragicomedy "Incredible Walter Mitty Life", the remake of the popular film in 1947. History of the main character – the ordinary photo editor of Life magazine, which is transferred from the routine usual for office plankton of life in the world of fantasies. In his Gresses, he goes into incredible adventures worthy of a real superhero to find a unique frame worthy to decorate the cover of the last printed release of their magazine. Upon returning to the real world, Walter gradually begins to understand what the meaning of life.

"Love on the island" – Love Wrecked, USA (2005)

What to see in online cinemas this summer

"Love on the island" – Love Wrecked, United States (2005)

Comedy melodrama "Love on the island" will tell us the story of a young girl working as a rescuer at a popular resort. Her life will seem to many people, but not in it the most important thing – a man. The girl has long been dreaming about the popular rock musician, who in coincidence soon just came to them on vacation. By the lucky random, they turn out to be together on a desert island, but soon many fans of the musician are beginning to get them even there. As a result, the main character decides to give his heart to his old friend, who has long sincerely in love with her.

"Eat, pray, love" – ​​Eat, Pray, Love, United States (2010)

"Eat, pray, love" – ​​Eat, Pray, Love, United States (2010)

Popular melodrama "Eat, pray, love" with Julia Roberts in the lead role – one of the few movies that parted the quotes around the world. The main heroine Elizabeth comes to the conclusion that her life is too far from what she dreamed about. Soon she divorces her husband and go on a journey to open new horizons and finally find themselves. In different countries, it comes to understanding that there is pleasure from life, spiritual harmony, the value of religion. Soon Elizabeth finds a man with whom she dreams of spending his whole life.

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