What to see in Rybinsk for 1 day – the most interesting places

I will tell about Rybinsk – what to see where to walk, in which museums should go, if you have 1 day or weekend. You will learn where to dine in Rybinsk and what to bring from souvenirs. The city can be independently examined in one day. Or sit in the car and spend a wonderful weekend on Rybinsky streets.

I suggest stroll through the streets of ancient Rybinsk – cities with almost a 200 thousand population of 82 km from Yaroslavl. Rybinsk infrequently turns out to be in the circle of travelers. But the most important and accurate reflections of the history and development of the country can be found in small cities.

The flow of life there seems unhurried, remote from the main tourist routes, and therefore monuments of antiquities and historical sights are preserved almost in untouched by time.

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Briefly about the history of Rybinsk

The first chronicle mention of the settlement on the site of the current Rybinsk refers to the beginning of the XI century. Although excavations suggest that people lived in these places since the Stone Age.

Favorable location in the fall of two rivers – Sheksna and Cherrykh – in the Volga, attracted attention to this place of merchants, later industrialists, and most importantly, the attention of the royal court.

From these places have long been delivered fish to the royal table.

The settlement changed the name several times: Fish Sloboda, from 1777 – the city of Rybinsk, then Shcherbakov, Andropov. Since 1989, the city has a name given to him Catherine II.

Today Rybinsk – an important industrial city. We are also interested in what is interesting and historical.

What to see in Rybinsk in one day

I will not offer a specific route, I will only list the sights and tell that it is worth seeing from it first. And you yourself choose what you are more interesting.

Rybinska map with landmarks


Around and near the embankment are all major sights of Rybinsk.

Embankment – the most beautiful place in Rybinsk. On the Volga Embankment you will find several sculptures. The most famous – "Burlak" and monument to Narinsa Rybinska, poet songwriter Lev Osanin, Author "Eh, Roads, Dust Yes Fog", "Let there always be the sun" and "And in our yard".

Be sure to walk along the embankment closer in the late afternoon, when it is filled with a soft warm light of the lanterns, and the light from them shows highlights of the Volga waters. Beautiful peaceful mood and peace in your soul are provided.

Volzhsky Most

Volzhsky Bridge – Rybinsk Business Card. It is considered one of the longest bridges through the Volga. His length (together with the driveway) – 2 km.

The rapid development of the city at the beginning of the 20th century demanded the construction of a crossing through the Volga. The project was drawn up in the late 1930s, even the supports for the bridge erected, but prevented the Great Patriotic War. To build a bridge in Rybinsk returned only in the 50s.

Construction was wide and stormy. Even the plant was erected for the production of parts of bridge structures, summed up the railway tracks, changed the location of the bridge to preserve the Savior Preobrazhensky Cathedral, which in the first plan of construction was assumed to demolish.

The bridge was commissioned in 1963. With Volzhskaya Embankment View of the bridge is just chic. It is beautiful and not at all contradicts the old atmosphere of the city. On the contrary, emphasizes her.

New Bread Birja

On the Volga embankment there is a luxurious building of the new bread exchange.

The handsome palace in the our style is trimmed with tiles and decorated with tiles. This Miracle Terem is built in 1912 to the latest technology of the beginning of the 20th century. It is interesting not only outside. Inside, almost the entire original decoration is preserved: stucco on the ceilings, wrought-iron grates railing on stairs.

Since 1993, in the building of the new bread exchange, it is located Rybinsky State Historical and Architectural and Art Museum-Reserve. This is a complex of museum collections, most of which are stored in the stockbags and hospital halls.

Be sure to visit here. The Museum Picture Gallery includes about 10 thousand exhibits, among which canvas of our and Western European artists, a collection of noble portraits of the XVIII-XIX centuries, a collection of icons, decorative and applied art. A few halls are dedicated to the history of Rybinsk, where you will learn how he went away from a small fishing village to the famous merchant city.

Working hours:

  • Monday – Friday – from 9:00 to 17:00 (from May 1 to September 15 – until 20:00),
  • Saturday, Sunday – from 10:00 to 18:00.

Single ticket – 150 rubles.

Old bread exchange

Old bread exchange is located next door to the new and older for 100 years.

Monument of the architecture of the federal value built in classicism style. The building has built money from the urban treasury and donations of non-resident merchants to streamline trade transactions. But the merchants for almost half a century did not want to hold these chambers, leaving their business in the old man: in the restaurant at the samovar or on his courts.

In the building of the markets housed judicial offices. And only in the 60s of the XIX in. Exchange has become stock exchange. After the establishment of the Soviet power of the hosts, the building changed a lot. Today it is transferred to the Rybinsky Museum. After reconstruction here, the exposition of the museum will be scenit.

Address: Volga Embankment, 4.

Monument Burlaca

The old bread exchange has a massive stone on which a harsh view is sitting and looking at the Volga flowing at his feet. This is a monument to Burlaku.

Rybinsk was always considered the capital of Burlakov.

Sculptor Lion Pisarevsky decided to translate in bronze of strong and harsh people, on his shoulders and backs of stretching burned barges on the river.

Initially, the monument was installed on Stool Street, where Burlaki gathered at the very beginning of navigation. Later, the sculpture was transferred to the embankment.

Address: Volga Embankment, 4.

Transfiguration Cathedral

This cathedral is called the Red Holy. There is a version that the draft of the Rybinsky Cathedral participated in the competition of projects of St. Isaac Cathedral in St. Petersburg, where he took 3 place. So it is or not, but the Savior-Preobrazhensky Cathedral is very beautiful outside and rightly recognized by the symbol of Rybinsk.

The cathedral was erected on the spot of the church of Saints Peter and Paul, which stood at this place since the XVII century.

At the turn of the XVIII-XIX centuries near the old church, a majestic bell tower was built, which was not combined with the temple himself. At the end of the first half of the XIX century, the construction of a new temple began. It lasted 13 years.

We can enjoy the result today. A large building in the style of classicism is a huge cube with five chapters, decorated with colonnades from two sides. Indoor portico connects the cathedral itself with the bell tower. Now this complex looks united, no one comes to the head, that the bell tower on half a century older than the cathedral itself.

Inside the cathedral is perfectly decorated: the floor is lined with granite slabs, the walls are decorated under marble, quad-tier iconostasis of the Rostov Master in. Bychkov framing the icons of the XV century. A historical relic is exhibited under the canopy – Camera donated Catherine II in honor of her arrival in Rybinsk and left by her in the city.

In 1929, the cathedral was closed, removed the bells and chapters, they were even going to demolish the construction of the Volga Bridge, but the war was prevented. The cathedral housed a variety of institutions. In 1993. He was transferred to the ROC, in 2010. After the global reconstruction, the Transfiguration Cathedral opened the doors for the parishioners.

The cathedral is so large that at the same time can accommodate up to 4,000 people.

  • Working hours: Daily from 7:30 to 19:30.
  • Address: ul. Cross, 2.

Nikolsky chapel

Not far from the old bread exchange you will see a small structure similar to a wonderful box. This is Nikolsky Chapel.

It was built in 1867 in honor of the rescue of Emperor Alexander II from death during an unsuccessful attempt in the summer garden. It can be said that the chapel is a kind of monument to the emperor. She is richly decorated with stucco.

In Soviet times there were a library, warehouse, militia.

  • Working hours: Daily from 12:00 to 18:00. At 16:00 every day a prayer with akathist Nikolai Wonderworker passes.
  • Address: Volzhsky Embankment, 6.

Flour Seating Tour

The flour seating courtyard began to build in 1796. Construction, despite the extreme need of the city in trade ranks, lasted more than 30 years.

According to the design of the designers, it was supposed to be a large complex of two-story identical buildings, each of which arches of the first floor would go outside. The second floors were intended for residential premises and office.

A flour living yard survived completely. It occupies a whole quarter in the heart of Rybinsk. The appearance of the living room has changed, and not only in Soviet years. Even before the revolution, the facade of the southern courtyard has changed. In order to see the initial design of buildings, you need to explore the northern facade.

Nowadays, in a flour living, the yard is located The oldest Rybinsky market is soy.

Address: Volzhskaya Embankment, 77-93 / Cross, 12-36 / Stay, 13 / Red Square, 4-6.

Red Seating Tour

The Red Seating Courtyard was built in the third quarter of the XIX century in addition to the flour living room, which traders and merchants were missing. And again – a whole quarter, which is formed by a rectangle 4 double-decker buildings.

Elegant design of facades gave the living room of his name – red, that is, beautiful, beautiful.

Until today, the Red Seating courtyard is used in direct appointment: trading rows, shops, business offices and cafes are located in the courtyard premises.

Address: ul. Cross, 4-10 / Cathedral Area, 4 / Volga Embankment, 67-75 / Red Square, 3

the Red Square

The Central Square of Rybinsk was called the city of Fish Sloboda. She was the intersection of the main Slobodsk streets.

Like any main square in our cities, she served as a place to trade. After receiving the settlement of the status of the city, the area began its conversion. Chaotic placed trading tents gradually changed the living courtyard, bread exchanges, then another seating yard appeared.

In 1914, a monument to Alexander II was installed in the center of the square. Former serfs, which, after the cancellation of serfdom, became free merchants, gathered funds to the monument and ordered his sculptor to guardian.

After the revolution, the place of the king took Lenin. This is an unusual monument: the leader is depicted in a coat and winter hat.

In 2017, the pre-revolutionary appearance of Red Square was restored, made it completely pedestrian.

To visit the Red Square in Rybinsk – it will plunge into the atmosphere of the very beginning of the XX century.

Train Station

The building of the train station in Rybinsk built on the project of architect SIM MINASH in 1904-1905.

Building in Art Nouveau style was distinguished by unprecedented luxury and solemnity: stucco, decorative tiles, screw stairs, crystal chandeliers. There is nothing surprising in this. Stations in Starina did not mean the mandatory presence of railway tracks. These were big buildings with entertainment facilities. Railway routes have started to build railway routes only in the 1930th of the XIX century.

For an important shopping city, what Rybinsk was at that time, it was necessary to have such a station from his station. Many balls and receptions were held in the station building. Passengers and guests of the city could expect a train by spending time for the game or in a restaurant.

For the entire XX century the station building is pretty dilapidated. In 2014, he was reconstructed, recreation of the initial situation and historical interiors.

Now the bus terminal has moved to the station building.

Address: ul. Passenger, 1A.

House artists

In Rybinsk, it is very easy to be in a fairy tale.

Along with the station you will see a luxurious two-story wooden structure of a la Moscow Baroque, facades overlooking two streets. Above the angle of this miracle terchem, 2 tents with complex architectural structures rise. Both facades connect a wonderful balcony with a wrought lattice. Window Teremes are finished with amazing beauty by platbands.

This house met the city guests and created an excellent reputation on Rybish. By the end of the XX century, the building was pretty dilapidated, there was a question about demolition at home. But the group of artists bought it, reconstructed and kept the decor of the facades.

Today this building is known in Rybinsk as the house of artists. This is not a museum, not workshops. Several families live here, there is a small exhibition hall, where local painters are exhibited.

Address: ul. Pushkin, 52.

Polish church

See in an old, through the Orthodox our city, the high towers of the Catholic Temple – is it not surprising? But in Rybinsk, the Polish church has long and firmly fit into the common urban picture, no one surprises and only gives the appearance of the city additional paints.

Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ built in 1910 literally for six months. The initiators were representatives of the Polish diaspora living in Rybinsk from the second half of the XIX century. They collected money for construction and themselves performed as black-workers at a construction site. I must say that at that time the German Kirch, and the synagogue, and the Milea House of Old Believers were located near the church.

Negotic building made of red bricks with a high staircase leading to the main entrance located on the second floor – an excellent sample of typically Polish cult architecture.

After the revolution, the cathedral existed for long. It was closed in 1931. Parishioners who became less and less in the pocket was the church content. Since then, the building has managed to visit the dining room, hostel, trade union of railway workers. In the late 70s. conducted a restoration of the building and gave it to the student club "Prometheus". It is posted here today.

Address: ul. Pushkin, 57 (opposite the house of artists).

Bust Ushakov

Rybinsk honors the memory of its famous natives. In the center of the city near the embankment in 1996, a bronze bust of the Great our Flotovodz, the Commander of the Black Sea Fleet, Admiral Fyodor Ushakov.

Address: ul. Standing. 4.

Fire Tower

Fire cakes in Russia are not surprised in Russia. But Rybin Calancha surprises its history and architectural originality.

Interesting Facts:

  • This is the highest fire calane in Russia,
  • One of the first buildings built from reinforced concrete.

The first fire cilaplan in Rybinsk appeared in 1843, but in 1911. This wooden building burned. The next year, a miracle building in the style of Modern.

If you use scientific terminology, then this is a monolithic reinforced concrete Pyatrical Facrow Design. Fakhverk – This is a frame formed by a system of horizontal and vertical wooden bars and sidelines with filling the gaps by stone, brick, clay (saman) and other materials.

Tower height – 48 m. It is on a round-storey basis.

Get inside yet. But there are plans for re-equipment of the tower and tolerance of tourists for the observation platform.

Address: ul. Standing, 30.

Museum of the Mologk Region

Museum of the Mologk Territory in Rybinsk is a museum of the city, which is not.

Mologo almost 80 years ago went under the water of the Rybinsky reservoir. Together with molot, about 700 villages and villages were.

Museum of the Mologk Territory opened in 1995. It is symbolic that he is located in the building of the Chapel of the Afanasyevsky Women’s Monastery, who also divided the fate of the molot. In the small halls of the museum posted photos, documents, drawings and plans of the flooded city. The uniqueness of the exposure gives the personal belongings of Mologgan. Many of them are raised from the bottom of the reservoir.

Working hours:

  • Wednesday-Friday from 9:00 to 17:00
  • Saturday, Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00
  • Weekend: Monday, Tuesday
  • Sanitary break: the last Wednesday of each month from 9:00 to 12:00.

Ticket – 150 rubles.

Address: Preobrazhensky lane, 6a.

The building of the former state bank (Mauritan castle)

And again about the fairy tale. Luxurious, fabulously beautiful three-story building on theatrical square appeared in Rybinsk in 1880 by the will of the merchant of Merkin.

For a long time, the building had two names – the Moorish Castle and the House of Merkin. Mauritanian in this building was not practically nothing but style, unusual for Rybinsk. Merkin did not know for a long time what to do with this house. In the end, began to take it to the department of the State Bank of the our Empire. So continued before the revolution.

After October 1917, who just did not exist in the Moorish castle: and various office, and dining room, and district executives.

Since 2019, restoration work has begun in the building. There is hope that the beautiful ever building of Rybinsk will return to the townspeople in all its brilliance. At the time of writing this article, scaffolding has already been partially removed.

Address: ul. Soviet, 2.

Monument to Ludwig Nobyl and Museum

From 2013 in Rybinsk there is a monument to Nobyl. Not the fact that I established a prestigious award, and his older brother – engineer, inventor, entrepreneur and patron Ludwig Nobyl.

What to see in Rybinsk for 1 day - the most interesting places

He arrived in Rybinsk at the end of the XIX century, planning to do oil business. His affairs were so successful, and his influence on the our oil industry is so important that the Nobel family earned not only the emergence of the museum in Rybinsk, but also the monument.

Address of the Museum "Nobeli and Nobel Movement": Volga Embankment, 53/2.

Ticket – 100 rubles.

Working hours:

  • Monday-Friday from 12:00 to 18:00,
  • Saturday, Sunday – from 11:00 to 19:00,
  • Weekend – Tuesday.

The monument was opened in a solemn atmosphere with the participation of cosmonaut. Leonov, ballet and choreographer artist in. Vasilyeva, famous doctor l. Roshal.

Address: Park zone on ul. Large Kazan.

Monument to Lev Osanin

Song-songwriter Oshanin created such poems that songs written on them sing today: "The Volga River flows", "Let the sun always be", "And in our yard", "Hey, goalkeeper, get ready for battle".

Good, simple, sincere poems penetrate the hearts and warm them. The same simple and mental monument was established in Rybinsk their author. The poet stands at the embankment, keeps the book of poems in his hands, the raincoat is thrown through the parapet. Can not be at such a monument neither the pedestal nor the fence.

There is a belief: if you lose your shoe sock at Bronze Oshanin, something good happens in life. This is especially popular with students in days of sessions.

Mill Kalashnikov

In a number of historic buildings on the Volga Embankment, a four-story brick building of the vapor mill Kalashnikov, erected in 1899, rises.

Rybin merchants specialized in grain trade. The turn of the XIX-XX centuries was marked by the development of flour and the construction of several major mills. Calashnikov Mill was one of six Rybinsky Mukomol Enterprises. And I must say one of the most successful. It was equipped with the latest technology of that time.

After the revolution of 1917, the mill was nationalized. In this status, she worked until the 70s of the last century. Now in the building of the vapor of the merchant Kalashnikov Night Club MILL.

  • Club work time: Friday – Sunday from 10:00 to 04:00.
  • Address: Volzhsky Embankment, 19.

Monument Tu-104

Monument to the aircraft Tu-104 installed in Rybinsk in 1983. The city has a motor-building company, which collected engines to this aircraft.

What to see in Kalyazin except the bell tower – a guide

This model is the real aircraft that served in aviation for more than 20 years. He was decided to perpetuate as a monument to the achievements of Motor Lockers.

Not so long ago, the monument was closed for reconstruction. The aircraft facilitated due to the equipment filmed from it, updated painting. Seriously redesigned and pedestal. The high gift of the Rybenty became the backlight of the monument. In the evenings on the wings of the aircraft, navigation lights are lit, in the cabin and the cockpit of pilots, it also becomes light, and the pedestal is highlighted by the lights of the runway.

Address: ul. Motor builders, 6 (microdistrict "Skomorokhov Mountain").

House Sedova

The house built in the XIX century was originally two-story and belonged to the merchant of Krashennikov, then his son.

At the beginning of the 20th century, he bought him a former Vologda peasant Artemy Sedov, who had a bakery and bakery in Rybinsk. The house of this seaman rebuilt significantly, added the third floor and gave the building a largest design in the style of modern. This he asked the tone to all quarter. Sedov’s houses have passed under the office and shops. On the third floor lived himself. Bakery and Bakery Sedov were very popular in the city.

Address: ul. Cross, 23.

Ushakov Museum

Memorial Museum Admiral F. F. Ushakov opened in Rybinsk in 2016.

The exposition is made up of objects and things from the generic estate of Ushakov, navigation and optical devices of the XVIII-XIX centuries., Battle Painting, Shipping Tackle and Armament, Cold and Firearm Samples of the XIX century, Admiral awards. You will learn about the life and fighting paths of the famous Flotoder, you will see his awards and lifetime portraits. Yes, and the story of the our fleet will become closer and relatives.

Working hours:

  • Daily, except Monday – from 10:00 to 18:00,
  • Saturday and Sunday – from 10:00 to 16:00.

Ticket – 150 rubles.

Address: ul. Cross, D. 14-36 (TD "Bear", 2nd floor).

Monument to a plumber

There are many such monuments today. But Rybin residents are 100% sure that their plumber is the most charming.

This plumber has a real prototype – the head of the section of the sewage networks of the Rybinsk Vodokanal. Smiling satuled plumber every morning welcomed from the sewer hatch of citizens and vodokanal employees who rush to work – the sculpture is located just at the passing of this organization.

Despite the fact that this is the sculpture of the young, immediately appeared belief: the loudness of the waterproof nose and problems with plumbing in your house will not be.

Address: Volzhskaya embankment, 10.

Monument Volga

On a narrow sandy spit serving in the Rybinsk reservoir, the 17-meter monument rises. Woman in waving in the wind dress stretches his hand towards ships sailing through the gateway, in the other hand she squeezes a roll with drawings.

it "Mother Volga". Monument set in 1953.

The history of the monument is closely related to the construction of the Rybinskaya HPP. Before the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, it was planned to establish here the already famous sculpture "working and collective farmer". But the completion of the construction of the HPP prevented the war, sculpture in. Mukhina passed on the VDNH, and about transferring it to Rybinsk, the question did not even stand. Sculptor S. Shaposhnikov spawn "Volga", which Rybins very soon called "Mother Volga".

In 2016, the monument chose the symbol of Rybinsk.

You can only see it from the board of the ship or boats floating through the gateway, or from the neighborhood pier of the microdistrict. Monument is located in the protected gateway area.

Rybinskaya HPP

Rybinskaya HPP – a monument to the bold ideas of Soviet engineers and the exhausting labor of the prisoners of the Gulag.

Rybinskaya HPP – one of the first hydroelectric power plants in the USSR. Construction was started in 1935. The starting war ended. But in the first months of war, the Rybinskaya HPP supplied the capital with electricity and continued to do it until the victory. Finished the construction site in 1953. Installation of the monument "Mother Volga".

Inspect the Rybinskaya HPP can only with the ship or during the drift by dam. You can visit the excursion there, they are organized during the annual autumn festival of energy saving "Open Day # Break".

A village of GES-14 and the Museum of the Soviet era

If you have already looked at Rybinsk, and the time remains, go to the opposite coast of the Volga in the village of GES-14.

He was built after the war for the energy sector serving a new Rybinskaya HPP. There are only a few streets in the village, but very beautiful: neat two-story houses with columns standing among trees, narrow paths along the road. Everything was preserved here as it was in Soviet times, in the post-war period, when the village appeared. Including the club.

In the club’s building now Museum of the Soviet era. He talks about Soviet life, about pioneers and October. You can get inside only by appointment by phone 8 (4855) 23-87-51.

In addition to power engineers, other categories of citizens worked on the hydraulosis: simple workers, which in the 1930s built the dam and prisoners. Workers lived in the village Sheksninsky, which is now part of Rybinsk (Sheksninsky district), and prisoners in labor camps Volga. Their &# 171; settlement&# 187; also preserved in the form of a correctional colony of strict regime number 12, which is immediately near.

If you go to the museum to left (even further), you are tranquil to the Cape on the merger of Volga and Sheksna (its parts). Here is a archaeological monument of Ust-Sheksna. This is an ancient Finno-Ugric settlement on the merger of two rivers.

What to see in Rybinsk with children

In Rybinsk, you can not only spend time with interest and benefit, but also give pleasure to your child. Almost all museums described in the article offer children’s programs and excursions. The city has a dramatic theater and dolls theater.

It is worth visiting the secret laboratory "Masters of Science" – Rybinsk.Lab-Mn.Ru.

In Rybinsk there Several gaming children’s rooms:

I also recommend visiting At the fleet of amusements on Soviet Square (he is the city Square). There is beautiful and child will be interesting. In winter, a large rolled rolled rolled roluit is poured in the park (it works until 21:00) and a huge slide for cheesecakers.

The park is located between the historical building (the Moorish castle looks at it) and the cherry river. Through the river here, twitched two bridges: automotive and rail. It was under the latter Ostap Bender was looking for Kisu when he tried to take the chair from Fedor’s father.

Rocket in the summer park in the search / photo with. Mahlov

If you eat in the direction of the dam, go to Summer recreation park in the bustles. There is where to climb the child and besides this, a ship was installed on underwater wings rocket.

If you go a little further for the park on the 50th anniversary of October and turn right over the last five-story building (on a sports street), then at the end you drink to the shore of the Rybinsky reservoir in front of the gateway. From this place you can see the statue of the Volga (to consider it better to capture binoculars).

Good Christmas tree in winter stands on Derunova Square. On Red Square, there is also, but there is quite simple, there is more beautiful.

Where to eat in Rybinsk

Rybinsk – the city is not small. So cafe and restaurants are in abundance. Name only some.

Gastropab "Berry soup"

Large selection of dishes for the whole family. In the menu dishes of European and our cuisine, sophisticated and childhood familiar. Excellent selection of snacks, soups, second dishes, variety of desserts and drinks.

  • Middle check – 600-800 rubles per person (for a full lunch).
  • Address: ul. Standing, 16.

Cafe "Mill"

That’s where you can taste the Volga fish. Salmon, catfish, pike perch, pumps, fried and baked fish. Cafe spend a variety of events.

Middle check – 400-500 rubles per person.

Working hours:

  • Monday – Thursday from 9:00 to 23:00,
  • Friday, Saturday from 9:00 to 1:00,
  • Sunday from 9:00 to 23:00.

Address: ul. Cross, 103.

Cafe "Steak"

Cafe is located in a two-story mansion. The first floor is given under culinary of its own production, the second floor is occupied by the halls of the cafe.

The big hall accommodates up to 100 people in the evenings for guests undergo thematic programs. Business Card "Steak" – Meat dishes: steaks, roast beefs, kebabs.

  • Middle check – 600 rubles per person.
  • Working hours: daily from 11:00 to 00:00.
  • Address: ul. Chkalova, 56

*** At the time of writing, July 2020), a cafe in Rybinsk is only on removal.

View of the center of Rybinsk from the left bank of the Volga / Photo with. Mahlov

What to bring from Rybinsk

From Rybinsk, as a rule, carry fish.

Buy all sorts of smoked and dried fish Matting market or the river station, she trades the townspeople here here. If you follow the schedule of arrival of ships, then the tray from the merchant shopping house opens to arrival. Of course, their product may look presentable, but it will be more expensive.

In addition to natural fish as a memorable gift from Rybinsk, you can bring fish of the most unexpected color from different materials. You will find them in a huge quantity in any souvenir shop.

Recommend Dishes of Pervomaysky Porcelain Plant. The plant is located in the Rybinsky district, its products are sold in corporate stores.

What to see in Rybinsk for 1 day - the most interesting places

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