What to see in Santiago de Cuba?

Along with fashionable hotels and tourist complexes on the coast, removing from resting centers towards Santiago, you can see Top other paintings.

Landscape is changing. Instead of the picturesque shores along the highway on the extending fields Sugar reed is growing, The islanders look at passing tourists, as if on exotic animals, dark-skinned young beauties with the help of the gestures give to understand that it is not against dividing tourists with rest, and lonely cyclists like As if special Liked to get under the wheels of your car. Such a picture is almost 1000 kilometers on the way to Santiago.

The second largest city of Cuba is Santiago. He attracts tourists with its architecture, leaving in a century. History Education of this city begins with 1515. The city began his story with the emergence of a settlement founded by Diego Velasquez and named after the apostle Santiago.

Tourists can attract not only active vacation on water, but also hiking in historical places. Most of the most beautiful architectural structures are concentrated in the area SEPADES SCEPADES. Here you can visit the City Cathedral, Museum Buccardi, Museum where you can learn about the life of Diego Velasquez.

To see the annual carnival, suitable in the Tivoli area, you will have to climb the only step street in the country. You will be lucky with your own eyes to see this World famous holiday, If your holidays will have to be on the second half of July. And in June you can visit no less interesting "festival of fire".

Run to the castle Castillo del Moro, You can, then proud to talk about what was in the world in the world of the Museum of Piracy History.

For lovers of hiking, beautiful nature and climbing, a real gift will be a visit to the beautiful Park Gran Piedra, Where from a cliff of 1200 meters high above the sea opens a magnificent beauty unforgettable landscape.

Do not forget about photos and movie cameras. Later, at home, looking through the cold winter evenings, all these beauties, you certainly pull back here again, To be happy with the energy of the Sun, Mountain and Sea Air, which generously giving a man nature.

What to see in Santiago de Cuba

The most pleasant impressions will remain with you after visiting Park Buckono. Cuban Flora and Fauna attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world, who dream of visiting this charming world. This paradise will not touch the time or man’s hand. Cuban people and the UNESCO World Organization guard this reserved corner of Cuba – Genuine property of humanity.

Park length and surprises, and impressive. Stretching 50 kilometers between the warm banks of the Caribbean – on the one hand, and mountain Sierra Maesstra – On the other, the park will serve as an excellent place to relax both adults and children, having delighted them to attend modern attractions.

In any country, poverty makes young girls go to the streets in search of earnings, at best – find a rich patron, and often with hope to find a satellite of life. Not exception is Santiago. This city, like no other, Just oversaturated amazingly beautiful young women.

Tourist who visited this city may Get a lot of impressions. Fans of outdoor activities and lighter entertainment lovers can entertain here. They will attract a visit to Cuban restaurants with temperamental dances of Creoleb, and quiet and peaceful cafes. Solar Cuba will always be glad.

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