What to see in Taganrog

Exactly these words more than 100 years ago the great our playwright Anton Pavlovich Chekhov described Taganrog. And indeed, if he lived now, then I saw how the city develops, How he became one of the largest industrial, cultural and scientific centers of the country.

If we talk about the history of the city, then it is worth noting that very An important role in the development of Taganrog Accepted Peter I. Mowing an order for the construction of the military fortress, the king laid the first stones into the foundation of the future city.

Taganrog The first city in Russia, which was built on a clearly designed plan. Historians have guesses that Peter I even planned to postpone the capital here, But this intent was placed military conflict with Turkey.

Another important date in the development of the city Before 1712. It was then, after an unsuccessful prudecarriage, Russia was forced to sign the Prut Peace Agreement on the terms of which obligated to destroy the fortress and the city as a whole. Only after more than 70 years, thanks to the decree of Catherine Great, The city began to rebuild and restore former glory.

The development of heavy industry falls at the end of the 19th century. This during this period in Taganrog Metallurgical plants are built, Machine-building plant begins its work and a power plant is unique for that time. Today, the city also is the status of the commercial and industrial center of the southern part of Russia.

The population of Taganrog is currently in the city More than 250 thousand people live. Taganrog multinational city. It is clear that the basis is the our, but also there is a large community of Ukrainians, Tatars, Jews and more About 80 nationalities.

If we talk about sexual ratio, then according to statistics in the city more women (52. 9%), and the male population is the remaining 47. 1%.

In the past 20 years, the population of Taganrog on a bit, but reduced. This is due to the fact that the population is aging, the birth rate does not increase, and the youth prefers to leave to study in larger and developed cities. But we want to notice that This situation was until 2011. This year it seemed a positive trend towards population growth. We can say that in Taganrog A new wave of development began, Increases fertility and more people want to stay in their hometown.

The most famous resident of Taganrog are. NS. Chekhov born and lived most of life in the city, as well as the king Peter I, which is right considered the founder of Taganrog.

Also the city became home to famous theater and cinema figures. Among them, the People’s Artist of the USSR and Outstanding actress Faina Ranevskaya, as well as well-known actor Nikolai Dobrynin (remembered to all of us the role of Mitya in the series &# 8220; mats&# 8221;) And his colleague and good friend Fedor Dobronravov, which is also one of the main heroes of the series &# 8220; mats&# 8221;.

Ecology and climate of Taganrog

Taganrog Located in a pretty soft climatic zone. Average summer temperature ranges from 24-27 degrees, and the maximum of July reaches 35 degrees. Winters are not so harsh as in the northern parts of Russia, Even you can say, that winter warm with the average minimum is not more -10 C. Taganrog can be bolded to call the city resort, because it is located on the shore of the Azov Sea, has a maritime climate and very favorable conditions for recreation.

If you have gathered to relax on the seashore and sunbathe on the beach, then you need to consider the fact that Azov Sea is much smaller than black, But it’s even for the better if you are going to relax with children. This feature of the sea allows him to quickly warm and the kids will be glad to warm waves and soft sand.

Economy Taganroga

Taganrog is economically developed and Stable city. And all this thanks to the large industrial plants located in the city. Due to the location on the banks of the Azov Sea, Taganrog is still Large port center. The presence of a port, large factories and factories allows you to constantly create new jobs and engage in a significant part of the city’s population.

Education and science in Taganrog

What to see in Taganrog

Like any major city of Taganrog is not deprived of educational and scientific centers. There are 3 of their university in the city and 6 branches of the country’s largest educational institutions. Many schools, out-of-school institutions and other educational centers contribute to the development of the scientific component of the city.

On the basis of the Taganrog State Pedagogical Institute named after Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, both regional, All-our and international scientific conferences are often held.

Infrastructure of the city

Infrastructure of the city Pretty developed &# 8211; shops, restaurants, municipal health and education institutions, all this is in Taganrog in wealth. In the real estate market you will find any accommodation. If we talk about real estate, it is worth noting that prices at home and apartments are more than available for any resident.

Taganrog authorities care and about small townspeople. A lot of attention is paid to creating new pre-school educational institutions. Previously, to send a child to kindergarten, I had to wait until six months. Now the situation is improving And it says not only dry statistics, but also the opinion of the citizens.

Attractions Taganroga

Taganrog can be rightfully called City Museum. It has a sufficient number of old buildings, and some streets and at all seem not affected by industrialization and transmit the spirit of the Tsarist era, the era of the development and development of the city. Some will say that such streets need to redo and give them a modern species, but then the atmosphere and charm will fall out which they give Taganrog.

If you plan to come to Taganrog, then Be sure to visit the embankment, which is the heart of the city, go to &# 8220; House Chekhov&# 8221;, And also do not pass by the local history museum in which you can learn more than more about the history of the development and development of the city.

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