What to see in Tbilisi &# 8211; Sightseeing to see

The heart of excellent Georgia and part-time his capital welcomes guests interesting sights, fabric wine in local restaurants and, of course, the beauty of nature &# 8211; All the same, Georgia &# 8211; Mountain country, so landscapes are attracted here. Today I will talk about the areas of Tbilisi, popular among tourists &# 8211; here often come with excursions, although you can go on an independent inspection, no difficulties will arise.

Abanotubani in Tbilisi &# 8211; Balneological resort

Quarter in the city center known for its natural sulfur baths, so it is called "Banner Quarter". This is a unique atmospheric place for which you can walk for hours and all day. Here you can improve your health, having experienced the healing effects of sulfur sources in the baths called:

  • Royal;
  • Sumbatovskaya;
  • Casual;
  • Dogsham;
  • Orbelian and many others.

More recently, not only washed in the baths, but also organized loosen, concluded transactions, arranged the dinners and holidays. Building architecture mainly Persian. Baths squat and low, so some tourists go straight on their roofs. Not far from the Quarter, the Tbilisi Balneological Resort-Medical Center, which is successfully treated with various hands and illness. For all the time the existence of the bath has repeatedly changed the owners and stopped. Today, all complexes work successfully, they are privatized and are considered monuments of urban culture.

Tbilisi District Avlabar &# 8211; The oldest part of Georgia

What to see in Tbilisi; Sightseeing to see

This oldest city district, built-up with pretty one-story and two-storey houses in the classic Georgian style. After a millennium, a traditionally charming historical spirit has been preserved here and a unique cute flavor. Stone street streets are narrow, alogichic, they begin and end in the most unpredictable places. In the past, the quarter was populated by representatives of the Armenian aristocracy, so his second name &# 8220; Armenian&# 8221;. The main attractions of Avlabari, who must be visited, are:

  • Church of Tsminda Samebe (city Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Trinity);
  • Armenian theater;
  • Pantheon;
  • Ancient Armenian Church "Echmiadzin".

Previously, the largest Armenian (Khozhankskoe) cemetery, which was destroyed during the USSR. There are still disputes on the correctness of the choice of place to build an Orthodox cathedral. The temple itself is the third in the height of the Christian Cathedral in the world.
In the quarter reigns a cozy and harmonious atmosphere. From the hills, an incredibly beautiful view opens, and nearby is the city center with all the delights of modern civilization. There is a Metro Station "Avalabari", with which you can quickly get to other areas of Tbilisi.

Rating of Georgia &# 8211; 10 popular attractions of Tbilisi

Interesting places of Georgia are not limited to two districts of Tbilisi &# 8211; In the capital of this state, there are at least several tens of sights. In the top 10 of my rating got:

  1. Freedom Square with the Golden Statue of St. George, the Heavenly Patron of the country;
  2. Solopaki &# 8211; Whole area of ​​Tbilisi, where you can enjoy architecture &# 8220; Golden century&# 8221 ;;
  3. Square Gudiashvili &# 8211; noteworthy fountain with a couple of lovers under the umbrella;
  4. Cathedral of Sion &# 8211; The once the main Orthodox church of Georgia, which the Holy Nino patronizes;
  5. Street Kote Abkhazi &# 8211; The legendary place where churches, synagogue, numerous cafes and caravan sheds are gathered;
  6. Sharden &# 8211; Tbilisi district, which is an analogue of Moscow Arbat;
  7. Maidani Square &# 8211; The oldest attractions of the capital with a centuries-old history, earlier was the main trading zone in the city;
  8. Fortress Narikala &# 8211; Soul and heart Tbilisi, the Citadel of Byzantine Times;
  9. Statue of Mother Georgia &# 8211; Unique monument with wine bowl in one hand for friends, with a sword &# 8211; in the other hand for enemies;
  10. Bethlehemskaya Street &# 8211; Staircase from 144 steps leading to the Bethlehem Churches of Georgia.

Of course, in Tbilisi much more attractions &# 8211; The architecture is very interesting here, it has similarities like European, Eastern, our, but at the same time has its own flavor and charm.

Top 5 Natural Attractions Tbilisi

Not only amazing architecture with a centuries-old history is famous for the capital of Georgia &# 8211; The particle of nature is preserved here, not a man’s hand. If you are tired of walking along the powerful streets of Tbilisi, well, feel free to go to non-homing attractions:

  • Botanical Garden Tbilisi &# 8211; Opened in 1845 on the site of the gardens belonging to the emperor;
  • Mount Mtatsminda &# 8211; Highlights next to the city, from where there is a beautiful view, the Bombor Park is located here;
  • Tbilisi Sea &# 8211; Local reservoir with beaches and lagunins with purest water;
  • Park Rica &# 8211; The picturesque zone appeared in 2010, there are fountains, squares, shops and walkways;
  • Waterfall in the center of Tbilisi &# 8211; Cold water breaks off with rocks and rushes into the canyon.

Of course, in addition to attractions in the very capital of Georgia, I recommend visiting and nearby settlements &# 8211; The passage here is inexpensive, so independent movement will fit even in a modest family budget. But see a lot of new, beautiful and incredibly interesting.

It is impossible to answer that it is better to see in this beautiful city. If you have a sufficient time, try to take from the heart of the Caucasus to the maximum. Visit the Zion Cathedral, the Fortress of Narikal, the Male Monastery of Betania, and many other interesting places and shrines. Many who, having visited Tbilisi once, return here again and again. The city just does not "let go". He dreams, inspires and creates dreams. Maybe all the fault of this incredible purity air or absolute freedom of the mountains? And maybe vintage temples, and winding streets have violent magnetism? There is no single answer, some emotions and blinding soul memories. Probably Tbilisi is forever.

What to see in Tbilisi; Sightseeing to see

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