What to see in the Kaluga region?

The old our city of Kaluga and the Kaluga region are located in the center of the Central our hill, from Moscow in Kaluga on the car can be reached in just three hours. And geographically and historically it – Ordinal our lands with typical for the central landscape (forests, hills, fields), and many memorable and just interesting places, in which the rich history of our country is reflected, and today’s life of the region. We will tell you in this article about the main attractions of the Kaluga region.


There are no accurate information about the date of foundation of the city, historians are conventionally considered such a date of 1371, according to the first mention of Kaluga in documents. Rich Events The history of the city on the Oka was reflected in numerous monuments of church and civil architecture, the most famous and visited from them – Chambers of the Korobov (XVII century), Temple of the Intercession of the Most Holy Virgin or «Church of the Intercession», as it is called Kaluzhan. A separate tourist destination in Kaluga – Space, citizens are proud that the founder of domestic cosmonautics lived in Kaluga. NS. Tsiolkovsky. In the city there are several monuments to the Great Scientist, Memorial «Tsiolkovsky Park», Museum of the history of cosmonautics. In general, by the saturation of monuments, various memorable signs and other attractions of Kaluga occupies one of the first places among regional centers of Russia.

Optina desert

Two kilometers from the ancient our city of Kozelsk, the Male Monastery Vvedenskaya Optina Desert is one of the main spiritual centers of the our Orthodox Church, based at the end of the XIV century. Seven temples are restored on the territory of the monastery, three more are in the recovery stage. Since 1821, when a skete was arranged in an optical desert, they began to settle in it «Dusts», Thus called hermit monks, many years living in solitude. To them, from all over Russia, they began to stretch the thirsty of healing, bodily and spiritual. Among them were famous people of the time – in the optical desert there were homes in which Nikolay Gogol and Fedor Dostoevsky stopped. The story of Lion Tolstoy «Father Sergiy» also written after a visit to the optical desert writer.


The city was founded in 1358, since 2000 included in the list of historical cities of Russia. Main attraction – founded in the XV century Borovsky Paftyev Monastery. Here were gathered by the prince Dmitry Pozharsky troops to protect Moscow during the time of vague. Here, twice was in the sharpening the main ideologist of the old procurement Protopop Avvakum. In Borovsk, from 1880 to 1992 he worked as a teacher to.NS. Tsiolkovsky, the city has a scholar museum.

Park birds «Sparrow»

What to see in the Kaluga region

A unique biological object in the village of Sparrow Zhukovsky district of the Kaluga region. The living collection of the park was based on a collection of fans ornithologists, residents of Moscow Alexander and Svetlana Belyavsky. Bringing in 2005 the land of the bankrupt local state farm, the spouses transported their Moscow collection here and organized the park of birds, which there are about 2,000 species here, among them – rare and protected. In addition to birds, mammals, reptiles, snakes live in the park.


Visiting the cultural and educational tourist complex «Ethnomir», that in the Borovsky district of the Kaluga region, just 90 kilometers from Moscow, tourists can get acquainted with traditions and customs, home affairs and culture of various peoples. And not only to get acquainted, but also to live, for example, in the Kyrgyz Yurt, Ukrainian hut or our hut, as well as in the dwellings of other peoples of the world. Here you can not only admire the products of various folk crafts, but also to take part in their manufacture, having passed the training under the guidance of an experienced master. You can learn not only the crafts, but also songs, dances of different peoples and take part in colorful concerts and folk holidays.


The city of Obninsk in the north of the Kaluga region, 38 kilometers from Moscow, in Russia, is rightfully called «Sciences». Since 1946, the city has been at the forefront of domestic science, here after the war it was created super secret «Laboratory «V», Engaged in research in the field of nuclear physics. Subsequently, the laboratory was transformed into the Physico-Energy Institute, and in 1954 the world’s first nuclear power plant was built here. About this and many other outstanding achievements of domestic science can be found in the Museum of the City of Obninsk. There are many interesting monuments in the city, reflecting the history of an unusual city – Monument «Rocket», Made of body of a real high-altitude meteosond; memorial «Pioneers of the underwater atomic fleet», representing a rowing of a nuclear submarine.

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