What to see in the Netherlands?

Capital of Netherlands &# 8211; one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The city is attended by almost 20 million people every year. Amsterdam attracts tourists with a huge number of museums with the most outstanding works of world culture, Famous Red Lantern Quarter, Popular cafe and more.


In the Netherlands so Many windmill mills. The most signs are located in Kinderdeyke. The city is approximately 15 km from Rotterdam, is one of the most characteristic places in the country. To dry the territory below the sea level, in the middle of the 18th century, a windmill system was built here. Today there 19 wooden windmills are preserved.

Windmills in Kinderdieke were listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. Ticket for visiting costs 9 euros when buying online and 11 on site.


A small town, located 10 minutes from Amsterdam. Harlem, who is sometimes called "Little Amsterdam", is less likely visited by tourists, thanks to Prices are small here. In the city located on the banks of the Spoine, there is something to see.

Famous market &# 8211; Grote Markt and near the church of Grote Kerk, Town Hall and Art Museum of France Hals. Also tourists are attracted Jopen Brewery Restaurant in the building of the former church.

Zalandam and Museum under the open sky Zanes Shans

Another city next to Amsterdam &# 8211; Zandam. The biggest attraction of the village &# 8211; Museum under the open sky Zaance Schans, where, in addition to characteristic windmills, built around 1600, traditional wooden houses are preserved. At the time there are only 13 buildings.

Garden Lisse and Kökekenhof

Liss &# 8211; Another place that is worth visiting in the Netherlands. In a small very old town in South Holland, it is worth seeing the Church of Sint-Agaratherk, Castles Hyuis-Demore, Kekenhof and Tulip Museum De Zwarte Tulip. The biggest attraction Lisse &# 8211; Garden Kökechenhof, also known in the English name Garden Of Europe. it One of the largest flower beds in the world.

Romantic Koekenhof It covers an area of ​​32 hectares, and about 7 million colors are planted here. It is best to come here in the spring when tulips bloom. Entry with online tickets costs 17.50 euros.


Despite the fact that the capital of the Netherlands is Amsterdam, all offices and Dutch royal family are in the Hague. Political Center Country Gothic complex Binnenhof with famous Ridderzal in the yard. You can visit the Mauuritshais Museum, where you can see a collection of 841 unique paintings, Including the work of such masters like Rembrandt and Vermeer.

The city should pay attention to the palace of the world, the old town hall of the 16th century, the famous Church of Grote Kerk, New Kerk and Catholic Aud Catholichenkerk. Also worth visiting the park miniature Madodam.


Most people associate Delft with faience produced there. Famous White and Blue Dutch Cheap Porcelain Replacers are known all over the world. But not only for this reason it is worth come to the city located between Rotterdam and Hague.

He is still known for his Town Hall and Market Square, Beautiful apartment buildings and canals, as well as famous city gates and Two churches &# 8211; Aude Kerk, Johannes Vermeer’s burial site, New Kerk, famous windmill de Roos and Museum Princenhof. It is in Delfta that is the famous Vermeer Museum.


Dutch village Marken &# 8211; one of the most charming and purely dutch places in the whole country. The village is located on the island of the same name. Until 1957, the village was a place separated from the mainland, so, having arrived here, you can Get acquainted with a special culture and Dutch dialect.

The city should see the port buildings, admire the characteristic wooden houses and see the famous Lantern of Paard Wang Marken 1839. Costs Visit Museum Marker, Dedicated village history. It is interesting that it occupies the rooms that were once used to smoke acne.


Netherlands &# 8211; it’s not just the mainland. Country is surrounded by West Frisian Islands. It is best to go to the most famous of them &# 8211; Texel Island. The income of the small island, on which less than 14,000 people live, mainly brings tourism.

Place enchants beautiful landscapes, sand dunes, salt marshes and lavender fields. The island is also known as wild birds habitat and Characteristic lighthouse Eyerlanda second half of the 19th century. On the island there is still a Museum of Nature Ecomare, where you can admire seals. Entrance ticket 13.75 euros.

Valkenburg An der Göl

Valkenburg &# 8211; A small town located in the south-east of the country. He became a famous resort in the middle of the 19th century, when in Valkenburg Located a railway branch. There you can see the ruins of the Valkenburg castle, Many historical castles and estates, Several windmills, historical churches, including Gothic St. Nicholas of the World and Wilhelminator View Tower.


Small Village Githorn, which is also called Northern Venice and Venice of the Netherlands. There are almost no roads in the center of the village &# 8211; There are only channels and cycling paths for the transport of goods and the movement of residents.

The village was popularized by Fanfares Berta Hanster since 1958, today, many Dutch and tourists from all over the world are visited, mainly from Asia.

In a small settlement more than 150 characteristic wooden bridges. Historic buildings and picturesque houses in Githorla are truly unique and deserve attention. The town is similar to the fabulous world, and narrow channels are often clogged.


Small town in North Holland Unique for several reasons, not only because of beautiful wooden houses. Vollands have its culture, traditions and music, unique to the country. Currently, this is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the country due to the tradition of local residents Wear National Clothes. They are engaged in fishing and cheese.

Edam is near the Volentam. This place is known all over the world. It was in this town that the famous EDAM cheese was born, a semi-solid rennet enzyme and cheese of cow’s milk. Due to the high storage time, was One of the most popular cheeses From 14 to 18th century, which could often be found on ships and in overseas colonies.

In the village should see Church of Grote Kerk, Town Hall of 1737, Museum of Cheese, located in the oldest brick house in the village.

Commune Behemster

More aware Cheese lovers Know about Behemster. This is a Dutch commune located on the site of the first Dutch Pollera. His drainage began in 1609, and work were completed in 1612. It has the cities of Middenbimster, Nordimster, Westbimster and Zyuidostaster.

What to see in the Netherlands

Since 1999, all Erroku has been listed on UNESCO World Heritage Site, together with the fortresses included in Stelling Wang Amsterdam.

All the territory is cut by picturesque channels, and here you can see beautiful traditional Dutch houses. It is in commune produce famous Dutch cheese beemster, obtained from milk cows grazing 4 meters below sea level.


Gouda city is located in South Holland. The first mention of production here refers to 1184, which makes Gaud one of the oldest damp. City also Known by the production of candles, smoking pipes and waffles.

It is worth seeing the beautiful Gothic Town Hall of the 15th century and the picturesque market square, the Museumhaven Gouda Museum, as well as the Izhirca 1667 and Huge Church Sint-Yanskerk, famous for his beautiful stained glass.


Alkmar &# 8211; Another small city in the province of North Holland, which enters the list of the most charming places in the Netherlands. The old town seduces tourists with the historic Church of Sint-Laurenskerk, the quarter of the red lanterns, and also Traditional cheese market.

There is a museum of beer, the Museum of Dutch Cheese in the old building and the Beatles Museum, because it was in Alkmar who was made The first guitar John Lennon.


Another interesting place to visit &# 8211; it’s Utrecht because here is The famous cemetery beggacity of the Saint Barbara With the graves of the soldiers of the Polish Armed Forces participating in the liberation of the Netherlands.

In addition, the village is worth seeing Domstomen, the highest church tower in the country (height of 112.5 meters), the historical Museum of Centraal Museum, Gothic Cathedral of St. Martin and beautiful castle de haar 1892.

De Hoh Veluwe

DE HOVE VELUWE &# 8211; It is a beautiful dutch National Park between Ede, Apeldoor and Arnhem &# 8211; This is 5,500 hectares of protected forests, swamps and dunes, laid out in the 1930s. Fox, boars, deers, roebles, mouflons and cunits, many species of birds live in the park. Entry 11 Euro.


Mastrich in the south of Holland, on the Masa River, &# 8211; Beautiful and old town, among whose attractions you can mention the remains of old medieval and Later fortifications and tunnels, including a fortress on the mountain of St. Peter, the famous Freithof Square, the Town Hall of the 17th century and many beautiful parks. Also It is worth seeing the Gothic Church. John the Baptist and Basilica. Serwecego.


Btartan &# 8211; Dutch village, in the vicinity of which the fortress of the same name is built. Beautiful complex was ordered by Wilhelm I Orange. Military use of the building continued until 1851, Today it is an attractive and picturesque village for tourists.


The second large city of the Netherlands &# 8211; Rotterdam. He is part of Randstad, Sixth largest metropolis of Europe. There is a visit to the zoo, climb the top of the Euromacht Tower, visit the Protestant Church of St. Lawrence, which is the only preserved medieval monument.

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