What to see in Ufa

Ufa – The capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan, a millionth city, located in the central part of Bashkiria, in the interfluve of the White and Ufa rivers, about 1330 kilometers east of Moscow. The city extended almost 50 km from the southwest to the northeast city.

The official date of the founding of Ufa is considered to be 1574 years old, in fact people lived in these places for many thousands of years before that, what the oldest settlements are evidenced by. The first wooden buildings arose in Ufa at the time of the reign of Ivan the Terrible. The basis of the city was considered now not survived «Kremlin», On the site of which the 33-meter friendship monument is now towers, delivered in memory of the accession of Bashkortostan to Russia.

Some particularly prominent architectural or historical attractions in Ufa, for which it is worth doing the way to a thousand kilometers, unfortunately, no. This is still more large transport, economic and industrial center of Bashkiria, rather than the tourist center. But Ufa – The most green and most spacious from our millionaire cities (for one Ufima accounts for 202 kV. m green plantings).

In general, if you are fortunate enough to get to Ufa, you can visit the following most famous local attractions:

Monument to Salavat Yulaevu – Loving residents and guests of the city is a landmark attraction, striking by its monumentality and favorable location. From the monument there is a picturesque alley, walking which you can come to the modern building of the Congress Hall. He is called «House of Friendship Peoples» (built in honor of the 450th anniversary of the joining of Bashkiria to Russia).

Lyal Tulip Mosque – attracts attention to its unusual architectural solution. Well-viewed two highest minarets are beneficially stylized under the buds of red tulips. Externally, the modern structure saved all Islamic traditions. Mecca to which believing people are drawn to, during prayer, laid out beautiful mosaic.

Memorial House Museum Aksakov with.T., It is here, to the ten-year-old age, one of the best memoirs and beetopists Sergey Timofeevich Aksakov. The greatest peak of the author’s fame was observed after the release of his children’s fairy tale «The Scarlet Flower», But no less good, he could transfer his observations on life and nature on paper. In a memorial building, you can admire the collection of butterflies, a puppet house, hunting trophies and other finds of a young writer.

Opera and Ballet Theatre – This is the most famous place without which it is difficult to imagine the cultural life of the city. The performances of the most famous local directors can safely compete with metropolitan director. Here are also regularly held «Shalyapin nights», So it was here that in my time the famous opera singer Fedor Shalyapin debuted. Festival ballet named after. Rudolph Nurieva is also held annually in the walls of this building.

What to see in Ufa

In addition, in the central part of the city you can see several interesting historical buildings, including The oldest preserved Ufa building — Residential One-storey House of Demidov (18th century), located on the Oktyabrskaya Revolution Street, 57/1, and in the past belonging to the famous mountain-producer Demidov. By the way, it was in this house that the commander commander was stopped, directed Catherine II to suppress Pugachev uprising.

Still in the city there Some good parks, including the Park Victory on the same street, Park them. AND. Yakutova on the street. Lenina, Cascadan Park on ul. Zhukova, Park them. M. Gafuri on October Avenue and Daekh Park of Culture and Leisure – These are a favorite holiday destination.

How to get to Ufa

Since Ufa is a major transport node of Russia, to get here directly from other cities of our country and not difficult. From Moscow to Ufa Airport Aeroflot, Gazpromavia, Transaero, Ural Airlines, Uteir, Red Wings Airlines, S7 fly. Full flight schedules in Ufa can be viewed here — Avia24.NET / REJSY / UFA /

Also in Ufa can be reached by train. Time on the way from Moscow from 24 to 30 hours, depending on the type of train.

What to see in Ufa

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