What to see in knats?

Slobodka, founded in the first half of the XII century, has become a trade and craft of Vyaznikovskaya Sloboda, and at the end of the XVIII century turned into a city of knuric. The city traded linen products with our major cities and took her abroad. And in the Vyaznik district developed in the village of Mster enterprise of folk art (jewelry, miniatures and embroidery).

What now to look at tourists coming to viscous? Editorial infoogroup «Turprom» Thanks for the provisions provided and conveniently submitted information to the Tourism Committee of the Administration of the Vladimir Region. After all, a huge number of ancient artifacts and sign attractions were collected in this old city. so.

What to see in visunons articles on tourism from the tourism
  1. In the sights of the city include the Annunciation Semibrate Monastery (Museum Museum Street, House 7). It was founded in the middle of the XVII century by decree of the king. At the beginning of the 20th century, the monastery was transformed into female and, almost, quickly closed. Revive him started at the very end of the XX century.
  2. On the territory of the city there is a Troitsk Church, built in the XVIII century.
  3. Interesting examples of architecture in the city are the house manufacturer E.G.Elizarova and Manor manufacturer with.AND.Senkova. The first place is located the Vyaznikovsky Historical and Art Museum (Ulitsa Blagoveshchenskaya, House 58). The expositions of the museum were collected from houses of former Vyaznikovsky manufacturers.
  4. The highest point of the city, located in the area of ​​the house number 26 on the suburban street, turned into an observation platform «Crown». With it there is a beautiful view of the river and the filler meadows.
  5. Famous people were born in the city of Vyazniki and worked. Among them: Poet Song A.AND.Fatyanov (1919-1959), which in the city is dedicated to the Museum of the XX Century Song (Pushkinskaya Street, House 7). Every year, a Fatyan festival is held in the viscuses.

Citizens are proud that 28 heroes of the Soviet Union and Russia were injured in knats. In the city was created by Alley of Glory (Bolshaya Moskovskaya Street, District of Houses 5-11), where with the grave of an unknown soldier in Moscow delivered eternal flame.

What to see in visunons articles on tourism from the tourism

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