What to see in Vladimir for 2 days on your own

For 2 days in Vladimir, you can have time to independently view the main sights of the city. This time will be enough to visit the main museums and square. I will tell you which one should look first.

Classical program What to see in Vladimir to independently in 2 days:

1st day:

  • Golden Gate,
  • Assumption Cathedral,
  • and the whole center.

2nd day:

  • Bogolyubovo,
  • Temple of the Intercession.

In this article only the two-day route option. About a bunch of everything interesting in this city, read here: 33 Sights of Vladimir (there are not only the most banal).

What to see in Vladimir in the 1st day

In the 1st day in Vladimir, look at the Assumption Cathedral first, and after Dmitrievsky Cathedral, the historical museum and the old Vladimir Museum, look at the Golden Gate and go to the Vladimir Church yourself (this is free).

Assumption Cathedral

This is the Central Construction of Vladimir. The largest and most important temple of Vladimir Rus.

Cathedral stands on the high bank of the Klyazma River, over forest leaving. He has been more than 800 years old. Cathedral remembers all the rulers of ancient Russia, starting with Andrei Bogolyubsky. In him were married to the kingdom of princes, first Vladimir, and later Moscow. The bell tower of the cathedral was built later – under Alexander I in 1810.

In February 1238, Mongolian troops assault Vladimir. The prince’s family Yuri Vsevolodovich died in the Assumption Cathedral, when Mongols set fire to him. The prince itself in the city was not. At this time he collected the army on the River.

The cathedral was the burial site of several generations of Vladimir Princes, as well as representatives of the clergy. Assumption Cathedral in the Moscow Kremlin is built based on this temple in Vladimir.

First go inside the cathedral, then take a walk around. Nearby there is an observation deck with a view of Klyazma and the bridge. There is a monument to Prince Vladimir.

In the temple, fragments of the frescoes performed by Andrei Rublev, as well as the XIX century wall paintings.

Assumption Cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage List.

Working hours:

  • Visit to excursion: 13:30 &# 8212; 16:30 (from Tuesday to Sunday);
  • Self-service schedule is on the site of the temple: SOBOR33.Ru

Dmitrievsky Cathedral

He is very similar to the temple of the cover on the nerve.

From the Assumption Cathedral, go along a long yellow building of the provincial present places. Immediately behind him will be Dmitrievsky Cathedral.

It was built in 1191 by decree of Vsevolod a big nest. Cathedral was the house of the Church of the Princely Family. Dedicated to the Holy Dmitry Solunsky.

The entire upper part of the temple is covered with relief: figures of people, animals and floral ornament. Just on the cathedral about 600 Reliefs. Among the stone characters there are Alexander Macedonian, Prince Vsevolod with sons, King David.

Now inside the cathedral, a small exposition dedicated to his history.

Is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Working hours:

  • in summer and autumn – 10:00 &# 8212; 17:00,
  • Winter and spring – 10:00 &# 8212; 16:00.

Historical Museum

Museum is small. If you do not read each nameplate, you can see everything in an hour. Coming here well with children: clearly, interesting and ugly. Just keep in mind that there is no toilet.

It is interesting to look at the find Sungir parking, which are more than 30,000 years. Parking found on the outskirts of Vladimir from the side of the departure to Nizhny Novgorod. There are burials of Cryanons: men and two teenagers.

Working hours:

  • From Monday to Thursday – 10:00 &# 8212; 16:00,
  • From Friday to Sunday – 10:00 &# 8212; 17:00.

Entrance ticket: 150 rubles.

Museum "Old Vladimir"

In 1975, Vladimir-Suzdal Museum-Reserve opened a branch in ancient water tower, located near the Golden Gate.

Exhibits, located on three floors, talk about Vladimir the end of the XIX century. Genuine household items are collected here, recreated interiors of personal chambers and public institutions. Museum allows you to transfer 100 years ago and look into a residential building, a tavern, the city theater of that era. On the roof of the tower there is an observation deck. The historic center of the city is visible from it.

What to see in Vladimir for 2 days on their own

Working hours: 10:00 &# 8212; 18:00 (day off – Monday).

Entrance: 200 rubles.

Vladimir Church

In fact, he is called the church of the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This current Catholic Temple.

The building of the church and the priest’s house with it were built in 1894. The majestic architecture of the building and more than a century of age did a church with one of the historical monuments of the city.

According to Wikipedia in Vladimir, about 200 parishioners of Catholics.

Services in our are conducted live and broadcast in records. In the church you can listen to organ concerts and speech of children’s choir.

Free admission. Concert ticket – 200 rubles.

Working hours: Schedule Services and concerts of spiritual music are on the site: Hram-vladimir.Ru

Golden Gate

The white-stone gate was built in 1164. They are the only preserved to this day.

Myshkin – What to see in the very spiritual town on the Volga

The gate was not just used for entry into the city, but also as a triumphal arch, and as a place of worship services (there was a garment temple on them).

They received their name because of the metal sheets, which were covered with oak flaps of the gate outside. The plates were copper, but covered on top of a real gold. According to the legend, before the storming of Vladimir Mongolas, the gilded flaps from the gate were removed and drowned in Klyazma. Folds still not found.

Golden Gates are interesting not only architecture, but also a museum open inside. Lifting the stairs to the museum Pay attention to the doorway upstairs. This is a former access to the platform above the gate. Ancient inscriptions have been preserved on the walls of this opening. They were left by the participants in the defense of Vladimir during the storming of the Mongols.

Now in the premises of the notice of the Church there is an exposition dedicated to military topics. One of the most interesting exhibits – Diorama "Sturm Vladimir Batym".

Golden Gate &# 8212; Monument to the ancient our architecture, protected by UNESCO.

Museum work time: 10:00 -18: 00.

Entrance ticket: 150 rubles.

What to see in Vladimir in the 2nd day

In the 2nd day in Vladimir, visit the Bogolyubsky monastery and the temple of the Intercession on the nerve. If you are on the car, then they can be signed independently.

Bogolyubsky Monastery

The female Orthodox monastery, which is located on the site of the Andrei Bogolyubsky Palace. From the palace of the XII century there are several buildings. The remaining structures of the complex refer to later historical periods. More ancient parts of the structures notice easy.

On the territory of the monastery there are several temples: 2 Cathedral – Bogolyubsky and the Nativity of the Virgin (XVIII-XIX centuries.), as well as the Church of the Bheeling (XVII in.). Complements the architectural ensemble High bellow of the middle of XIX in.

The main shrine of the monastery – the vintage icon of the Virgin Mary.

Services pass at 6:00 and 16:00 hours.

Temple of the Intercession

This small church is one of the most beautiful architectural attractions not only Vladimir, but also the whole world.

There is a temple of 10 km from the city, on the site of the former merge of the rivers of Klyazma and the nerve. Built it during the reign of Andrei Bogolyubsky – in 1165. The temple was erected in memory of the son of Andrei Bogolyubsky, who died in battle.

Belonamy construction is harmoniously inscribed in a natural landscape. To do this, masters had to create a special hill, hill. Even in a flood when the meadows are disappearing under water, the land plot with the church remains dry.

Opening hours: 8:00 &# 8212; 18:00.

Much can be independently viewed in Vladimir for 2 days, but the main thing is not to fuss, but just walk along the promenade of Klyazma, admire the architecture and beauty of the ancient city.

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