What to see in Zurich

Switzerland’s largest city, as well as its important cultural and economic center, is located on the shores of the picturesque Zurich Lake and the Limmat River. He has something to surprise his guests – in the center there are old quarters with winding streets, as well as original houses in the Gothic style, antique shops and art galleries. More convenient from Russia to get a plane – Flights to Zurich on direct daily flights offer SWISS and Aeroflot. Use search engines. Ticket search systems are special programs that make it possible to immediately view options from hundreds of airlines and choose the most appropriate offer.

In the Swiss city, there are openly about 50 museums in which interesting shows and exhibitions regularly pass. It is impossible to cover Zurich’s tours and a small part of the cultural heritage of Zurich, but the Kunsthouse Museum with the largest collection of fine arts should be unable to include in the stay. The pictures of the Great Geniuses are exhibited in its walls: Picasso, Dali, Rubens and Van Gogh. On a regular basis, temporary exhibitions of other authors are organized here.

Among the architectural monuments, the Cathedral of Grossm├╝nster is deserved – the majestic construction with twin tower is considered a symbol of the city. The construction of the temple was started back in the 9th century, but it was very delayed, the cathedral became valid only after 3 centuries. Concerts of Organ Music are often held in his walls. This is one of the most visited tourists in Zurich, with its observation deck overlooks the stunning city panorama.

What to see in Zurich

Fraumyunster – a memo of culture located on the square of M├╝nsterkhov. It was founded in honor of his daughter Ludwig Germanic – grandson of Charles Great. This is a former monastery, in the architectural guide of which various styles were organically mixed – Gothic and latershansky. A huge artistic value represent five stained glass windows made by Mark Chagalom.

Baroque Town Hall of the late XVII century – another historic landmark of Zurich. Her colorful facade goes to the embankment of the right bank of the Limmat River. For more than 300 years, an old building, which served as the meeting place of the Cantonal Council, pleases the eye with its luxurious architecture. Vintage interiors are interesting for decorated ceilings of banquet halls, as well as a ceramic stove in the meeting room. Today in the building is a city community council.

What to see in Zurich

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