What to see with children in Sudak?

Sudak – one of the most developed resort cities of the Crimean Peninsula. He has a rich history and, as a result, there are interesting historical sights. They harmoniously coexist with modern entertainment, in which the family with children will be pleased to participate. Consider the best past variants with children in Sudak.

Waterpark "Sudak"

All vacationers, especially children, the first thing in the resort want water entertainment. An ideal place for this will be a trip to the water park of Sudak. He almost every year honored the title of the best water park on the whole peninsula. The establishment is located on the seashore in the very center of the city and occupies a territory of 20 thousand. kv. M.

In this center of water entertainment, there will be slings for people of any age. In addition, there is a calm river with countercurrent, hydromassage, pools with fountains, geysers, cascades and water veins. In stock Sun loungers, awnings and umbrellas. To rest in the shade of trees, the territory of Green Island has been created. There are entertainment programs and discos, accompanied by musical fountains.

Aquabar, pizzeria, shopping points and all elements of infrastructure needed for a comfortable stay of tourists are also located on.

Cape Alchak

This is an old coral reef, which has the status of a protected place. Cape Alchak is considered one of the smallest vertices of Sudak, and therefore to go to his peak will be easy even accompanied by children, besides, there are amazing views from its height, against the background of which it will turn out to make many beautiful memorable photos.

Tourist route to the top is popular and available for anyone. Its length is approximately 1.5 km. All tracks sooner or later converge in one, it has the name "ecological trail". It is recommended to capture the water with you and do not forget to take the camera.

Genoese fortress

To expand the children’s horizons and a variety of cultural programs, go to the Genoese fortress, which is also called Sudakskaya. It was built in the XIV century and is subject to the object of cultural heritage of the peoples of Russia. Building has a good condition and perfectly preserved to the present day.

If vacationers want to learn more about the history of this place, they can purchase a ticket. There is also an opportunity to explore the fortress yourself, passing through the cashier and buying an entrance ticket. It is noteworthy that the Genoese Fortress was used as scenery for famous Soviet and our films. Among them: "Viking", TV series "Master and Margarita", "Pirates of the 20th Century", "Othello", "Wood" and many other paintings.

The fortress is surrounded by the urban private sector, so for the sake of beautiful species you can settle right next to her. It should be previously examined the reviews about the hotels of Sudak, to stay at the resort as comfortable as possible.

Reserve "New Light"

What to see with children in Sudak

Sudak practically borders with a huge picturesque natural territory "New Light". There should be tourists who love nature, fresh air and mobile life. If you think that children need to be accustomed to activity from an early age, it is worth showing them the beauty of this place.

Vacationers can visit the juniper grove, keys and streams with clean water, as well as mountains with beautiful views of the sea and tearing cliffs. There is a path that leads to the reserve directly from pike perch.

Cypressian alley

For nice walks with children in picturesque places, it is worth going on a cypress alley located in the city center. This beautiful green street connects the center of Sudak and his embankment. It is considered one of the business cards of the resort and the central street for walking.

Along all the alleys there are bazaars with local fruits and vegetables, outlets and small tents with all sorts of souvenirs and tourist products, as well as kiosks for the sale of excursions. In addition, there is a lot of cafes with local cuisine, pizzerias and cheburny.

There are two fleets with attractions for children. It is possible to visit Carousels, trampolines, American slides and ferris wheel. Children’s discos are also held. Having finished walking along the alley, you can continue it along the sea coast.

Sudak is the place where there is entertainment for everyone. Do not need to buy many excursions, because all the most interesting is already in the city.

What to see with children in Sudak

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