What to take a tour with you to China –
– and what to take is categorically not recommended

In this article, we will tell you that you need to take with you on a trip to China, and what to take is categorically not recommended. The article is written on the basis of our own multiple experience of visits to the PRC.

What you need to take – fork, spoon and knife for food

Not in all restaurants in China you can give European devices for food. It depends primarily on the level of the institution. Usually the more expensive restaurant, the greater the chances that the fork they have. If you want to eat in China qualitatively and cheap, you will have to either learn eating Chinese chopsticks to eat, or take a plug, spoon and a table knife.

Even if you constantly go to the sushi bars and possess your chopsticks well, we still recommend to take forks with you. One thing is chopsticks once or twice a week, and quite another – use them constantly at breakfast, lunch and dinner. The first is easily, the second is much more difficult.

Warning 1. When flying, put the cutlery into the luggage, in hand putting you will not be empty with them. Knife is a cutting subject, fork – stitching. Security requirements in airplanes are constantly tightened.

It seems that the comic saying "Do not be afraid of a spoon, be afraid of the fork – one strike – four holes" Security service staff perceive too seriously.

Warning 2. Take cheap devices with which it will not be sorry to part when landing on the return flight. In China, it is forbidden to carry such items even in baggage.

What you need to take – allergy medicine

In China, everything is different, and predict in advance that you can have allergies, it is simply impossible. It can be pollen of plants, local food and especially seasoning or bites of local mosquitoes. Take a remedy for allergies necessarily.

What you need to take – medicine for normalization of digestion

Chinese cuisine is very diverse, and there are many ingredients in it, unusual ours. Choose in China difficult. Food poisoning for China – extraordinary phenomenon. Many Chinese do not know at all what it is. Spices and seasonings added to food, most of them are antiseptics and kill most bacteria.

We have an article about the largest food market in Beijing on Vanfujin Street, and you can watch video with many dishes that sell there. We tried many of them, and no poisoning happened to.

But it is not clear how this variety of ingredients and the seasonings will react your stomach. Sichuan and Hubsey cuisine, in addition, very sharp. For example, the dry hubee noodle Most ours simply cannot eat, so it is acute and spicy at the same time.

Take with you tools to normalize the work of the stomach and intestines. What exactly? You know better what helps you better.

What you need to take – translator – application for Smartphone

Extremely useful to put on the phone program-translator, it saves in many situations. If you need someone to ask something, simply dial on it the desired phrase in our and show the result of the passing. This method is especially useful if you get lost.

Of course, it is difficult to somehow understand the answers of people, but if you ask the way, you will simply indicate the right direction. In the store you can explain using the program which product you want. You can bargain in stores without a translator, and with the help of a calculator, but ask something about the product is already interferes with the language barrier.

Warning 1. Choose a program running without access to the Internet, otherwise you will pay "mad" money for roaming.

Warning 2. Remember that the percentage of literacy in China is less than 100%. Get ready for some people do not know how to read. Sad but this is a fact.

There are also useful programs for smartphones that translate Chinese hieroglyphs by photographing them to the built-in camera. If you find such, we highly recommend putting to your smartphone in advance before the flight to China. Recall that the Internet in China is censored, and sites with programs may already be unavailable in the territory of the PRC.

What you need to take – coffee, if you love it

Coffee in China do not like, do not respect and do not drink. If you can not without it, take it with you. The only common source of coffee in the cities is the Chinese McDonalds, but there is a coffee back to taste. Also in big cities there is a network of coffee shops Starbucks, but prices are there even higher than we.

Take with you soluble coffee, which can be easily brewed, boiling water bay.

What you need to take – money – better dollars or euros

What to take a tourist with you to China - and what to take is categorically not recommended

Do not try to change money on Chinese yuan in Russia. It is much easier and more profitable to take with you dollars or euro and change in Bank of China. This is a simple procedure, and we have a detailed instruction on our site.

But the our rubles should not take with them in China. There they do not need anyone, and not every bank will change them. Only on the Yabalu market in Beijing sellers take our currency and it is not always.

And now let’s talk about, What you should not take with you To China tourist

What you do not need to take – expensive lighters

Security rules at China airports are very strict. No lighters to procrate even in baggage. If you take a dear lighter with you, you will be able to bring it to China without any problems, but it will not be possible to take it back, because at the airport you will be flashed.

Of course, you can pass it under responsible storage on board and get it later at the airport of arrival, but this is a huge time loss. The flight time to China from Moscow is 8 hours or longer, and then wait for your lighter, you clearly do not want to. It’s better not to take lighters with you or take the one with which you can easily part.

What you do not need to take – the perico and Swiss knives

Similarly, their procure is prohibited. When landing on the reverse flight you will be asked to part with your knife. Again, you can pass under the responsible storage, but is it worth waiting for it after the flight? It’s easier to just not take with me the peers and Swiss knives.

What you do not need to take – adapters for outlets

In China, the most common universal outlet. European, American and even English forks are perfectly inserted in them. No adapters need. We never experienced big problems with sockets in China and did not hear the like tourists.

But remember! Taiwan is a separate state, and American outlets are used there. In Hong Kong adopted English Standard Sockets. There is no single standard in Macau. In all these cases, you will need an adapter.

Successful flight, and read our useful articles about China (Links below).

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