What to take children in Barcelona

Traveling with children – the occupation is fascinating, but not the simplest: still, the children go slower adults, they get tired much faster, can be capricious, heavier tolerate cold and heat, especially the heat of Spanish summer. Even in Barcelona, ​​the city, as you know, beautiful and diverse, children can be very uncomprising when it comes to another museum, another queue on the entrance, the tenth galleries with drawings in the style of cubism. However, the charm (and advantage) of Barcelona is that there is something for everyone in this city, whether it is a small child, a teenager or an adult experienced traveler. Wherever you can and need to come to children to spend unforgettable vacation in Barcelona? Such places in the capital of Catalonia many!


Green Squares, small parks – green spots on a big city map, Gigant Parks Guell and Citadel, such lost pearls, like Park Mabyrinth, – Parks in Barcelona are the direction of the number one for a family holiday (Plus, children’s playgrounds are in most parks and squares Barcelona).

Park Guell with steep climbs, weaves of stairs, winding paths, with crowds of visitors all year round – not the most good place for baby strollers, but its green spaces with mysterious corners, houses in secluded places, corridors and columns will like older children. At the very top of the hill, where the Guell Park is broken, you can arrange a picnic – it contributes great views of the city, light breeze and a sufficient amount of shadow to relax on a hot day. In addition, only a small part of the crowd studying the gatekeeper houses Gaudi and the winding mosaic bench of the buzz at the main gates of the park, gets to the top of the Guele, which serves as a remuneration of brave parents with children who decided to go to the last.

In the park, the entertainment quotes for children and parents are somewhat larger than in Guell Park: there is a pond, in which you can ride a boat, well-groomed alleys with the flower beds and the statue of the Mammoth, about which sin is not photographed, as well as a completely stunning cascade fountain (Cascada) whose stairs and viewing platforms have climbed back the devouries of the most different ages. Barcelona Zoo is located in the southern part of the park – a universal remedy against bored children. The symbol of the zoo for many years was Gorilla-Albino Snowball – the only gorilla in the world with snow-white wool, look at which lovers of fauna from around the world. Unfortunately, the snow died in 2003, but 500 no less interesting representatives of the animal world live in the zoo.

Park Labyrinth got its name for a curly cutting cypress labyrinth, grown in the heart of the park. There are also several pavilions in the park, named after the heroes of Greek mythology, ponds and fountains, a small canal, viewing platforms and a lot of secluded corners with benches. Park Labyrinth – an ideal place for unhurried walks, photo shoots, hide and seekers in a labyrinth. Efforts aimed at preserving unique architecture, flora and fauna of the park, broke into a ban on walking here dogs, holding picnics, as well as bicycle riding. In practice, this makes the Park Maze with a suitable place for families even with the most young children. There may also be no more than 750 visitors at the same time, but most often in the Park deserted. Entrance to the park costs 2 euros, children entrance are free.

Although Tibidab’s entertainment park is located at some distance from the center of Barcelona, ​​or rather, on the northwestern border of the city, the species opening from its sites on Barcelona and the Mediterranean Sea are rightfully considered legendary. Ability to ride all attractions, carousels and slides of the oldest amusement park Barcelona fully justifies the relatively high cost of full ticket (25 euros). It’s good that riding the rides here is absolutely optional, because on the viewing platforms, the entrance is free, and the municipal park with a wonderful playground and tables for picnics is also adjacent to the territory of the amusement park. In addition, a trip to the funicular Tibidaba (4 euros there, back) by itself – a great attraction.


Several art temples in Barcelona should be visited with children to show that art exhibitions do not have to be boring. Many museums make considerable efforts to turn their exhibition halls to a family-run place, where every member of the family there is a lesson in the soul.

One of these museums is the CAIXA FORUM exhibition center, located near the Montjuic hill near the strict Museum of the National Art of Catalonia (MNAC) – the largest art gallery of Barcelona. Entrance to Caixa Forum is free, the center is equipped with elevators, escalators and wide corridors, which is easy to maneuver with a carriage. There are regular events for parents with children dedicated to the exhibitions held in the center (mini lectures, booklets with tasks, excursions). A significant part of the visit to Caixa Forum is the opportunity to take a walk on the building of the modernist factory, in which the center is located, sit on the wavy roof, play with children in the open-air hide and seek in the transitions of the factory (seek for some reason are the favorite children’s game in Caixa Forum). In the same transitions, there are benches for parents, where you can relax, look at the children and go to the exhibitions in turn, the benefit of them is usually held three or four at the same time. CAIXA Forum is rarely crowded, so you can relax here from queues, and from the noise of other attractions of Barcelona.

What to take children in Barcelona

The Cosmocaixa Science Museum is a huge complex with planetarium, two floors of exhibitions with scientific experiments, games, zoo-corners, geological wall, as well as the real plot of Amazonian jungle with live flora and fauna Latin America. Most exhibits can be touched by hands.

The Chocolate Museum regularly holds family days, tasting various chocolate varieties, chocolate cooking workshops, which are greatly popular in the periods of school holidays.

The zoology museum will be interesting not only to children of junior and middle school age, but also adults: it attracts visitors with regular exhibitions of entertaining science and free booklets with tasks for children of various ages.

If there is no desire to go to the park or the museum, there is always located near the Barcelonet district of Oceanaria Barcelona, ​​which can be reached in half an hour or even faster from Catalunya Square for La Ramble’s tourists. Despite the usual crowded for this street, a walk in Ramblel by itself can serve as entertainment and distract the attention of the tired child, especially due to the diverse living statues, which on the boulevard many. In addition to the oceanaria, from the foot of the ramble, you can walk along the barcelonet, reach the beach or roll to the Citadel Park.

Google map of listed museums, parks and attractions Barcelona for children.

What to take children in Barcelona

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