What to take on holiday in Vietnam

A trip to an exotic country always causes a lot of trouble and fears. The tropical climate of Vietnam causes more thorough preparations for traveling to the country. In our regular article about Vietnam, let’s talk about the collection of a suitcase in a distant and unusual trip.

Traveler suitcase: dear and high quality or cheap and impractical?

If travel and long-range travel is your lifestyle, it will be advisable to purchase a suitcase of more expensive, but more good. High-quality, multifunctional suitcase will be useful for you more than once.

There is no need to save on the traveler’s backpack. You can buy several polyester bags from polyester of different sizes to pack separately a first-aid kit, cosmetics, toiletries, clothing, etc. You will not look for a suitcase in the suitcase: everything will be decomposed and divided by functions.

Locks for suitcase are also needed, just do not forget where you put the keys to them.

For manual clashes, get a small backpack, and if it does not fit you in style, then buy a spacious bag. It must contain documents, preparations for first aid, toiletries, snack, if the path is distinguished, and, of course, water.

We collect the required package of documents for the trip

Preparing a package of documents: a passport, a visa, if you plan to stay in the country for more than 15 days, insurance, plane tickets and back, tourist trip, filled with a visa profile (if you decorate a visa at Vietnam airport) and photos for her.

On the plane you will be offered to fill out the form to indicate your diseases. In Vietnam, a stamp in this form is installed at the airport upon arrival. Folding all the necessary documents, get comfortable in advance about their copies.

We recommend the original documents to store in the hotel’s safe, where you stopped. With you on the excursion or on the beach wear copies.

Take money. It is better to go with dollars, then at the airport to exchange them on local dongs.

The composition of the road aid kit

Even if you are healthy (sincerely happy for you!), then capture with you the minimum of drugs, just in case we advise.

Vietnam is a long road unfamiliar for the body products, the same "alien" and water. About the scorching sun, winds, bloodthirsty insects should also be mentioned. Given the above, and not only, make up a list of drugs on the road.

Put those drugs that you consume regularly if you have chronic diseases. Here everyone will have their own list.

Climate change can cause malfunctions in the body that are poured into headaches and increase the temperature. For this reason, we take antipyretic agents and painkillers. The latter will be useful in injuries, if any.

Acquaintance with local insects will not make himself wait, so we take the means from insects: fumigators, spirals, sprays, cream. If the buzzings of Vietnam still got to your body, then you will help drugs from the bite of insects. And they must certainly be in your first aid kit.

Acquaintance with another country assumes and tasting local culinary masterpieces, and just thickening thirst or savoring exotic fruits and vegetables. You can’t predict your stomach reaction, so capture with you and drugs normalizing the work of the gastrointestinal.

Allergies, and travelers prone to allergic reactions, must be taken with themselves from allergies.

We do not want to scare, but microbes accompany us everywhere. Vietnamese microbes are not familiar to our European organism. Take an antiseptic napkins or sprays on the road, which can safely wipe, sprinkle those objects for which you and your children will take. For processing wounds, all sorts of skin damage put in the first-aid kit for antibacterial.

And be sure to take drugs from sun rays in Vietnam. The roast sun ruthlessly the body of the body of tourists, presumptuously believing that their skin was not worried. Since they touched the themes of the Sun, then the clothes can be protected on vacation.

Minimum set of clothes for rest in Vietnam

Take clothes Light and genuine fabrics, closing limbs. It can be a dress, tunic, pareo, light pants and t.D. This clothing will come in hand in handy to visit temples. Of course, for the beach we take shorts, T-shirts, T-shirts, etc.

Sunglasses, too, as will be useful!

Warm sweaters or sweaters do not need. Grab the rainfall with you if you go to the rainy season (from November to April). Although you can buy it and in Vietnam: they are sold everywhere and inexpensively.

What to take on holiday in Vietnam

Do not forget the headdress. You can buy on-site National Vietnamese Hat.

Remember: if the legs are good, the body rests, the head is not engaged in unauthorized thoughts. Take the shoes are crumpled and already "familiar" with roads and paths. Heel shoes do not need. Shoes should be lightweight, comfortable, "breathable".

Smokers and alcohol tastors

With regards to cigarettes, you can thicken the needs of the body by local cigarettes. The choice is decent, but the taste may seem to you the same in all brands. 400 cigarettes can be brought with you, 100 cigars or 500 g tobacco. Prices for tobacco products in Vietnam Low. Decide by yourself.

With alcohol in the country there are also no problems. The range is huge, choose from what. Of course, the international alcohol brands are expensive, but local drinks are demolished and by price, and in quality. It makes no sense to pull with me domestic hot.

Required little things on the road

During the trip, you will need the our-Vietnamese phrasebook. It will help at least a little explain to local residents that you want. Do not regret money for a guide to the map of the region, where you go on a journey yourself.

Throw a flashlight into a suitcase, because in the tropics quickly darkens. Streets can be covered bad. The flashlight should be small but powerful. Better buy LED flashlight.

Chargers for your gadgets must be sure to be in the suitcase. You can buy a universal network adapter for connecting to any network and work even with voltage jumps.

Do not forget about razor accessories. It is better to use your checked than testing new, overseas.

Not superfluous will be notepad for records and ballpoint pen. You can record hotels, attractions and other information you need. To communicate with taxi drivers, also need a pen and sheet of paper.

Think out in advance what you will transport souvenirs from Vietnam.

We hope our tips will help you avoid unpleasant moments while preparing and traveling to Vietnam.

What to take on holiday in Vietnam

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