What to take with you in the UAE

United Arab Emirates – a country with several important features that require pay special attention to the composition of the suitcase for recreation. Let’s talk about the list of items that will undoubtedly use.

UAE is not hot country, but very hot. In July and August, the average daily maximum temperature passes the mark of 40 degrees. In such a situation, the problem of protection from the sun and heat gets very acute, and the first part of the list is dedicated to this. Read more about climate and weather, read in our article “Weather in United Arab Emirates”.

Sandals for the beach

With a high heat, sand warms even more than air. Sand on the beach can be so hot that burns legs.

Probably most readers are poorly represented as far as the sand can warm. The sand temperature record in the sun is 83.5 degrees, fixed in Sudan. Think about what it is – walk in such sand with bare feet. Of course, there are no similar record temperatures in the UAE, but still a pleasant little. Take sandals for moving around the beach.

Beach towel

In the UAE, there are not so many hotels with our own beaches, and the trips to these hotels most ours are not affordable. Our tourists go to public beaches, and beach towels are not issued there. Do not forget to take with you your favorite beach towel.

Light and light backpack

On excursions and during long walks, a backpack is very useful. The main condition – the backpack should be light to reflect the sun’s rays, and not warm from them.

The first thing is to better put in such a backpack, it is a camera. It so happened that the enclosures of the photo and video equipment make black, the technique is strongly heated in the heat and can fail. In the backpack it is convenient to put a stock of water, there it will not heat so much.

For women – light scarf

Scarf is an extremely comfortable part of the female wardrobe. They can close shoulders on the sun, and the shoulders primarily suffer from sunlight.

Scarf can close the face in case of wind, which in the UAE often brings with it an unpleasant sand. Scarf you can wrap your head if you go to a religious place with a dress code. About the rules of dress code in different emirates we talked in the article “What is impossible in the Arab Emirates”.

The scarf is worth choosing just easy to conveniently hide it in a bag or backpack. We also recommend choosing a scarf of natural materials – cotton, flax, wool.

Silk scarves we would not recommend. Thing is expensive, and sand can spoil her and the hot Arab sun can affect such a scarf sadly. Lace is preferably minimized, there is no need for rest on vacation.

It is better to take such a scarf that you will not cry in case you lose or it will deteriorate.

Headdress, Sunglasses and Sun Cream

The entire spectrum of sunscreens will be useful in the UAE. The hat is best suited to protect the neck and shoulders. If there is sensitive eyes from nature, then be sure to store sunglasses.

Sunscreen is better to use not only on the beach, but also during walks and excursions. Adults recommend SPF factor 30, for children take cream with SPF factor 50-60. In the first days of stay in the UAE it is worth avoiding direct sunlight, as far as possible.

Another feature of the Arab Emirates

The population of the UAE is estimated at about 10 million people, of which only one million local Arabs. The remaining 90% is Indians (2.5 million), Pakistanis (1.2 million), bangladesh natives (700 thousand), Philipins (550 thousand), Iranians (500 thousand) and others. We talked about this topic in the article “Population of the Arab Emirates”.

90% of the population is here temporarily, for the country it is cheap labor. In the photo on the right you can see how it looks.

All these people leave and come, bringing bacteria and viruses of their native countries. UAE is a country with a very diverse and rich virus and bacterial background. And the our body the overwhelming majority of these microorganisms do not know the danger of “pick up” something very high. In the UAE, it should be very careful about the rules of hygiene.

Antiseptic napkins

If you observe the Europeans, many of them prefer to wipe with antiseptic napkins almost everything, which touches – cutlery in restaurants, glasses or bottles in bars, even sport inventory.

No, it is not mania, not phobia, not paranoid disorder. This is quite a practical approach to life. Europeans protect their body from surplus this bacterial background. In the first days of stay in the Arab Emirates, we recommend to follow their example.

And in the conditions of the Pandemic COVID-19, this council triple is relevant.

Set in the first-aid kit

Any wreck recommend immediately lubricating the antiseptic. Our “native” green and hydrogen peroxide is suitable. By the way, the greenstock is now sold in our supermarkets in a comfortable form of the marker, very recommended.

In the UAE tourists waiting for a variety of cuisine. In Dubai and Abu Dhabi at every turn cafe and restaurants Indian, Arab, Persian and other kitchens. It’s hard to keep in order not to try all these dishes (an example in the photo on the left). We strongly recommend Trying UAE National Kitchen Dishes, this kitchen spicy sweet. But how stomach will react to unfamiliar dishes?

The aid kit must be funds to normalize the work of the stomach and anti-allergenic drugs. We will not call specific drugs, still we are a tourist site, and not medical.

Put a regular set in the first-aid kit: bandages, plaster, iodine, ointment from bruises and stretching, painkillers, antipyretic, antispasmodics, activated carbon. The rest of the drugs in the first-aid kit are in their intelligence, everyone knows his own diseases perfectly.

Soap, shampoos, hair dryers

our tourists most often choose tours in the UAE with a minimum price tag and in hotels with minimum stars, that is, minimum amenities. Get ready that the hotel may not be shampoo or hair dryer. Soap can be, but to use it sculpt.

Conclusion: if you drive to a cheap hotel, then take all the means of personal hygiene with you.

Clothes for excursions and visits to public places

It is desirable that clothes for walking covered shoulders and knees. For men, this pants, for women we recommend a long skirt and blouse. Now de facto in the UAE there is no dress code, and in most public areas even in shorts.

However, some sights or some restaurants will not be allowed. Especially intently followed the dress code in the Emirate of Sharjah – the Country capital of the country. Therefore, we recommend to dress in universal (modest) clothing to be allowed everywhere.

What to take with you in the UAE

Dress code for mosques We visually showed in our review “Big Mosque Sheikh Zaid”.

What else

– In the hot climate of the lips suffer primarily. It is very useful to bring hygienic lipstick with you;

– If the skin is sensitive, we recommend bringing a moisturizing cream with you;

– Most rooms have air conditioning, they are even at bus stops and dubai metro stations. But it happens that air conditioners work so actively that it becomes very cold. Take a light sweater or pullover;

– Make copies of documents in advance – foreign and our passports, vouchers, airline tickets, insurance. Keep copies separately from documents. In case of loss of the original documents, the copies will greatly facilitate communication with the consulate and obtaining START, as well as the subsequent restoration of documents;

– English type of electrical outlets is officially used in the UAE. However, European sockets are most often in hotels. Adapter can be bought at any store or take a reception on the bail. There is no good sense to take an adapter, but to calm the soul you can take. Read our overview “Electrical outlets in the UAE”;

– In the UAE used GSM standard of cellular networks. If you want to use the local SIM, take a spare cell phone GSM. We told about local SIM cards in the articles “How to call from the UAE” and “Internet in the UAE”.

– What additionally need to take for a child, read in our article “Rest in the UAE with children”.

– About what you can not take with you, read in our review “What can not be imported into United Arab Emirates”.

– About how much money take with you, read in our review “How much money to take into the Arab Emirates”.

A pleasant stay in the Arab Emirates, and read our useful and interesting reviews about this country.

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