What you need to take with you on travel

Travel love almost everything, and someone who does not like, sooner or later for some reason still have to go on a trip. What you need to take with you so as not to overload unnecessary things, but also not to forget the most necessary? In our small article, we will try to list all the highlights that you should pay attention in the process of collecting things on the trip. Naturally, the list is not complete and for everyone will be different, but there are a number of points that are always relevant and must be present along with a tourist in any journey, and, regardless of how the traveler is planning to move. So, proceed!

What you need to take with you on travel

Money and documents

Perhaps this is the most important thing to forget about it. Even if the memory at some point led you, and you were distracted and forgot to put a favorite sweater or a mug into a suitcase, then having money, you can fill this space at the site of arrival, while the clothes do not replace finance. Is that you manage to sell someone your brand blouse for half. If you forget the documents, the task is even more complicated: you will not even fall on your flight and you just have to go home.

Phone and other gadgets

If some couple-triple dozen years ago, this problem was not so relevant, today without means of communication you will find yourself just like without hands. Not only can you contact your loved ones, which, by the way, will be the first to score alarm and rush to your searches, you can’t get to the destination, without having a GPS navigator, guidebook and other necessary information. About how you will have to fervent tedious time on the road without your favorite gadgets and not to say.

Do not do in travel and without such a useful device as Smart Power Bank. Without it, your smartphone will quickly lose the battery charge and you will not be able to call or send messages. Buy Power Bank is very cheap in many online stores that are interested in selling branded goods. Among them, you can mark accessories, machinery, clothing stores. Branded Power Bank Chargers sell even entertainment resources, such as cards sites.

Clothes, Linen and Other Things

Clothing usually takes the main part of our suitcases, and it is not by chance, especially if you have to travel to the country with a sharply different climate. What should be a set of things, everyone determines himself, but it is recommended to mentally scroll through the approximate trip scenario, trying to predict what the weather can be there, on what events will have to be.D. Not necessarily, of course, take a whole wardrobe with you “For every fireman”, But the additional set of things does not prevent.

Aid kit

What to take with you in travel that do not forget

Nobody is insured against a banal headache or cold, so it is necessary to stock up a standard set of painful and antipyretic drugs, not to mention drugs in chronic diseases. In many foreign countries, you categorically refuse to sell most medications without a doctor’s prescription, even if you have medical insurance.


If you are waiting for a short flight, during which they will also feed, and the voucher implies the service “all inclusive”, About products can not worry. But those who are sent, for example, on a long journey to the forest, mountains, on the lake, with tents and other tourist accessories, will have to take care of such additional loads as products, and to their list should be approached very weigly and deliberately.

Sports inventory games

Here, again, it all depends on the place and purpose of your trip. Going to nature, do not forget to grab a couple of badminton rackets with you or at least an inflatable ball – time will fly interestingly and with benefit. Do not interfere in travel and various games – cards, checkers, chess and t.D.

What to take with you in travel that do not forget
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