What to take with you on the journey

So, first need to calm down and sleep. Collect things best on the fresh head. Therefore, do not postpone the collection at the last moment.

The first thing you need to take on any trip is the documents. Passports of all tourists who go with you, insurance, tickets, vouchers, driver’s license (if any) and others.

The second is money. It is desirable if you follow a country with other monetary signs, to have them too. Often it happens that on arrival you need to pay or visit a paid toilet. And here it begins the runway in search of the exchange office, then it turns out that there is a technical break. And here you are standing and waiting, instead of starting fully rest. So take care of this in advance. And you will feel confident.

Phone and charging. Preferably with connected roaming. Let him not need you, but its presence is necessary in unforeseen situations.

Need to get Little handbag for storing documents and money. First, it is convenient for you. And secondly, it will reduce the time for their search in a shared bag.

The main attribute of any trip is home aid kit. If you or the persons accompanying you suffer from any disease, it is naturally necessary to take care of the availability of special drugs. If not, then citram, but ships, aspirin, coal of activated and cardiac droplets are enough.

What to take with you on the journey

As Personal hygiene items You need to take a comb, soap, wet wipes, toothbrush and pasta, epilator and razor, mirror, toilet paper or paper napkins, threads with needles.

As for clothes, Do not take with you the whole wardrobe. You still do not have time to transfer everything in two or three weeks. If you go on vacation in the summer, the swimsuit, two shorts or skirts, two Tales and Panama is enough. Do not forget to also a couple of underwear sets. If you go on a cold time, you need to take a warm sweater, pants or pants, a pair of warm socks and underwear.

Concerning Video and audio equipment, it all depends on the desire of individual tourists. If available, you can take a camcorder or a camera. However, do not forget that the vacation is still only once a year, and it is best to purchase a digital device.

In the train (bus, car) Take the press, snack something, notepad with handle, folding knife, spoon and disposable cups.

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