What to take with you on the road

W Hungry people quickly Spots mood, Therefore, you must always take with you on trips Small supply of the province. Even the most pleasant journey can turn to your family into a scandal-filled test if you do not have at the right moment Tea and Parks sandwiches.
Although visit Toilet During the journey it may be unpleasant, you should not neglect creating strategic reserve drinking. It is very important to prevent dehydration. As practice shows, Good hydrated driver also protects well from the need to drink coffee while driving.
What drinks to prepare for travel? Juices or soda can cause unnecessary nervousness. Best suitable Water with lemon. Cocktails are also an excellent solution that can be at the same time quench thirst, and Reduce feeling hunger. One of the best options &# 8211; Avocado cocktail.

From omnation

Many people are experiencing Nausea During travel. Most often it happens to Children. Tablet or mobile phone &# 8211; a tempting option in order to get rid of Capricians of children on a trip, But remember that they strongly stimulate nervous system, contributing Nausea and tech.
If these symptoms regularly appear with your children, it is worth checking in advance, not infected whether they are Askarida man. You can still try an old folk remedy for nausea and cover the navel with plaster.

Easy snack

Ideal food For expensive must be easy, delicious, useful and fast. As such, it is perfect:
Blueberry, Forest Blueberry, Cherry (Be sure to wash them before eating, t.To. Forest berries may contain larvae of parasites or nymphs of ticks);
Vegetables sliced ​​with straw &# 8211; carrots, celery, cucumber, colrab, cauliflower and radish;
Waffles from rice or millet with humus from beans
(Also made as hummous from chickpeas, just do not replace the beans). You can also buy Ready hummus, which is now available in almost any store;
Boiled tricky beans, the best thing &# 8211; without bold paning. Fill her favorite cold spin oil. Beans can be packed in a special container or a jar;
Homemade sweet bars &# 8211; For example, out Amaranth;
Pouver Bolsha &# 8211; They are great for snack and strengthen the body, which is useful during the exhaustive trip;

Family lunch in a long journey

If you know that the trip will take several hours, Take with you on the road lunch&# 8211;boxing. It is suitable for lunch at work, So for Rady snack on the road. It is worth inserting into it Several branches. Most often put in it Several tablespoons of boiled buckwheat, brown rice or movies, slice tofu or pace (You can easily replace them with several spoons of lentils, two eggs sick or a piece of baked fish), boiled vegetables (for example, the pokolkovoy beans), Broccoli inflorescences, asparagus, beans or chopped zucchini and eggplants.
You can also cook Salad from raw cherry tomatoes (you can replace them with cucumber), Olives, lamb, couples of tablespoons of flaxseed seeds and halves avocado. Sprinkle his handland Spinach, Petrushki or Cabbage.
Good solution for filling Lunch box There will be:
Tortie with egg and fried vegetables. If you are not worried about the cleanliness of the car’s upholstery, you can risk and submit it to Avocado sauce.
Buckwheat sandwiches with homemade meat assorted, avocado and marinated vegetables.
Sweet chocolate cupcakes
. Unfortunately, the preparation of these delicacies takes time, as they need to bake in advance. However, it is still worth doing, because they are not only tasty and useful, but also carry a large stock of energy.

Cocktail with avocado

Ingredients: 1 Avocado, Female raspberry, half a cup of vegetable milk, a handful of spinach, a tablespoon of bran, lemon juice to taste.
Mix all together. Add lemon juice or chilli taste.

Amaranth sweet bacon

Ingredients: 1.5 cups of amaranth, approximately 50 g of cinema seeds, 2 tablespoons of crude sesame with slide, 1 boiled sweet potatoes, 1 tablespoon of xylitol.
Mix all the ingredients and put in Baking shape, shining Paper for baking. Then apply them very Thin layer. Bake 180-200 ° C 20-25 minutes. Wait for cooling And put on straw. Also from this mass form Cookies. You can change the ingredients at your discretion, for example, replace amaranth on muesli, a sesame – on Orekhi. You can also enrich your bars Berries Godji, nuts or cocoa. Thanks to this, their taste never get bored.

What to take with you on the road

Pouver Bolsha

Composition: Dates, half a glass of water, half a cup of ground walnuts, black sesame seeds and goji.
Prepare average cup dates &# 8211; 200 ml &# 8211; peel them and chop finely, then add pan, fill Water and cook A couple of minutes, until the mixture is uniform. While it is warm, add the half a cup of ground walnuts nuts, black sesame seeds and goji. Cool down pan and is made of the resulting substance beads of any size. You can cover them cocoa, chopped nuts or coconut. Put the dish in fridge on a few days. be careful &# 8211; it very satisfying.

Buckwheat bread without gluten

Ingredients: 500 g of unroasted buckwheat, 2 teaspoons Himalayan salt, 700 ml of water.
croup rinsed in strainer, shift in bowl and pour Water. Set aside for the night (at least 8 hours). During this time the grains swell, become a little sticky, and the top foam is formed. stir in the morning the contents of the bowl and fill number water, soaked grains. The grains should always be under a layer of water. Set it aside for another day.
In the evening check water level. If on top of a lot of liquid, drain Excess. Whisk the resulting mush in blender, until it becomes uniform. Add salt and mix it, and then lay on universal pan, the laid greaseproof paper. Place it in cold oven or wrap cloth, leaving cool place at night. During this time, the dough fill the whole form. Top should appear characteristic round “belly”.
Place the bread in oven (Or remove it if it had lain there all night) and set the temperature 200 ° C. Bake 50-55 minutes. Top will be slightly cracked crispy crust.
Remove the form, remove the paper and let the dish cool on the kitchen grate. Cut with a sharp knife.

Chocolate-beet cupcakes

Ingredients: Beet puree 1.5 cups, half a cup of coconut oil, 1 cup of coconut milk (or any other milk if you do not like coconut milk) 2/3 cup malt. honey is often added, but you can also use xylitol, agave syrup, date syrup or something else. About 80 g of dark chocolate, 2 glasses of any flour, Cocoa spoon, 2 teaspoons of food soda, pinch of salt and any crushed nuts (walnut, hazelnut or almonds).
Beetle &# 8211; Star this dish &# 8211; can bake or cook. Wait until she cooled, Clean her OT Peel and dispel before homogeneous mass. Mix butter, Milk and malt with beet. Then add flour, cocoa, Food soda and salt. All thoroughly take care. Homogeneous mass transfer to the baking sheet, covered Paper, and send B oven on 40 minutes at a temperature of near 180 ° C. Give the Pie cool in the oven. Melt dark chocolate and pour them cake. Sprinkle a dish Thusten nuts And decorate Fresh blueberries.

What to take with you on the road
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