What to take with you to Austria

What to put in a suitcase for a trip to Austria? And what is hardly useful? How to dress to be comfortable and not feeling "White Voronene"? Read the answers in this article.

In this article we will talk about the list of things that will be needed while visiting cities, primarily in Vienna. We will not tell detail about clothes at ski resorts and equipment, because each ski resort is individual – different height and different weather. However, almost all the advice in this article will be useful to skiers.

First of all, you should make sure that the things you want to take can be imported into the territory of Austria and the EU. To do this, read our review "What you can not be imported to Austria that you can and how much".

Copies of documents

Before travel, make photocopies of documents: a our and foreign passport (including visas), a driver’s license, documents for a car (if you drive on it). Copies Store separately from originals.

It is necessary for the case of theft or loss of original documents. With these copies, it will be much easier to write a statement to the police and get a certificate of departure in the embassy (consulate) of the our Federation to return home.

Without copies, you can wait for up to 2 weeks, while the embassy is confirmed by the person. In most cases, copies of documents will help confirm the identity immediately, but we want to warn that not always.

What money to take and how much?

On a trip to Austria you need to take the euro. How much to take money to current costs, we talked in detail in the article "How much money to take to Austria".

If you make a copy of the savings in dollars. Then take your dollars, it will be much more profitable to change them on the euro than to do it in Russia.

If you decide to go to Austria with our rubles, refuse this idea. Rubles here have not been accepted here. But worse than all that they don’t change almost anywhere, you will have to contact one of the central banks.

Do not take bills 500 euros. Such bills here are not in the go, their some Austrians did not even hold in their hands. Bill of 500 euros do not take almost anywhere, as there is no delivery and no equipment for authentication. In detail, we talked about it in the article "What you do not need to do in Austria".

Start with coins of 50 eurocents (0.5 euros). These coins will be needed to pay for public toilets. Most public toilets in Vienna and other Austrian cities are automated, and the delivery does not give, and receive only 50 euro coins. The stock of several such coins is better to have with you.


The choice of shoes for Austria needs to be given even more attention than choosing clothes. Too many nuances.

In Austria, there are many powerful streets, and heels (and all the more hairpins) here are contraindicated. You can stay in Vienna in general without your favorite shoes.

In Austria, you have to walk a lot, there are many parks and extensive territories of palaces, for example, Belvedere or Schönbrunn. Shoes are needed comfortable, familiar and diverse. Remember! What to buy new clothes can be quickly and you will wear it without problems. But bossing new shoes, it can rub, and then the pleasure of walking the end.

Late in the fall, in winter and early spring is very slying, as snow cover in Austrian cities almost does not hold. For these seasons, take waterproof shoes.


Weather in Austria for us will not be surprise. Summer here is very similar to our winter warmer. We led the numbers in the article "Weather in Vienna".

Dress up in Austria as well as go at home, then it will be accurately comfortable.

To visit cathedrals and churches you need a set of modest. Shoulders and knees should be closed, no neckline, open back or fitting forms. Women need to cover their head at the entrance to the temple. However, in some temples in Austria are now allowed in any clothes, but it is better not to risk. In the Cathedral of St. Stephen and Pivitskirch still control.

If you gathered at least once to go to an expensive restaurant, then the appropriate clothes will be required, you will not be allowed in T-shirts. For men: pants, shirt and jacket, rarely where requires a tie or butterfly. For women: enough simple dresses, not necessarily elegant, or blouses and skirts.

Light scarf

For women, this is the most valuable piece of wardrobe, relevant for any trip.

If you go to church or cathedral, you can cover your head scarf. If the sun bake the sun, then you can cover your shoulders and hands. In winter, you can warm the neck or some other place, even warm up. The scarf does not need to be stored, you can simply tie it on the handbag strap or strap backpack.

And how do the Austrians themselves dress?

Austrians are one of the most conservative Nations in Europe. Perhaps they are inferior only to Swiss.

Dark tones of clothing, cloth monotonous. T-shirts, baseball caps, sportswear are unpopular. Habitual Men’s Clothing Summer – Tennisci and Light Shirts, Pants. Women in summer wear dresses, skirts or light pants with simple blouses.

However, tourists often have to be at the sights, next to other tourists from different countries that dress are very diverse. Even in Petroy and bright clothes, you will feel quite comfortable.

Umbrella or raincoat

In Austria, there is no pronounced season of rains, the precipitation is about evenly distributed at the time of year. Rain can go at any time, but will be short.

Take an umbrella to such a case, better compact folding, which would be easy to wear in a handbag or backpack. You can take a raincoat, but it is not very convenient, since the wet raincoat then will have to be removed back and wet the contents of the bag.

What to take with you to Austria

If smoking

Take a stock of a cigarette from Russia, as in Austria cigarettes are several times more expensive. About prices Read our article "Smoking and Cigarettes in Austria". Visit to Austria can be brought to the block (10 packs) cigarettes.

If you like to drink

There is a lot of alcohol in Austria. The prices of alcohol here are about the same as we. Details Prices for beer, wine, vodka and whiskey We considered in the article "Alcohol in Austria – Prices and Rules".

Phone with roaming and option

To stay in touch with the house, the roaming options of our operators are best suited. Austrian SIM is not suitable for calls, too expensive tariffs. We did a complete analysis of all offers on the page "How to call from Austria Döshevo". I also read what options and operators are the most profitable.

With the Internet The Situation is the opposite. Internet roaming dear, and on Austrian SIM tariffs are quite affordable. Detailed analysis We were performed on the page "Internet in Austria Doshevo". I also read about the Austrian operators and their favors for tourists tariffs.

And if you are going to use a credit card

Do not forget to call your bank and warn about the upcoming trip. Otherwise, the map can simply be blocked during the first transaction abroad, suspecting fraud. And then you will spend time and money for calls to Russia to your bank to unlock the map.

What else

– Often in hotels in the rooms of the whole pair of sockets, all devices are missing. Take the splitter, the usual our, the benefit of the format of sockets and supply voltage in our countries are the same;

– Conveniently download to the smartphone application for calling a taxi, they use in Austria very convenient. We talked about the most interesting applications on the "Taxi in Austria" page;

– If you are going to see the nature of Austria in the summer months, do not forget the means from mosquitoes;

– Some elements of the decor of cathedrals and palaces are highly discerning hard. This case is better to take a little binoculars;

– It will be difficult to buy medications in Austria, as the drugs are called differently, and many drugs sell here on the recipe, although we sell them to everyone. Do not forget the first-aid kit with all necessary for yourself;

– Some Austrian souvenirs are fragile, perhaps you should take the pupil film to put them. Read our review "What to bring from Austria";

Good walks in Vienna and other Austrian cities, and read our useful articles about Austria and Austrians for tourists (List of articles below).

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